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  1. A good friend of mine was playing the game last month. They just got their Paracesis and began to level. When out of their mission, they couldn't see their own profile and others couldn't either. When they tried to relog, it turns out that they were banned. And so soon before the unvaulting of the Edo Prime Armor! April 19, 2019 17:25 is the creation time for my friend's ticket. Support ID: #1701471 Almost at the end of three weeks later, not a single real reply other than one bot via email and NOT to the actual ticket "apologizing" for the delay on their ticket. We believe it was caused by a trade that he did where his other good friend generously gave my friend a handsome amount of plat from their prime access for things that my friend needed. In return, he traded back a bronze mod. Possibly some red flags went off? We don't know how we could fix whatever error DE made on their part for assuming the trade was illegitimate. All we know is what we have from forums and other places that tell us that the Warframe Support is a meme of its own when it comes to being useful regarding bans.
  2. So when can we expect a fix for Stover scat not appearing near caves?
  3. Please buff Revenant's 4 to 15 energy consuption instead of 20. I agree that 12 was low, but 20 is simply too much. There are many other warframes that can clear rooms even easier that don't have such a rough efficiency-impediment and aren't hindered by objects and small tilesets.
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