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  1. Mizar0011

    Update 15.13

    LOOKS AMAZING! ...but...i made all those beacons and farmed hydroid for what now? and now ill have to do it all over again when you re-purpose them...thats incredibly annoying since i took 18 runs-ish to get him, and made atleast 8 of those keys myself. Le sigh.
  2. Mizar0011

    Npc Accuracy

    God I love the technical details posts.
  3. Mizar0011

    Update 15.12.0

    These things :( makes me sad.
  4. Mizar0011

    Spy 2.0 Preview

  5. This is amazing and updates and explanation etc are a big part of the reason I love warframe. It's great that you not only improve the game but also the background workings and are willing and able to tell us about them. Blown away as always by your work ethic and communication DE. Thanks.
  6. Mizar0011

    Coming Soon: Devstream #45!

    What will I do with my million alloy plate and nano spores?
  7. Mizar0011

    Coming Soon: Devstream #45!

    Will we be getting more interactions in the dojo. As in clan specific alerts/mission or resources etc etc. More things to do in the dojo to feel more like a group of Tenno working toward a common goal and less like a place you stop by once in a while to grab something?
  8. Mizar0011

    Last Post Wins

    I really want DERebecca to hop in. Say the Lotus always wins. And lock this topic.
  9. Mizar0011

    Mastery Rank Syandanas & Armors [Artwork & Gif]

    This all of this. It's great especially since my computer broke and I missed the sigil :(
  10. Mizar0011

    Hotfix 15.0.4

    For personal if you can mêlée to hell you can unstick yourself. For enemies inside the rocks get as colds as you can and repel them (4th ability on the first archwing) it either pushes the enemies through the rock to be killed normally our kills them right there.
  11. Mizar0011

    Hotfix 15.0.4

    If you update your nvidia driver try rolling it back. I was notified of an nvidia update and I haven't installed it yet. My warframe works fine. Counter point of course if you haven't updated the driver try updating it.