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  1. I didn't mean to restrict fractures spawnpoints exclusively to bases. I meant we could capture them to allow a fracture-specific bounty, which would spawn fractures in varied places (precisely considering varied terrain) at 600, 800 m away from the captured base - but being a bounty, they would be properly waypointed. In this case, it's good that we don't have many bases, because then each base benefits from a wide range of terrain to spawn fractures. And while this would help fixing the random spawn problem, it would also give a use to those bases in an interesting, optional way. The fact that there are less bases than PoE is not a problem. The problem is that none of them offer anything interesting gameplay wise that justifies their existence. I disagree that different fractures have different tactics. The most generic and simplistic tactic to any fracture has only two requirements: 1) Canister's health must not reach zero and 2) You must not fail the mission due to being out of revives. If you sucessfully apply this tactic, you'll notice that "variety of terrain" doesn't affect the result, it still has the same straightforward approach. That's why I suggested something that reacts mechanically different. That's how it gets interesting to me. Adding more enemies and more damage will make things more difficult yes but will it make things less boring? I don't think so.
  2. The biggest problem I had with this event was the random spawn of fractures. Sometimes, fractures spawn at the side of a road, which means Coildrives frequently appear, shooting with those already high damage canons, and now they're gonna do even more damage? Other times, dropships fail to deliver enemies close to the fracture, which means there's hardly anyone to shoot while waiting for the timer. And not considering when the closest one spawns more than 1600 m away. I think that having a general direction of where to go to find them would be much more helpful to begin with. And by general direction I mean, Corpus bases. We could capture those to have a limited supply of Coolant Canisters (instead of always having to go to the Temple of Profit). This could even generate fractures specifically for a bounty. Assuming that now we can more reliably find them. I still think that having more enemies, Eximus or spiders may not help much: of course we would have to be more careful, but we probably have enough firepower to dispatch those new enemies, and thus nothing game changing was added. Everyone dies in a few seconds and we wait for a timer. However, if you guys raise the difficulty so much that it becomes a hassle, I might not even want to try, because it's not fun to keep dying. Back to square one. Considering this situation, I think the most impactful "burp" would be to move the fracture to somewhere close, not abruptly, after a while. Show a very clear sign that the current spot will close and we'll need to reallocate the canister to the new spot in order to finish the extraction. Hint where the new spot is. Restarting the extraction process would trigger a side effect: the fracture is recent and will randomly create high damage fire pillars in a given radius. Hint that fire pillars will be created, like the laser pillars from Gantulyst, don't make them like Ember's World on Fire (no one needs to be instakilled in Vallis). This way we would have to be constantly on guard to not get caught by a predictable, momentaneous mission tied event, valuing our movement abilities while still doing the main mission itself (defend the canister). On top of that, if you really want to put more enemies, go ahead - I'm trying to say that we don't need more of them to have a fun, engaging experience.
  3. I feel like there shouldn't be Elite tier acts, but Elite tier challenges. Example: the two survivals we had should be a single weekly "Complete a 30 min Kuva Survival". Tied to this act, there would be up to two Elite tier challenges: If you don't use Life Support, more standing; If you reach the 60 min mark, more standing; If you reach 60 min mark without using Life Support, maximum standing; If you complete the act with only one Elite challenge, you can repeat it to gain the standing from the uncompleted challenge if both challenges are completed simultaneously; If you complete the act with no Elite challenges, you can repeat it to gain the standing from both challenges if both are completed simultaneously. This adds flexibility to the system, and gives us a chance of getting at least some standing from something we may not enjoy, while still rewarding who wants to/ can push it further. If really needed, cap the number of challenges that are generated. So from all act+challenges available, two acts will have two Elite challenges, three with only one challenge, etc. Successfully completing an act+Elite challenges should guarantee less repetition as well. Example: either do 3 mid level PoE bounties to gain the maximum standing for that act or do 1 of the highest level fulfilling the challenge condition. Eight bounties is too much. Everyone who wants to have their time well spent end up choosing the lowest level. Requiring the repetition of a specific mission with no special reason provides no challenge at all, even if it's meant to be completed in a week span. Also, I quite dislike the lack of in-game information about the Series' duration. Without that info, it's hard to plan what I want to do, or to be more specific, what I don't want to do. How can I know if my progress rate will get me to the highest ranks? I've heard you only need 65% of all acts or something like that. How can I compare 65% to my progress? I'm sad that there's no reactants anymore. My luck with reactants is bad and I find it tiresome to do endless fissures just to get more. Maybe unrelated, but the Grineer fugitives should be attacked by the local faction whenever they appear. It makes no sense that they don't.
  4. Please take a look at projectile weapons aiming behavior. Since 23.10 changes there's something wrong with a few weapons...
  5. Currently I'd just like to know if Terra Shield Ospreys giving every Corpus unit a permanent Nullifier bubble at 4 stars wanted level is intentional or will be fixed.
  6. Yoo let us steal Coildrives like we steal Dargyns! Also, plans of adding amphibious animals?
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