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  1. And I delivered my trust and payment as well in good faith and I still feel like you've stretched this to your advantage by not giving the proper information. How will you send me the final work? I'd like to get on now and post it on my warframe account so I can get it uploaded in game ASAP.
  2. Its really not crystal clear. And yes I've made a fuss because you tacked on a charge that you gave no notice or explanation of before hand. I made the payment, check your paypal. and as to your comment about people in front of me, I went off what you said. You stated around 3 days or sooner.
  3. Freaking beautiful man! Thats it. Lets smooth out all the edges and corners then call it a day brother!
  4. Holy crap that looks sexy! I have some things Id like changed though, can we put black outlines on everything except the swords? All of the outlines as noticeable as the pointy spikes. and can we make the inner square silver? and make the Lotus symbol overlap the swords, so the swords behind that frame.
  5. @Jithvan Hey man its been longer than the 3 days you told me. Any updates on my Emblem?
  6. Hey were actually on at the same time finally x3. Thanks @Jithvan can't wait to see what you come up with!
  7. Good day @Jithvan, I apologize for how long it took me to get my account resolved so I could send that payment, I just got it done. I changed the color of Gold that I like because I found a better hue, anyways this is what it looks like
  8. Will do! I just tried making the payment but I guess there's something wrong with my account, I'll have to send it in the "AM" after I call them. After I make the advance payment, how long do you think I'll be looking at as far as the process until its complete?
  9. Ok so I put some thought into it and I think I want to remove my clan initials from the Emblem and for that background piece behind the swords, lets toss that and do this for the background piece I want the inner Lotus part to be silver/metallic with black outlines and glossy, the spiky bits I think I want them to be gold with black outlines and the triangle and square I want to be gold with silver outlines. If the color scheme I just outlined looks a bit bad in the process of putting all this together I leave it to your artistic sense to choose which parts are what colors provided I think we stick with the colors Ive mentioned. Again sword hilts/top, Blades/pointing down and crossing. Also I have your payment of $20 waiting as requested, its my weekend off so Ill be on pretty much the entire time. I'll be waiting to hear back from you.
  10. Yes, the shape and color please. And as to payment yes I can, I'll have the money to pay you through paypal on friday.
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