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  1. "Weak Claw Attack" in homage to the chargers' old description text. And because I couldn't fit the 's' in the name.
  2. No, my game has been running flawlessly for pretty much as long as I can remember. If you refer back to my original post, the test results conclude that my frame time did not change at all (AKA I was not able to reproduce the problem.) I just posted the results since Glen stated in the OP that you should post your results even if you are unable to reproduce the bug, in order to get an idea of how frequently the bug occurs.
  3. Yes, I got the new version of Shadowplay, called Nvidia Share or something like that.
  4. Still going with the same setup as the one I entered in the cinematic contest. I actually haven't played Trinity in ages, but I accidentally did The Second Dream with her and I sorta feel like doing the same with TWW. Might change to my Valkyr though.
  5. Thank you very much! Also, if you're wondering about the moustaches, you could equip them on frames during last year's (and the year before that) Movember event. You can still see 'em on the frames you have equipped them on in the frame selection screen, but not in missions.
  6. My go-to colors are white, black and blue (more specifically, the bottom two right-most blues in the Infested palette.) At this point, the colors I use have kinda become 'my thing' and I feel weird if I'm not using a frame with those colors. Not like it bothers me though. The color combos work better on some frames compared to others. (And on others they blatantly don't. But I'm too lazy to fix 'em.) Anyway, examples on the frames you mentioned: Ash Prime: Frost Prime: Oberon: Titania: Trinity Prime: Nekros Prime: Volt Prime: Sometim
  7. Gorgon already has a Wraith and a Prisma version. I think its Corpus sister Supra deserves some love as well. Supra Vandal! or Mara Supra
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