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  1. Yes, but crewmembers/squadmates has to stop shooting at it. With Photor you just shoot at the shield and it will pop the drone I meant the shield that is beneath the rotary drone, it works kinda like Grineer Skold Crewship shield, you need to Tycho or Galvarc the nodes so it dissapears
  2. Rotating shield - Photor punches through Shield with security nodes - shoot Tycho Seeker on the sides
  3. I'm up for more options but seeing how bad Hemorrhage is on AkBronco or Brakk this would'nt magically bring them to meta. Damage per pellet is low so their slash procs won't be strong. You want one, high damage punch. That mod will greatly help Arca Plasmor that has guaranteed impact proc, but not so much for Strun. Maybe Sobek too.
  4. At least they should. I think its already acknowledged by DE but I havent seen fallen mechs in Venus nor Pluto orphix nodes. They were in Neptune. Havent tried Veil yet.
  5. TYPE: Railjack Mission DESCRIPTION: Loss of functionality in Orphix mission, cannot roll, Necramech cannot slide, cannot exit the mission, cannot call Gear wheel while in Warframe, ESC menu doesnt work VISUAL: None taken. REPRODUCTION: No much clue, but very similar bug occured during Orphix Venom event, the cause then was when using transference from Operator to Warframe while Necramech or Warframe is in nullifier field. EXPECTED RESULT: Full functionality OBSERVED RESULT: Cannot use Gear, X interact to leave the ship, roll or slide, Esc menu. REPRODUCTION
  6. Odpowiedziałeś na temat z 2015 roku
  7. Malice acolyte has Frost's body but uses Magnetize. Yes, Magnetize explosion highly damage defence objective. If you can withstand a bit, move away from the objective then roll to drop the bubble so it wont explode in your face.
  8. Yep, it's broken. It's supposed to work like Amprex.
  9. Profit Taker is unbearable experience when you are not a host most of the time so I sympathize with OP, but if its gonna be co-op only then fine. Gonna be pity if Savagoth will be locked behind the fight though.
  10. Grind on Deimos is similar to Fortuna, with ways to bypass the mining/conservation completely (pillars and iso vaults) but there is nothing mandatory there. New arcanes are interesting but nothing amazeballs to warrant replacing Pax Charge on your kitgun. Mechs are fun, but outside of event we just had you can't deploy them in normal missions. Xaku is mediocre in my opinion but can be strong in good hands. New weapons are all rather very good. IMO for Deimos if you dont care about mastery, just build first Mech for free Mausolon (easily best Archgun), Xaku, Bubonico and Proboscis Cernos t
  11. *laughs in Dark Sector armistice*
  12. Nyx and Wukong passives, all loot abilities/augments, Zephyr's tornadoes movement, Hydroid's tentacles spawn are the first thoughts regarding rng
  13. Yes, but this pushes away problems with Twitch drops at huge events like Tennocon. Elder Scrolls Online for example always had problems with delivering the drop to 70k+ people watching the expansion reveals, this year was super smooth with this system. Pain for the viewer for sure, but now you know from the beginning how long you need to watch and you can even track the progress. Unclaimed drops remain in Twitch inventory for 12-24h if you forget to claim them immediately.
  14. PC had this fixed in their next patch after release. Ability locking happens when you attempt to transference in or out of necramech when your warframe was in nullifier field. Until fix, only way to get abilities unstuck is to die in necramech then die in warframe and revive.
  15. If you don't care about the type of Toroid you pick, you can farm quite a bit of Mite Raknoids in Exploiter Orb fight. Scyto and Kyta apparently have a chance showing up on alert level 4, but imo its inconsistent - you will be better just killing Enrichment Labs, Temple of Profit and Spaceport enemies at mass with looting frame. Never got a toroid out of Kyta that seems to have 20% chance to drop it and it was very annoying spooder to fight before Arquebex existed.
  16. Since I figured that all 3 motes works on Loid, I don't imagine doing the vault without Wisp. Heal is not very significant but helps a lot under fire, shock stuns and haste makes him fly much faster. You just need to keep Rexes and Saxums out of the way so Loid won't be blocked. Don't activate Sarlacc pit whenever you can, the fireballs explode into gas clouds can do significant damage on the way.
  17. Nyx mains to move around in Assimilate bubble faster
  18. Primary Sporelacer is kinda much weaker version of alt-fire Trumna, but in full auto. Build for crit (I know, Blunderbuss, yuck) then give it some firerate and just fill entire room in bouncing bomblets draining fps. Ammo mutation or Pax Charge + that mod that reloads when holstered recommended, just quick-melee for 2-3s and you are ready to go again. This thing eats ammo faster than my gf chocolate. Is it amazing? Not really, it's not Bubonico or Corinth Prime, but fun to use.
  19. Or at least allow us to stop when casting 4 while moving forward. Mech keeps going forward and there is no way to stop it, often falling off ledges.
  20. I had to move the game between laptops, I simply copied the entire Steamapps folder and some other folder I think it was userdata, to new drive then just restarted Steam and it worked. Some games needed integrity check but there were no problems. For more 'clean' solution, try this https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7418-YUBN-8129&l=english
  21. You can also use Brief Respite and Augur set mods. Amount of shield restore is miniscule but enough to kick the shield-gate again.
  22. I used Wukong, my hybrid Gaze secondary modded for Viral and Guandao Prime with Blood Rush, Weeping Wounds and no elementals. On non boss phase, let the close shoot the kitgun and just build the 12x combo on Guandao, making it red crit all the time. On boss phase, shoot your kitgun first to prime the boss in viral stacks and just swing around. Guandao's range will kill both osprey and arbi drone without much trouble, and viral boosted red crit slash procs will do the rest. Fly with Cloud Walker to get the towers.
  23. It propagates up to 150% of damage of your next attack based on power str, but it cannot exceed remaining hp. It takes crit damage into account but might not show yellow numbers. IMHO best use of it is to use melee with forced slash proc because its spreaded too. Works great on Ash with Rapier.
  24. Mesa Regulators rate of fire tied to game FPS bug strikes again, huh?
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