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  1. Reactors and Catalysts always stay no matter you do apart from selling and re-buying the weapon. Forma reset the rank to 0 but the doubling stays, along with your starting mod capacity of your mastery rank.
  2. They are both Zaw arcanes. Zaw = custom melee assembled by Hok on Cetus
  3. 5% drop chance for each, drops only if captured.
  4. From very beginning, Carcinnox is best for me. I used Zetki Mk.II version in the Veil until I finally farmed Trachons to get Mk.III version. Fast projectiles, maximum dakka, with now buffed heat feels even better than Vidar. Least favourite is the Pulsar, but I hate burst weapons in general (except Sicarus Prime) so I'm biased. Cryophons are nice, but they overheat waaay too fast.
  5. Reactor - Vidar, best avionics capacity Shields - Zetki, fastest recharge rate Engines - Vidar, highiest maximum speed or Lavan for maximum boost, result speed can be similar. Weapons - depends on the weapon. Zetki weapons have 50% innate damage bonus but also increased firerate so they overheat pretty fast. If you have trigger discipline, Zetki is for you. If weapon heat is your problem, go Vidar that have extra damage modifiers. Vidar goes best with guns that either status is not stacking, like Cryophon and Pulsar, or you have high crit chance. Avionics - depends on avionic individually. Zetki usually offers highiest bonuses, but their drain is highiest, often there is little difference between other variants. Go Zetki only if you min-max and have Vidar reactor. In many cases there is no reason to go with such high drain and Dirac cost when other houses offer similar bonus, like Vidar Polar Coil much cheaper.
  6. W przypadku "lewej platy" zazwyczaj support wysyła maila. Ja obstawiam przypadkowy rush jakiegoś przedmiotu.
  7. From my observations, -If heavy attack has bleed, build for heavy attack with Corrupt Charge and Pressure Point or Sacrificial Pressure (scythes, nikanas, daggers, machetes, 2h nikanas and possibly more) -If heavy attack doesnt have bleed, build for CO and dont use PPP Of course, heavy attack style is not for everyone, so they could still use CO even on heavy attack viable weapons.
  8. Dziś/jutro. Obstawiam na dziś wieczorem, zazwyczaj hotfixy wychodzą w czwartki po 18.00
  9. At 100 efficiency, cast 4 to get 40 shields. Doesnt sound much, but it can be handy if you spam abilities and it gives overshields. Ah, and this effect dont work on Hildryn.
  10. 1. Str affects hp and shield, lvl is the same as yours, 30 max 2. Range does nothing on twin, but it increases the range of your 3rd that your clone copy.
  11. Czasem jest tak że z powodu multistrzału wyskakuje naraz w tym samym miejscu kilka liczb i wydaje się że się robi kilkaset tysięcy obrażeń a tak naprawdę robi się dziesiątki tylko 2-3 razy. Do tego hitboxy przeciwników, a zwłaszcza infested są zwyczajnie zepsute i kiedy wydaje się że strzelasz heada to strzelasz w ciało.
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