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  1. Problem are the mods themselves, not the set bonus. Vigilante: great bonus for crit weapons, only 2 really useful mods, Fervor and Armaments. Can be used on Sentinel weapons though. Augur: great mods, weak set bonus. Only real usage would be for Hildryn, but wont work on her because she dont use energy to cast. Otherwise just an extra thin layer of defence if you cast often. Gladiator: mods okayish only for tanky frames and set effect is outclassed by single mod - Blood Rush. Hunter: great mods, set bonus really depends on RNG. Best if you build an attack doggo and you wield a crit weapon, but pet AI can be bad at times. Tek: again, great mods, but set effect gives whooping 200 dmg/s stationary zone. But enhancing Kavat life and its ability duration can be a game changer. Synth: useful mods, set effect not that much unless you swap weapons often. Mecha: kinda like Helios' precept that adds a single weakspot, except on whole body. Need full set to work properly otherwise too long cooldown on the mark. % of armor pulse wont do much on squisher frames and occupies Aura slot. Alternative for attack doggos, but imo Hunter is more reliable. Strain: Helminth exclusive, very powerful but with quite long cooldown. Best to use whole set to increase amount of Maggots for Eruption explosions, but that extra heal can be nice.
  2. Normally in mission if you stay in it long enough there can be two dudes similar to season 1 fugitives. One with some sort of pistol, the other with Torid. In Emissary Derelict in current episode you can meet 3 of them, extra dude with blade on the arm and 2 new type of infested.
  3. Technically it's one loading screen less, especially for those with slow drives. Not that we really need it, but single console somewhere wouldn't hurt, I guess.
  4. A side note, enemies can be killed by status if under Sleep CC before they wake up. Thats how I usually level my weapons, I use max power range Equinox, go to Sedna Adaro and sleep whole room then kill enemies one by one with weapon I want to level. Dont work quite well on low damage automatic weapons, but most of them work just fine and you can also power level your Amps this way.
  5. As a person who lost friend to Leukemia, I really appreciate that.
  6. Gauss is good in environment where people would complain a lot of Volt's speed buff they can't handle.
  7. Inverse Kinematics (Mach Rush augment) Mach Rush is always on as you move, without draining or using energy. Sprinting use sustain Rush, walking use short bursts. Hold 1 to temporarily turn power off at cost of energy drain. So basically inverts how 1st ability works. Lets go total crazy, because why not.
  8. Hysterical Assault is Exilus mod. Eternal War is not.
  9. Workaround, warning, a lot of work needed and 3d program knowledge required. Go to Tennogen section and get Limbo's model there https://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php?page=content-files-and-examples Import .fbx or .obj to 3d program of your liking. Subdivide the model so it will have a lot of polys. Apply a normal map (TGenLimboBody_n.png) to the model as a displacement map so you get the details like in game. Apply the modifier so the geometry is properly displaced. Repeat the process to the helmet. Modify the model to make a pose you want. Export to .stl and send for 3d printing.
  10. Soon. Last devstream they shown Volt's skirt cloth physics too.
  11. RobWasHere


    Well, for people that cannot handle Power Str Volt's speed on normal tilesets this will be a cool "gameplay mechanic". Now imagine someone built Gauss for maximum speed and then some Volt appears and presses 2. I hope WF collision detection can handle that xD
  12. Mag has "Gauss" helmet. Gauss has "Mag" helmet. Pun definitely intended.
  13. Przeglądarka musi być na pierwszym planie (czyli nie w tle) a dźwięk na playerze twitcha nie może być wyciszony. Możesz wyciszyć kartę w Chrome. No i oczywiście min 15-20 minut ciągłego oglądania.
  14. Both of their weapons is projectile based so keep moving. Lure Torid dude to open space so wall wont kill you.
  15. It's the same effect as Lokis invisibility and not a bug, I think it was always as that. Turn off color correction in options to reduce this effect.
  16. Acolytes returns like every half a year. For now, alternative is having a riven with crit on slide modifier, but amount depends on dispo of the weapon.
  17. Absolutely, but not by sheer damage, but armor stripping with corrosive.
  18. St Patrick day, Valentines, 4th July and Haloween gives free theme color palette. Baro has one, last tac alert had also one. Desaturated Gamma palette was in intermission nightwave, so it can return before season 3.
  19. Jeśli masz i używasz moda Adaptation to Chroma ma wystarczającą odporność aby nie polegać na lodowym strażniku, wtedy najlepiej wypadnie ognisty lub toksyczny jeśli używasz broni o długim czasie przeładowania (jak snajperki)
  20. Two words: Conclave Version.
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