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  1. Is one side supposed to be missing half? Like, the right leg has a leg guard and a thigh guard. Arm guard and forearm guard, but left side only has the leg and forearm guard. Was just curious if that was intentional! .. Just think, if it is, it'd be neat if we could pick between either or.
  2. Okay, you don't do them exclusively for voidtraces. True. But does that mean we should still get lower than 10 void traces on missions where you fight level 90-100 enemies where weaker frames get minced in seconds? Because I really do feel the whole relic system could be made way more tolerable if DE ever dealt with the fact reward scaling basically isn't there :v ANd, yeah, the drop table thing is true for half the game too. They should also be improved.
  3. Hello, alas I was somewhat unsure where to put this. So I shall put this here and, hope, that it isn't a bother to anyone. Voidstorms: The Corrupted Holokeys are a neat thing. Being able to pop relics in railjack, farm stuff, and also get credits for weapons is good. I like that. My main issues with voidstorms right now, are - I get a /lot/ of performance issues during Voidstorms. Maybe this is a me issue? But I notice a lot of stutters here and there. (Probably just a me issue) - Voidtrace rewards still don't justify taking Voidstorms over any other random mission, say a Capture. Captures last about a minute or two, and while boring, provide an incredibly effective farm for traces. Voidstorms and railjack missions in general, take far too long for the meager amount of voidtraces awarded. Considering the time investment and resource investment for RJ, I'd say consider increasing the amount of void traces awarded to the player for completing voidstorms. (And, well, higher tier fissures in general. I feel I shouldn't be getting less than 10 traces in a mission that goes above level 100, but I digress) - Voidkeys are neat, but often I feel the random drop rates can be a curse. About 30% is neat, though I feel you could just remove about half the drops from the current end of mission/rotation rewards of RJ and have a better table in general.
  4. I wish to add to this, as I've had some irritating bugs too (and it's better than making another forum post) - Some enemies are apparently invisible and invulnerable to most forms of damage, some aren't invisible but are invulnerable to most damage. All of these enemies are MOAs, and usually the type which seem to resist almost all forms of damage. Some of them can be taken out of invisibility/invulnerability by hitting them with Bonewidow's 3rd, Firing Line.# Also, these MOA's are almost always missing their guns. But they are usually red laser MOAs, I think. - Missing Void Trace rewards. I've done 40 minute survivals in this mission and, apparently, not gotten any void traces from it. I'm unsure why, though I mostly use Necramechs in this mission as it mixes things up a bit.
  5. Oh actually, where might i find that subforum? I am not a smart man
  6. Hello! I don't really use the forums much, and i'm unsure where I should put my feedback about the new railjack thing. Specifically the voidstorm reward changes, a little about railjack combat and a tiiinnnyy bit about the tenet weapons we buy from Glast. Could I get some advice, please?
  7. I don't think so, cause I go all over the place in Disruption. Since that's kinda how disruption goes. And I'll just have 0 acolytes showing up for 15 minutes. It's kinda lame.
  8. Alright, cool, Not just me then. Been considering making a bug report because I hate farming survivals and prefer to farm disruptions (usually alone, I have no friends lmao) 'cause it's a bit of a bummer that Acolytes are like, allergic to Disruption or something
  9. See, I figure if I'm gonna bore myself to death by farming relics I may as well do it in Steel Path. Right? Two birds one stone. You get relics and steel essence. I like doing disruption. Now, I've noticed, I'll MAYBE get one spawn and then 5-10 minutes later the next one goes to spawn (lights flashing black, etc) but just.. never shows up. I've noticed this every time I do a disruption. Am I missing something or is it borked? Because they SOMETIMES spawn on Survival without any issues.
  10. My thoughts on Voidstorm stuff: Voidstorms themselves: Not actually a bad idea. I find them to be a bit.. disappointing all and all but I welcome the fact we can now open our Relics in Railjack. That's cool, I like it. I like railjack, I'll take more Railjack where I can get it. The constant barrage of audio transmissions could use some tweaking, though. Cy comments on the voidstorm "Getting worse" pretty much every minute but not much changes outside of "occasionally there's that little rift boy that hurts you a bit" or "occasionally there's void-lightning thing", and once that's thrown in with how chatty Corpus Captains are, be it their Aurax Fighters, Their Aurax Robots and how the tenno 'ought to sample their wares, or their Shield generators overcharging their fleet, or their Ice Drivers, etc. Void Storm Rewards: The big problem I have is that this is.. mid/late game content, right? Or it's meant ot be, anyway. These void storms go up to level 100.. Now, the big problem is that this game just.. doesn't have the best rewards in the first place. Kuva Fissures or Axi Fissures, for example, despite being fairly high level and endless missions going above 100.. there's no real good rewards for it or incentive. This is the same problem with voidstorms. You know what? The fact that doing a veil storm can give 75 traces as a bonus reward? Really, REALLY nice. Actually. But I wish that, for doing longer missions or HARDER missions in a void fissure / storm would give us more traces. I just did a level 90-100 Railjack mission and for it taking abotu 10 minutes? I was given 9 Traces. In 30 minutes, if I'm lucky, I could maybe farm enough traces from a capture to radiant a single relic. From a Lith Fissure. It's not great. Also: The drop tables are.. not great? I should not be getting control modules from an end of mission reward in railjack. Two control modules instead of.. Sevagoth? Or a sevagoth weapon? or a radiant relic (radiant relics are fantastic by the way. More free ways to get powered up relics is nice.) or bonus traces? You could go to the void and in 3 seconds of shooting the first guy control modules practially burst out of his head like popcorn. End of mission resource rewards are.. kinda moot. Generally I really do feel that Warframe needs to start scaling its rewards better. If I have no incentive to do a Voidstorm due to Lith captures, for example, with level 5 enemies in it giving more Traces per minute than a Voidstorm, there's not really much of a reason to DO railjack or its voidstorms. Again, the fact we can just get free radiants or a tonne of traces as an end of mission bonus is great. And I'd love to see those stay. But they really should be dropping from their own pool, in my opinion. Not shared with sevagoth parts or weapon parts. It's still endlessly frustrating to get dupes of things you don't need anymore, especially at end game, instead of getting things you need/want but don't as something else (fodder, at this point.) is put in there. Also, just scaling up the minimum / maximum amount of void traces based on level of fissure and tier of fissure is something that should be considered. Players should not be getting 10 or less traces from doing level 100+ content.
  11. Sorry to bring it up once more, but just a reminder that Wrist Weapons are hard as hell to aim with when using Lavos cause his gauntlets block view. Though shifting camera from right shoulder to left is a decent enough fix to anyone plagued by this.
  12. Uh.. last time I checked voidrig could not pick up health orbs. Which is.. kinda S#&$. Even with health orbs that's pretty bad. And the Iron skin leaves.. a lot to be desired. It ends up just burning through energy faster than it's worth with stormshroud tbh. I've gotten.. I forget how far, but to the point where the moment my stormshroud drops my voidrig just gets obliterated instantly. Also, yeah enemy radar should just be 100% a passive thing at all times. We shouldn't need mods for it, honestly.
  13. Hey, there needs to be an adjustment to Wrist mounted weapons on Lavos. Lavos's arm.. thing. Glove? Blocks view so you can't aim and shoot with a wrist weapon. Makes the new wrist gun really hard to use.
  14. Hey folks. Epitaph is uh.. Well it seems alright but I kinda have the problem that "Lavos's bit ol arm thing blocks my view so I cant see when aiming." Here's an example.
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