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    Same thing happened to me today.

    I was shooting it from above while in archwing and it disappeared in front of my eyes.

  1. 1 hour ago, Sasha_The_Lynx said:

    I got one but i dont know if anyone else has this problem.
    When i logged in, allmost all my colors i favorites where gone (Wich means i had to readd tehm), and the selected colors for many of my frames and skins i used went into default colors exept for, maybe one or two parts, but mostly got into default colors.

    I also checked that weapons as well are affected, and i can tell you this that i didnt log into warframe until just now, so i couldnt have gone in to change them, that also includes the favorite color window. More than half of the colors i picked as faves where removed and some of the colors i see now there wherent even part of my favorites.

    Not a massive breaker, but i couldnt be the only one affected, right?

    I got the same thing. Half of my loadouts are #*!%ed up. It's not like I got used to my colours and have been using them for months.

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  2. Standing inside friendly Nullifier summoned by Nekros while transitioning to next area in Sanctuary Onsalught locked me out of all my abilities for the next round.

    Things that didn't help: /unstuck, jumping out of the map, switching to the operator mode (because I couldn't do that anyway).

    I had to die and respawn to get my abilities back.

    This is how I looked like for the entire round: https://imgur.com/a/ljd9Uhq

  3. Unless orbs and focus gain is adjusted I doubt that many players will be able to answer your question.

    Doing mind-numbing farming specifically for focus is boring as hell. I wish focus gain was similar to gaining paragon levels in Diablo 3. You didn't have to focus on farming them - they just came naturally through regular gameplay while you were doing other stuff.

    One time-use lenses, orbs, daily limit - all of that is actually putting me off from getting anything else than Zenurik's energy regeneration.

  4. 1 hour ago, DSpite said:

    Can we PLEASE stop saying "mastery fodder" like it's a thing for everything?

    It's about DAMN TIME that DE did not simply create "higher deeps" version of the same thing non stop. The Synoid version does a bunch more things then the normal one.

    Use it, don't use it. Who cares. Stop making it sound that we are playing Clicker Heroes.


    A bunch more things? Like what? All it does is create a specter.

    Regular Heliocor scans the targets all the same, it has higher damage and higher critical rate (15% !). Lower attack speed is negated by Berserker anyway and lower status is irrelevant when you're smashing sortie level dudes with red crits.

  5. On 22.07.2016 at 11:00 AM, BigBlackCook said:

    On the senda junction, 1 task is to get 3 LUA principle challenge mods. HOWEVER, it did not say they have to be different. I worked hard to get 3 challenges done and 2 of them are the same, and it DID NOT count towards my progression which i find very frustrating.

    Same thing happened to me and I was about to post it. Even though it says "Get 3 ANY mods from Orokin challenges" if you do the same challenge it won't count.

    Meaning: I did 4 challenges, 3 of them were the same and the counter got stuck at 2/3.

  6. Totally burned out. Almost MR22, got all gear except War (I'm not paying 600 platinum for 3k mastery and an armour set that I don't even like). I log in only to do occasional forma/potato/helmet alerts and to get a daily bonus and maybe farm focus IF and only when I get XP booster as a reward.

    I am not interested in PvP one bit so Lunaro is out of the question. DE simply can't produce content fast enough to keep many people like me satisfied.

  7. It is definitely very turbulent right now with the aborts. Work is in progress for the next Hotfix that will present the Mods on Mission Complete.


    That's terrible news.


    This change will only make more players frustrated and stop them from playing the event. In the past we used to get all event mods after reaching a certain score but with RNG based rewards like these people just want to get them as quickly as possible.


    Acolytes pose no threat at all and they are killed in less than 10 seconds so repeating the same missions over and over again gets very boring after few runs.

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