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  1. DaganEldr

    Update Failures

    I'm relieved. It's not just me. Phew. I've tried everything I have knowledge of on this list, and unfortunately, right at the end, I get an 'Update Failed!' screen. Verified, tried to optimize, and everything else just short of uninstalling and re-installing. I'm now seeing on other posts that that sadly doesn't work either. Ouch. I guess it's just a matter of waiting it out!
  2. DaganEldr

    FIX for most Update Failed! and Launcher Errors!

    (My browser's back button went silly and I ended up commenting on the wrong and slightly out-dated thread. my apologies. Please disregard this post.)
  3. DaganEldr

    Featured Prime Time Display Images [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Well, hopefully I read right. I just made a post not too long ago for this piece showing all the progress and messy stuff, but I guess I'll toss mine in here too if no one minds. 🙂 As an important note, since Imgur wants to be stubborn and claim it has errors when you click on it, I could provide the full-sized piece if needed! Here's the link to the full image: https://imgur.com/bZWwKe5 The piece is titled 'Fitful Fires'. Image details are in the link below: Hope you like! 🙂
  4. Thank you for what you're all doing at DE. This is so gonna be worth the wait. :)
  5. I had the same issue as @BiancaRoughfin. The code was located in the spam folder. PLEASE check ALL FOLDERS to make sure it's not just an oversight that yours didn't arrive!
  6. Alright, I'll give it a shot. Thanks. :) EDIT: It worked! Thanks again!
  7. Heya! Been a while since I've poked around through this section of the forums, but I decided to brave Tennogen again by attempting to download Ivara and finally giving this a shot. Problem is-- Tennogen only generates her helmet, and even the temporary fixes I've found in this thread (Tennogen beta) have left me with no luck. Is there any sure-shot fix for this? If not, is there a chance any time soon that this will be repaired? I've had intentions of making an Ivara skin for a very long time now, so a proper Tennogen render would be great and much less confusing! :p Any responses regarding this are very appreciated. Thank you!
  8. DaganEldr

    'Tis The Season!

    This is awesome. I need to go buy some plat so I can throw gifts at everyone. :) (I mean.... unless you all prefer snowballs. I'm sure that would hurt less. :P)
  9. DaganEldr

    Console & PC Controller / Gamepad Suggestions

    Wow. Crackle, when you told me you'd been working on a post all night, I definitely wasn't expecting this. Amazingly put together, and I agree--gamepads definitely need some coffee! In fact, after reading over this, I had to comment (seriously, thank you for moving this to a place where I could). You see, I'm a PC Warframer that uses an Xbox 360 Afterglow controller (because Afterglow. Nuff said). After reading this thread, it really hits home with the fact that I've felt one of the biggest problems in Warframe was that there were far more bindings than what any normal controller could be set with. It almost forces you to incorporate multiple control sources in order to have at least the majority of the settings bound to a hotkey. It's much more complicated if you choose to use a controller (and then there are some people who may even have to, due to mobility issues in their hands. I live with one such person that's complained about this, in fact). Noticing the setups you've listed, I'd definitely like to see some sort of multi-button function added to controllers if possible. Because they don't have this at the moment, the most comfortable style for me also happens to sacrifice the ability to fire a gun with my controller (rushing to my mouse instead). I personally don't complain much, being as I mainly prefer melee, but this can still become a serious issue. Here's my layout for controller: Notice, I have three things set to the left trigger. Crouch, slide, and roll. Something brought up elsewhere has made me think to switch roll to the Y button, since the X button also naturally reloads a weapon if not directly in front of an interactable. This is a setup I've used for quite some time, and I've really started to favor it, but as mentioned earlier, it still has severe drawbacks, For one, there's no firing button, which forces a player to rely on the mouse. Secondly, when time is of the essence, having to cycle through abilities can take much of said-crucial time, especially on frames like Ivara, where you have to select a main ability and then cycle through minor abilities. Third, having 3 actions tied to one button can get confusing sometimes, hance why I'm tempted to move the ability to roll to the Y button. That said, because of both the shortage of binding options on controllers, and the complexities it can lead to, I 110% support this QoL you speak of! :) Edit: When I said 'Aim' for the R3 button, I mean being able to look around, not aiming your firearm! I've left firing as my left click, and aiming my firearm as my right click on my mouse!
  10. DaganEldr

    The Casual Carousel

    Aww, dang! Missed out on Vengeful Revenant? Ah well. Glad the stream went well!
  11. DaganEldr

    Notice: Operation Rathuum Event FAQ

    Awesome! I gotta say--next to Shadow debt, this has to be my favorite event by far. It's nice that this is more on a true competition, rather than relying strictly on 4 player deaths. And it's ridiculously fun. :I
  12. DaganEldr

    TennoCon 2016: Tickets On Sale Now!

    If only.... IF ONLY! Money and transportation, and lack thereof. </3 It's become a life-goal of mine to make it to one of the conventions you guys visit. I swear on my soul that one of these days, I'm gonna be there! ;_; I hope all who go have an awesome time!
  13. DaganEldr

    Fan Concepts Index

    Oh, wow. That's so kind of you! Thank you! :)
  14. DaganEldr

    The Casual Carousel

    I don't think this is the place to ask that question. If you're curious about it, I would highly suggest asking in your own topic so that others can see that may have the answer as well! ;) Perhaps General Discussion, or maybe even Players Helping Players can assist! Ya never know! :) Anyway, I hope you have a good day, and enjoy your new year!
  15. DaganEldr

    The Casual Carousel

    *Hops in*