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  1. My thoughts on Voidstorm stuff: Voidstorms themselves: Not actually a bad idea. I find them to be a bit.. disappointing all and all but I welcome the fact we can now open our Relics in Railjack. That's cool, I like it. I like railjack, I'll take more Railjack where I can get it. The constant barrage of audio transmissions could use some tweaking, though. Cy comments on the voidstorm "Getting worse" pretty much every minute but not much changes outside of "occasionally there's that little rift boy that hurts you a bit" or "occasionally there's void-lightning thing", and once that's thrown
  2. Sorry to bring it up once more, but just a reminder that Wrist Weapons are hard as hell to aim with when using Lavos cause his gauntlets block view. Though shifting camera from right shoulder to left is a decent enough fix to anyone plagued by this.
  3. Uh.. last time I checked voidrig could not pick up health orbs. Which is.. kinda S#&$. Even with health orbs that's pretty bad. And the Iron skin leaves.. a lot to be desired. It ends up just burning through energy faster than it's worth with stormshroud tbh. I've gotten.. I forget how far, but to the point where the moment my stormshroud drops my voidrig just gets obliterated instantly. Also, yeah enemy radar should just be 100% a passive thing at all times. We shouldn't need mods for it, honestly.
  4. Hey, there needs to be an adjustment to Wrist mounted weapons on Lavos. Lavos's arm.. thing. Glove? Blocks view so you can't aim and shoot with a wrist weapon. Makes the new wrist gun really hard to use.
  5. Hey folks. Epitaph is uh.. Well it seems alright but I kinda have the problem that "Lavos's bit ol arm thing blocks my view so I cant see when aiming." Here's an example.
  6. This is good. However, I am still not getting any credits from things I already have. I already had the infested shoulder piece and Emissary Op suit, but I still haven't gotten the credits from those. I just want that Wolf hood :(
  7. To start this off I wanna say in advance that "Hey, I hope I don't sound rude here and I'm sorry if that happens. I don't mean to sound hostile, at all, and I apologise if I do come off like that. I do not do this often, nor am I great at writing more formally." So.. okay, I don't think it's a secret that the Orphix missions weren't fantastic. Basic and perhaps somewhat repetitive, but maybe not the worse. The scaling of them just.. makes sentients and the orphix extremely un fun to fight. Especially when the best way to do it is to just spam Arquebex right the way through. That's
  8. The point is I really don't like farming Focus in the most boring #*!%ing way possible. Be it "instantly killing everything in a room" or "Spamming slide attacks to insta kill everything and get 500% XP modifiers" I'd really just rather get that XP while just.. trying to play the game and have fun. It'd be a lot more fun if I could just get a decent amount of focus on the side while just playing the game and doing whatever I want
  9. Yeah it's kinda bullS#&$ how broken it is. Even #*!%ing LATCHERS count as "enemy killed" and these things have like 1HP and can be killed with a goddamn bullet jump.
  10. I know y'all are busy with other things. Though.. will we ever see PoE revisited? Because it still just.. isn't really that fun? Nor has it really benefitted from any of the other, better designs in the other open world areas. THe bounties are still.. kinda tedious and un-fun. Enemy spawns are still pretty bad and it's possible to lose a "take and hold" objective since enemies can spawn so far away or just spawn outside of the ring. Bolkor transports still just hover over you and perform strafing runs, sometimes ending up with three of them stacked on top of you and taking an /age/ to kill unl
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