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  1. I feel like there shouldn't be Elite tier acts, but Elite tier challenges. Example: the two survivals we had should be a single weekly "Complete a 30 min Kuva Survival". Tied to this act, there would be up to two Elite tier challenges: If you don't use Life Support, more standing; If you reach the 60 min mark, more standing; If you reach 60 min mark without using Life Support, maximum standing; If you complete the act with only one Elite challenge, you can repeat it to gain the standing from the uncompleted challenge if both challenges are completed simultaneously; If you complete the act with no Elite challenges, you can repeat it to gain the standing from both challenges if both are completed simultaneously. This adds flexibility to the system, and gives us a chance of getting at least some standing from something we may not enjoy, while still rewarding who wants to/ can push it further. If really needed, cap the number of challenges that are generated. So from all act+challenges available, two acts will have two Elite challenges, three with only one challenge, etc. Successfully completing an act+Elite challenges should guarantee less repetition as well. Example: either do 3 mid level PoE bounties to gain the maximum standing for that act or do 1 of the highest level fulfilling the challenge condition. Eight bounties is too much. Everyone who wants to have their time well spent end up choosing the lowest level. Requiring the repetition of a specific mission with no special reason provides no challenge at all, even if it's meant to be completed in a week span. Also, I quite dislike the lack of in-game information about the Series' duration. Without that info, it's hard to plan what I want to do, or to be more specific, what I don't want to do. How can I know if my progress rate will get me to the highest ranks? I've heard you only need 65% of all acts or something like that. How can I compare 65% to my progress? I'm sad that there's no reactants anymore. My luck with reactants is bad and I find it tiresome to do endless fissures just to get more. Maybe unrelated, but the Grineer fugitives should be attacked by the local faction whenever they appear. It makes no sense that they don't.
  2. Please take a look at projectile weapons aiming behavior. Since 23.10 changes there's something wrong with a few weapons...
  3. This happened to me as well. I opened the forum site and I was already logged in at least 3 different player accounts during this week.
  4. Tested now, curvature is the same as shown in the gif. Oddly, the uncharged shots have no curvature, they fly straight to where they were supposed to hit.
  5. Here's the apparent reason, and a small Rakta Ballistica test (modded, but no Magnum Force). This bug still exists. Charged shots used to have no arcing and near perfect accuracy, even when Rakta stats show accuracy 4.
  6. Currently I'd just like to know if Terra Shield Ospreys giving every Corpus unit a permanent Nullifier bubble at 4 stars wanted level is intentional or will be fixed.
  7. Hello. Chimera Update 23.10 brought "Weapon Aiming Changes", which affected particularly projectile weapons. The notes mentioned it would be, generally speaking, easier to hit where I'm aiming. However, I'm confident this new behavior affected Rakta Ballistica charged shots negatively (I assume the same thing happens with normal Ballistica. Ballistica Prime doesn't have this problem). Currently, they have inconsistent spread at long distances, making it actually more difficult to hit things. From tests in Simulacrum, I verified that the charged shots hit quite close to where I aim only at less than 44 m. At distances greater than this, the bolts from charged shots begin to spread at random directions and won't even follow a straight line trajectory anymore. Here's an example: 3 charged shots at 70 m. As you can (hopefully) see, it's difficult to hit a charged shot on a stationary point at 70 m away. Anything at greater distances, stationary or not, can only be hit with luck.
  8. Yoo let us steal Coildrives like we steal Dargyns! Also, plans of adding amphibious animals?
  9. The idea was that we'll be able to roll to cancel a combo. Instead, could we have something to help chaining combos? Why roll to cancel and have to restart combos from the beginning when you could dash and get closer, performing a different combo in a dynamic way? This could also help combos whose animations locks you at walking speed, since you would be able to quickly approach the enemy without the need to stop the current combo to do a brief slide just because your stance doesn't let you move fast enough. Have you ever thought of allowing different types of stances when you don't equip a weapon? Easy example is the speargun: if we didn't equip any melee weapon but used a speargun as a primary, shouldn't we be able to use it as a melee weapon to some extent?
  10. Have you considered replacing rolling with something similar to Limbo's dash when you have your melee equipped? I believe this would be pretty cool because it could: Increase quantity and diversity of combos, allowing easier combo chaining; It's common to kill enemies before the last, usually more powerful, attacks of a combo (thus "wasting" them) or to hit all attacks except the last ones due to wonky animations. Dashing mid combo could allow you to hit all attacks, integrating quick and heavy attacks in a more interactive way, easily chaining combos between spread groups of enemies (rewards player's dexterity), without being forced to start combos from the first attack after rolling (which kinda breaks the flow of melee game play). Ideally, combos would be shorter but more flexible to allow dashing and chaining, rolling would still be possible if you were holding block button (not holding it would dash) and it would grant less damage reduction than rolling but a little evasion percentage. Allow safer navigation of less melee-oriented frames if the player wants to use melee for something else than spin2win or play rolling simulator; Since melee requires you to constantly get shot if you want to attack, in my experience, I don't even try actual melee if the frame doesn't possess high survivability or invisibility. Allowing higher mobility through dashing could make melee more friendly for such unfortunate frames. And since we're talking about speed, it's important to remember that wonky or slow melee attack animations and slow transitions between animations (like not being able to attack immediately after a slam attack) are negative points that should be addressed. Another thing: if you are going to revisit slam and heavy attacks... do something about wall attacks. Like, change them. Heavily. Just, do something.
  11. Hello, quick request, can you guys make the unidentified Ayatan in front of Old Suumbaat an operation reward? Not precisely the best prize but hey, it's something.
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