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  1. I'm relieved. It's not just me. Phew. I've tried everything I have knowledge of on this list, and unfortunately, right at the end, I get an 'Update Failed!' screen. Verified, tried to optimize, and everything else just short of uninstalling and re-installing. I'm now seeing on other posts that that sadly doesn't work either. Ouch. I guess it's just a matter of waiting it out!
  2. Well, hopefully I read right. I just made a post not too long ago for this piece showing all the progress and messy stuff, but I guess I'll toss mine in here too if no one minds. 🙂 As an important note, since Imgur wants to be stubborn and claim it has errors when you click on it, I could provide the full-sized piece if needed! Here's the link to the full image: https://imgur.com/bZWwKe5 The piece is titled 'Fitful Fires'. Image details are in the link below: Hope you like! 🙂
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