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  1. So when does this Kuva change happen? Also can we get a refund on the used Kuva? I'd like to have to extra Kuva back... v .v
  2. You guys are too late. All that Kuva I wasted..... Can I hope for Kuva compensation? ;<.... Like pleaase? I am so very tired from farming.... ;<
  3. Make Riven mods more common in Sortie! D:
  4. It's almost evening! WHERE IS IT?! WE ARE IN DIRE NEED OF REDTEXT!
  5. Oh thanks~ So I just login then I can exit the game and my server wil still be up as long as I don't try to open the game again right? = w=
  6. We don't need Warframe running to host dedicated servers right? = w=
  7. Can you guys also give us Primed Streamline & Primed Intensify for today's Baro Ki Teer? Might force those who left to come back~ ;>
  8. New War Within Promo Video Win? ;O Announce the winners so that I don't keep hoping please~ ;<
  9. Did I win the 24hour Casting Call for the new War Within Promo Video? ;>
  10. We'd be more than willing for forgive you guys and put this behind us and wait a little longer with more patience if you guys released Primed Intensify or Primed Streamline, this Friday~ ;>
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