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  1. Carrier is nice if you havent unlocked exilus slot for ammo mutation on. Nautilus has grouping tool, though its kinda wonky and tries to move enemies through walls Dethcube has Vaporize and Energy Generator, and everybody except Lavos loves energy orbs Djiin is immortal like Vulpa, but dies whenever something sneezes at it Shade need rework, but Ambush can make some sweet damage spikes for few seconds Diriga stun is nice for melee Helios scans and puts weakspots Wyrm has own space program Taxon can make overshields Oxylus for open world fishing and scanning plants for Sacred Grove farming
  2. Vastilok shoots 9 pellets, each one removes armor with Shattering Impact. Sarpa shoots 5 bullets, so its almost half as fast.
  3. Only if you confuse the tabs and write that on Region
  4. Some people I added to friends list due to first nightwave "Survive X minutes in Survival with friends in the group" still play, but real life friends only one still play
  5. I dont remember how I got her first time (probably with Loki due to sprint speed), but second time I used Wukong infused with Infested Mobility and just speedrun all Spy missions till I got her parts.
  6. Try Tri-Orbit Ephemera and launch yourself off AW Slingshot, you will change your mind
  7. Infusing Banshee's Silence with Helminth (can you have helminth without doing the Vaults?) makes Necramechs disable their abilities, that is especially handy when handling Voidrigs and their shields.
  8. Repair, also works on allies warframes as well. If your friend only healed himself, it was Elevate https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Magus_Elevate
  9. Demos are not status immune, they have just damage reduction that reduces damage from status procs. You can still reliably kill demos high proc damage like scythe/2H nikana heavy attack forced bleed multiplied by viral or slow them down with cold damage. Some Demos might resist some of status proc type or wont apply them when not attacking their weak spot (Nox or Bursa demo)
  10. Depends on what relics you want to farm. Beside Lith on Hepit Void and Meso on Io Jupiter Neo and Axi for current prime access have highest chances from Disruptions.
  11. Sounds like you have Shred mod installed, try without it
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