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  1. Sorry about that, I wasn't aware of the other forum. It seems that only a mod is able to delete or remove a post. But it probably does DE a disservice in some ways to have the forums so compartmentalized, a lot people won't find information and/or comment about it, in their attempts to keep things so organized.
  2. The Kuva Lich System has had quite a few issues, a lot of which have been reasonably addressed already. Like Brozime I feel that the 3rd murmur progress bar could have stayed where it was not needing to be increased. But there are still quite a few issues regarding sustainability and incentivization that should be looked into. 1) Joining Public Games Solo and Finding Groups Nodes are mostly prioritized by general mission preference and murmur efficiency. But due to how everyone's Lich controls various sectors in the origin system, greatly spreading out the node
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