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  1. Today is the day. My order was shipped on December 6th and arrived today, December 18th (France). I ordered the Vitruvian and the Fortuna shirt. The Fortuna shirt is 100% cotton size M, feels very good and looks great. Made in Mexico. The Vitruvian shirt is 100% polyester size M, feels like a size L, very floaty and statically charged. It's not uncomfortable but feels cold and charged. The inside is white. Made in Pakistan. Don't recommend. Pics:
  2. If you haven't tried it yet, they added a slider in the orbiter colors menu to decrease/increase the amount of scratches. Not perfect, but it helps. Interestingly, since my original post, they added elements to the systems that look like a battery track with three slots, one of them left empty. Wonder why that appeared...
  3. I received my shipment notice two days ago. I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, and if this arrives when I'm away at my folks' house, I'm gonna be pissed.
  4. You should consider joining a clan that is willing to help new players and is in your timezone. You will have a hard time coordinating in a public group, especially in the early game.
  5. Like the 2 other people who said it before, use Revenant. Here's why:
  6. Wisp + Skiajati is the best way to do it, if you have them... But yeah c'mon DE this is way harder than the MR28 test, this needs to be fixed.
  7. Seems so unlikely to happen I would be shocked if it does.
  8. Shirt in 2019 is as likely as New War in 2019
  9. Off topic, but from a practical standpoint, what would corrode and scratch the interior of a sealed spaceship if it was abandoned for centuries ? Would've been more likely to have happened to the exterior. Plus, Ordis only lets an operator inside the ship. So for these marks to make sense, I would theorize that the original users of it must have been bullet-jumping around and bumped into the walls, and those marks weren't caused by "aging".
  10. It's a common misconception, but a free to play game is selling something. The price is just not attached to the access of the game, and we are indeed clients using a service. A free to play game with zero players is not a viable product, therefore we are a valid source of feedback and DE knows they must keep their customers happy to retain them. Sorry for ranting a bit 🙂
  11. Regardless of preferences, it's inconsistent with the demos, and the other rooms in the ship. The slope that leads up to the Liset, the Liset's floor itself, and the floor on the lower part of the Orbiter all have reflections. It just stops in the area in the screenshot. That is why it seems unintended to me.
  12. Something went wrong between the update 26.1 forum post and what we got for the new Orbiter. It seems the floor, and maybe other parts on the side, are missing their reflection effect, and the difference between current renderer and new renderer is possibly making the scene look darker. Here's a screenshot comparison. Tennocon 2019 version, with new WIP renderer (better lighting/shadows, unreleased): Here's the image posted in the forum notes for Update 26.1 (current renderer, notice the presence of reflection on the floor and illumination): And finally, here's what we have in-game as of Update 26.1.1 (high settings, default colors. No reflection on the floor) :
  13. I disagree about the usefulness of this tweak. Compare these two patterns: 1. Tonkor, Ogris, Tonkor, Ogris, Tonkor, Ogris 2. Tonkor, Tonkor, Tonkor, Ogris, Ogris, Ogris Same number of duplicates, but in a different order. This does not address the problem for the players who need a solution the most: those who have already multiple weapons. Please consider a way to split the pool of weapons the randomness is applied to. I've discussed solutions in this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dtzijx/kuva_liches_fighting_the_duplicates/ Please do not limit your efforts on duplicate weapons at this.
  14. Yes I did. Did you provide all the required information ? Maybe spam folder ?
  15. I've worked a lot in customer support. Communication can sometimes be really tricky to handle when you have a problem but no solution. For example, imagine that the moment they knew the shirts were flawed, they sent us an email just stating the problem without giving any form of solution. You are then stuck when your customers ask you for a new deadline, because you haven't figured things out yet. Of course, the customer always prefers to have a transparent and quick communication. That, is well understood. But an incomplete answer is also a little dangerous and scary to send without any kind of concrete plan. That doesn't make this whole situation better. It's just bad luck when a third party fails to deliver. It can happen to anyone.
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