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  1. It's either buffed or broken. I've noticed that sometimes also the tree hand smack can leave some lingering damage fields on ground even on Terry that weren't there before. But...it's nothing that Adaptation Umbral Chroma cannot tank.
  2. Double resource + booster + smeeta kavat proc?
  3. It can go in 3 different ways. 1. It will do absolutely nothing, just vanity thing. Probably most likely to happen 2. It will allow Chroma to use combined elements to create new effect, like viral breath. 3. It will allow Chroma to have two buffs at once and of course it won't solve non-white color popularity, just everyone will use Ice and Fire for extra tankiness.
  4. So it's basically Sealab entry tile with different skybox?
  5. Fix'd But for reals, trying to explain newbies to how to use kinetic siphon trap or Vauban is a warframe that throw traps is nearly impossible without dming and its a pain in backside.
  6. Baruuk used to pull enemies on ground slam when holding block button - seems that functionality is broken now, I can only push them away.
  7. Imagine faces of actual Conclave players on a week when Conclave match would appear on NW challenges. But tbh, if it would involve the old Eros Oro ornament event (one shot one kill bow) or blade and steel event (nikana and hikou only), that was actually very fun despite being pvp everyone despise.
  8. 'Voice modulation' is thing you are searching for. The easiest way is duplicating your voice as second track, change a pitch of it a little bit and add phaser effect (should be in audition, it's in audacity)
  9. I really these percentages. I got Despair after like 3 years of playing.
  10. Operator can destroy them in the bubble - seems that beacons acts as stationary objects so they cannot enter the rift. Operators cannot enter Limbo's rift.
  11. Oberon with all 3 umbral mods worked fine. Protective dash really helps.
  12. ...and there is Frost P, that when you paint him in white and blue, he looks exactly like regular Frost.
  13. Very unlucky. 22% is still a chance. Nothing is ever guaranteed under 100% of probability. I got all my parts under 7 runs, but my friend needed 10 because he got neuroptics repeatedly.
  14. If not changed, Boomstick prime makes clouds with respective element color, it can be pretty intense. Change it's energy color to tone it down, but still - when shooting rapidly, especially with Bullet Dance, it can tank fps a little. It needs improvements.
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