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  1. Bruh you think before you write? You clearly all set things up incorrectly and now blame DE for it. Why did I got all of the juicy free stuff during TennoCon? And plus, we werent watching for free Stuff, but because there was NEW STUFF to be shown. Get a Life bruh
  2. Advertising Empyrian without even a Release Date. DE at its finest.
  3. ikr... Its coming this week. We still have time.
  4. Well in Germany Lunch always is at around 12-1PM. idk where you work where LUNCH is at 11AM LOL
  5. How do I know. I just know that they do Lunch before Dev Stream
  6. If you smart you wouldv'e known that yesterday was a Canadian Holiday and they didnt work. So no, they started today only
  7. Chillax. They finished lunch an hour ago. They just started working on it again. Give them another hour or 2 and we'll get news. Other than: It'll release today or not, we wont get
  8. Thats a good question actualy. Its Tuesday. They started working this week, today only. Even if they "finished" the Update on Friday, it probably wont come today, cause they started on it today only LOL. I expect it around Wednesday if not even Thursday cause we all know DE xD
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