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  1. stance forma only makes the polarity universal same as aura forma wise razor is still the only stance you can use on it
  2. kill tusk thumpers and get all fishing and mining resources from them
  3. hema cost is clan cost and railjack was one person cost 500 samples for hema per player isn't that expensive and if half of your clan is inactive thats not someone else problem but yours
  4. i still dont get how chroma is geting nerfed never needed self damage to play with it even in eidolon fights and even then there are better alternatives then chroma for eidolon fights
  5. "some niche" more like anyone who want an umbra forma would do that because 90% of the players dont care about conclave and wont bother to actually play it properly and slowly gain rep to get it
  6. Would make people exploit conclave rep instead of actually caring for it and playing it
  7. new two handed katana stance? exalted blade rework? to mach melee 3.0 seems to be lack luster after melee 3.0 dropped
  8. The announcement that its getting unvaulted was literally made two weeks ago
  9. aww was hoping for that sexy nova skin this week
  10. literally writtent under the valance fusion changes on the patchnotes It matters which order you Valence Fuse them in. The weapon that you START from, the one where you click "Actions", is the one that will be kept with its investments. try reading next time on how it actualy works
  11. Can we just make the eros skin permanent already? tired of asking the same S#&$ every year
  12. its already dead wanted to see how many people got this figured out just now and thought i jump in a conclave mach guess what its empty
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