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  1. Answered your questionnaire. Hope it helps!
  2. Issue still persists as of today. This needs to be fixed.
  3. Issue still persists as of today. DE needs to fix this; it's a complete buzzkill.
  4. Hello, trying to use a Necramech while escorting a drone across the Plains will result in the drone stopping completely and not even transference back into the equipped Warframe can get it to move again. The only way to alleviate the issue is to move out of the 50m drone perimeter and re-enter the perimeter.
  5. Lookie here - now you know how many hours difference there is between your time zone and UTC
  6. Maroo's Ayatan Missions are once every week, I believe they reset at 0:00 UTC. Spawn rate of ayatan sculptures is pretty rare. I find one once every 10 to 50 missions. It has been confirmed, that they spawn on the same positions as syndicate medallions during daily syndicate missions. Either equip Loot Radar, Animal Instinct (for the Sentinel or Pet) and/or Thief's Wit. Using multiple mods together increases the range of your loot radar. Ayatan sculptures are displayed as unopened containers on the minimap. Run Syndicate missions a couple of times and learn to know the special locati
  7. This should help. Scroll down to "View Void Relic Drop Location List" and sort by mission. Then you can check every planet for the relic you need to look out for. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Void_Relic The new ones are: Meso F1 Neo N3 Lith N1 Axi N3 Axi T1 Neo V3 Meso S1 Lith K1 Axi G1 Meso S2 Neo V2 Hope this helps.
  8. To be fair, I don't consider Red Veil in bed with Infested. It seems like absolutely no Syndicate (besides New Loka for some effed up reason) cooperates with the infested. I think everyone (except Mutalist Alad V) hates them to the core and wants them gone. So Red Veil? No. Syndicate-themed Warframes? Yes, please. Typhus? I don't think so. He is a very good concept, but he would make a stand for his own, in my opinion.
  9. What does that have to do anything? Just because a place is described as a "safe house" doesn't make it one. Otherwise, every advertisement ever made with "the best ever" would actually be true (which they are clearly not). Relays are public places. A mall is a public place. Public places are supposed to be safe places. But sometimes, public places, and therefor safe places, can be attacked, either from the inside or the outside, which makes the presence of police force necessary. Haha, I doubt that, since people are clearly walking calmly in the background as there is absolutely
  10. This is just one example. This is Germany. Currently not at war, afaik. http://i.ndtvimg.com/i/2016-01/german-police-reuters_650x400_61452852544.jpg Obviously. Ten and Two! You are the police and are supposed to lead by example, lol.
  11. I think he/she is missing that your bedroom is your private property and you are free to do in it whatever you want, as long as you have paid for it, while relays are open, public places.
  12. Who defends the people of the Relay in case of an infiltration mission? Modern wars are not fought in front lines and at borders. Also, I have never seen a sword been broken by a whip. If you could send some evidence, I would be grateful.
  13. I would consider Germany a relatively safe place, especially for being in the center of Europe. Again, I wouldn't consider the relay a safe place. In the history, Vay Hek has made many attempts in destroying multiple Relays. Obviously, other Relays that survived and are being helped with by the Tenno and their Warframes are in secondary alert, making the carrying of guns in case of invasion a very smart decision, at least for me. Also, a gun can jam, can a sword? ;) He has every right to, when he suspects you. That is his job after all.
  14. Have to disagree there. Police in my country walks around openly presenting that they are armed, even in public places. ESPECIALLY in public places I say, to, one, show presence and two, showing that they are ready to intervene if needed. "One sword keeps another in the sheath." ~George Herbert
  15. Proxykon

    Ignore this

    If I understand you correctly, you want an enemy faction that can be locked down by such thing as the use of verticality, did I get that right? If what I assumed is correct, how do you consider that fair, while grineer and corpus can just use their guns, but 50% of the infested forces are out of the picture by hiding in a high place?
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