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  1. TWIN GRAKATAS VISI-CRITATIO - 175p Mod Rank: 8 Mastery: 14 Re-rolls: 7 Polarity: Vazarin (D) +123.2%Critical Chance +185.8%Base Damage / Melee Damage +71.9%Electric Damage TWIN KOHMAK CRITASUS - 150p Mod Rank: 8 Mastery: 8 Re-rolls: 6 Polarity: Naramon (-) +231.7%Critical Chance +172.2%Slash Damage -27.4%Damage vs. Grineer TOMBFINGER TOXICAN - 35p Mod Rank: 0 Mastery: 15 Re-rolls: 6 Polarity: Madurai (V) +7.8%Multishot +5.9%Toxin Damage Negotiable, PM in here or ingame
  2. While I managed to found similiar threads, it seems that none of those had any solutions. Basically, I game on my Win10 laptop with an integrated Intel card and discrete Nvidia 940MX card. I usually play at 720P with maxed out antialiasing, so I can get decent framerate without too much jaggies. Today I managed to leave the game working while going afk for quite a while, just to see my faded screen when I came back. That's pefectly fine on it's own, every time my screen faded the game simply minimized itself. This time, though, instead of minimizing itself it went into windowed
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