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  1. is there an ETA on the next cenimatic quest? last one was launched before last tennocon. will it be the same way, or an ever better way?
  2. dumb answer but... did you try using armor mods,energy sheld mods, or health mods?
  3. ok, so just wondering... is neffy going be a boss battle? or is sarge here to stay?
  4. the hype might kill the stream like DEsheldon's graphics card, XD
  5. we waited a year. so what a few days guys?
  6. in all honestly. after fortuna, forcus will be turned to melee 3.0, railjack, and the new war from what im under standing.(and from the sounds of it. they make it sound like a two week update with mainline and fortuna.)
  7. is there an ETA on fortuna. if so, will the new prime come with. and to DEsteve, are we going to need to hunt our space mom, or are we going to be stuck with space dad teshin and step dad umbra?
  8. so thinking of jackrail. will there be a choice to be in the jackrail/liset. or will they both be a part or the orbitor and have diffrent docking stations. if not then i suggest having the liset be attachable to the railjack on the lower floors.
  9. about the ships ands hover borads. how much can we customized them, if so, will we have tony hawk type hover boads and hotrod jackrails. 😄
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