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  1. Sweeping surge aug for excal. If you feel like you have a strong weapon that could use that multiplier fast then this is it. Definitely one of the faster ways to build combo and quite safe as well as you turn invincible while dashing. If there are multiple enemies then you keep dashing automatically building insane combo plus being unhittable entire time so you can even avoid crowd control or nasty attacks. Some more trivial examples: Nyx with assimilate aug and Lenz. Really effwctive against infested excav. Can use operators dash to get around, pick excav power units. You can also give your dangerous grenade launchers, lenz etc to wukong clone or similar abilities. They dont take self damage and they have unlimited ammo. Use mag's bubble against infested alad v. Takes care of him real fast. Hydroid's 4 is super effective against juggernauts and jordas phase 1. They arent hard to kill, but that ability does it basically automatically and its funny to see such a big mob tossed around like that. Speaking of jordas - velocitus is great at killing that thing. To boost your damage use odonatas first ability. Despite itzal and amesh being superior for general play, for raw damage boost for archgun odonata is the way to go. Riven stuff: Kill enemies while sliding on plains, like dargyn pilots is quite easy with ash shuriken. Killing dargyns in general can be a pain, finding them more so. Gliding while using a bow etc. All of that is easy if you go to kuva fortress sabotage mission. A few dargyns spawn before the first door every time. Kill them, abort mission, do it again. Fastest way for anything dargyn related unless it involves their pilots. Undetected 30lvl exterminate. Mission named adaro. Easy to play with ivara. Build for efficiency and duration, activate stealth, use roll to move. Perfect weapon is fulmin - unlimited ammo silent shorgun.
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