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  1. I don't mind the idea but like Active ghost clan? I dunno about you and every other one, but 7/10 clan members of mine have had about 200+ days since last log on.
  2. Hurrah for anniversary and all, but the Nightwatch Defence is dreadful. Target cannot be healed (I believe that's intentional?), and it's entirely possible for Nightwatch Manics to fall asleep forever and thus render them unkillable, preventing you from winning the mission.
  3. Changing Wolf's stats is nice and all, but I still haven't met him once.
  4. Hurrah for fixes, but: Cannot use Gunblade Gunshots while being shot at, as your character is locked into automatic blocking and worst case your character gets stuck in a weird go to fire and then block and go to fire because you're mashing that E trying to shoot Vazarin Healing Dash still cannot heal Sentinels if you use archwing/k-drive in an open area. Resulted in me having to jog about 1000M+ to that profit taker so I can heal my sentinel with it :|
  5. Healing Dash also doesn't work on your Sentinels if you use a Vehicle (Be it Archwing or K-Drive)
  6. Just to point out, unless I'm reading this wrong, Opticor Vandal is... strange You get 2 firerate but the damage goes from: Puncture: (Normal) 850 to 240 (vandal) Slash: (Normal) 50, to 80 (Vandal) Impact: (Normal) 100, to 40 (Vandal) Yeah, the weapon has higher status, slightly higher crit/crit damage, faster reload and that but why on Earth would I want to grind tediously for a Vandal weapon (Which are supposed to be an upgrade.) Which has far less damage than the normal counterpart? EDIT: Yeah I just noticed the charge rate. Pretty sure I could just slap on Vile Acceleration on Opticor and still have more damage either way? EDIT EDIT: So I thought about it a bit. Maybe it isn't too bad? It just seems a bit odd to me. I'll mess about with it and I guess we'll find out
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