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  1. AnimatedJester

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.8

    K-Drive still does not credit you the items you pick up while riding it.
  2. AnimatedJester

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    Items picked up on the K-Drive still do not get added to inventory after mission.
  3. AnimatedJester

    New Contest: Carol of the Tenno

    Carol of the Bells, Composer: Mykola Leontovych. Author of english ver: Peter Wilhousky
  4. AnimatedJester

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #88!

    I love the limbo changes! would you consider also prioritizing other party members actions though for his 1 ability? Essentially, make it to where they cannot void someone who is hacking a console / carrying a datamass. I am a limbo main myself and even I feel like people who do this are scumbags.
  5. AnimatedJester

    New: Tenno Caroling Contest!

    The Twelve Days of Tenno-Mas Original Song: ***As a note DE, to spare you from a giant wall of text, I have listed the gifts from every day and it is to be interpreted in that order. Enjoy! On the [ X ] Day of Tenno-mas the Lotus gave to me A daily login's worth of E-X-P 2 Orokin cells 3 Stalker Marks 4 Sentinels 5 Rare 5 Cores 6 Argon Crystals 7 Vay Hek Turkeys 8 Kubrow Eggs 9 Reactor'd Warframes 10 Orokin Void Keys 11 Rare Stance Mods 12 Resource Boosters
  6. AnimatedJester

    Hotfix 15.0.7

    So I went to go mod my Archwing and this happened
  7. AnimatedJester

    Hotfix 15.0.6

    There is still the bug with controllers that I can't use my archwing ability if i changed it to another button input
  8. AnimatedJester

    Hotfix 15.0.4

    Still a key binding problem for use of archwing, I tried to bind my power back to LB and it works in regular missions, but not archwing missions. All others do though.
  9. AnimatedJester

    Hotfix 15.0.4

    Invite system is having problems for me. I have verified and optimized multiple times with no fix.
  10. AnimatedJester

    Hotfix 15.0.4

    If you have missiles, it will sometimes work
  11. AnimatedJester

    Hotfix 15.0.4

    WARNING: Key binding Faulty on casting for controllers on archwing missions. EDIT: Specifically customized key binding, default controller still works as it should
  12. AnimatedJester

    Hotfix 15.0.2

    I am at the second mission for the archwing and it is not dropping any of the parts required to build it!!!
  13. AnimatedJester

    Hotfix 15.0.2

    Thank you for all your hard work!!! But PLEASE fix the controller issue before several of us go mad from using the keyboard after all the muscle memory that went in to the controller.