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  1. If you have the time and dont want to bother with farming it anymore then go. PC also got 427 essence if you cleared all planets as compensation of increase per planet, so clearing star chart is not a bad idea too.
  2. You can use Nukor as primer or damage dealer, it depends on what elemental bonus you have it on. -For damage, get toxin or electric version, Corrosive/viral + innate rad will shred any enemy on crit build -For primer, get magnetic or impact. This way you can have mag/impact+rad+vir+heat+bodypart inflation(it counts as status for CO). Additional statuses only by two-element rivens. I'd personally use secondary Gaze Kitgun for statuses though - unlimited ammo, built-in 2 statuses, reasonable damage by itself and nice spread. It carried me through whole solo Steel Path.
  3. Rest is fine, it doesnt need any changes. Very solid CC skill while opening enemies to finishers. It doesnt need to do damage, as night form is meant to be support/defensive. Day form is for damage. Rage is good on paper but it suffers from tiny base range and even with augment it doesnt help much. Maim is amazing nuke ability, it just depends on your or your team kills to charge.
  4. I do the same but with Ophelia, because I hate Ancient Disruptors sneeze at me and drain all energy with a benefit of additional Polymer Bundles. Anyway It's numbingly boring to light a fire and roast marshmallows in one cramped tile for 1-1.5h. If acolytes will be on resonable timer (like Lua Sentients) and essence is guaranteed drop, it's gonna be much more interesting than camping. I hope the "rare Teshin stuff" gonna be interesting enough to even be bothered with essence alerts/farm.
  5. Rapiers despite their awkward heavy attack animation and small hitbox have also an advantage of forcing slash proc on a finisher.
  6. My shackles were right next to big glass crystal (without container) in front of infested statue. That crap was really well blended in.
  7. I was refering to bonus. Latrox himself is rather tanky and his health and shield regenerates quick.
  8. Latrox Une is basically almost impossible to do bonus without Trinity or infused Well of Life. Not to mention the speed how samples drop. The main problem is that the drone doesnt regenerate neither shields or health and it seems to taunt things again away from Latrox. And sometimes it wanders off for no reason.
  9. They do. Some has multipliers on hit damage, some do forced procs, some do multihits, some lunge your forwards giving mobility.
  10. Not to mention Cryptographic Alu for Razorbacks
  11. Weapon type doesnt matter, its the mods. And since Rivens also count, high dispo weapon will be the best, like Jaw Sword or Mire that also have their +damage augments.
  12. Fatal Teleport Ash, Hammer with Finishing Touch and attack speed, then spam 3 on demo till its dead. Works on all demos except Bursa. On Jupiter, all amalgams are immune to finishers. Magus Lockdown the demo then spam Scythe heavy attack (does heavy bleeds).
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