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  1. So uh.. I like the look of it, right? But for like what, 500 ducats for a skin that's barely visible with a poor reload animation that *looks* like no effort was put in to it, nor does it really look like it syncs with reload times and sometimes just straight up just doesn't work (I.E: Sepulucrum with Latron pistol skin just.. plays the normal reload while the thing strapped to the top of the gun just lifts itself off and puts itself back up.) Think we could get like.. a better reload for it, or..?
  2. Yo sorry for the overly long title, but hey. It's really dumb that "Being in the vault" and "Being at extraction" are the same thing code wise and will auto-fail the bounty and lock you out of rewards. Why is this the case, exactly? And can we get a fix for this, because that's really dumb.
  3. Yo can we get shared tags from pet conservation from anywhere on the map, too? It'd be nice to not have to hug a Predasite in the middle of a particularly nasty fight if one dude could just cap it. Plus it'd give people a reason to run animal capturing on pubs.
  4. Uhh.. so yeah. THis happened. I'm assuming it happened due to Railjack? I'm not sure if this is a serious thing yet, like if my profile is just a bit behind and it'll catch up in a few days or if it's actually bugged and I'll have to make another Predasite (no thank you)
  5. Okay, forgive me if I'm just not getting something here, but lately those gold hand sculptures that take you to Granum void just have not been working. At all. Ran like 5 missions in a row and none of them worked. Couldn't interact. Real pain to farm a second protea for subsuming if I can't actually *get* into the void. That being said, the current work around appears to be "Farm tier 2-3 tokens from Jupiter and Neptune, because those two are bugged and sculptures do not work. However, they seem to work on Venus.
  6. Like said in the title; Necramechs fail to keep any XP after leaving the open world. I haven't been able to get past rank 20 because the damn thing keeps de-ranking.
  7. Aye. I had theorised that necramech parts fell through the floor akin to Eidolons. Turns out I was right, lmao. Anyway, they said they fixed that as of now.
  8. So first of all; none of these are really fun and they're all kinda tedious. You rarely get any of the fast missions (Quickly annhiliate opposing enemy forces, etc) and they're all "take and hold for 3 minutes" or "Escort something for 2000M which can take 3-10 minutes based on how bad its pathfinding is" My big problem is your bonus bounties. "Kill 15 enemies in one minute to draw the target out and get your bonus" That's cool. But the game never spawns enough enemies in the ring; so the only way to do it is to fly as fast as you can with the archwing and just kinda burst enemies
  9. Okay. I can compile some screencaps, probably, but basically Necramechs are not giving their damaged components on death for the entire party; only the host. I've done several vault runs with a buddy and gotten, for example, Damaged Necramech Casing which I got, my friend did not. I also got a necramech engine earlier, my friend did not and he was RIGHT next to me when the mech died. (I do have proof of these, but no clue as to how to resize the images from URL pasting. I'm dumb.) Animals tranq'd on "Water" on Cambion Drift will often just fall through the map and become uncappable.
  10. Maybe it's just me, but after being one shotted by grapples more times than I can count in level 300+ Steel Path survivals I get pretty tired of seeing "2,000 Credit Cache". Like.. we got the boosters. That's cool. High enemy spawn rate = more affinity, neat. Affinity scaling still isn't *great* but there's loads of eximus enemies anyway, right? So.. can we at *least* get something better than "2,000 credit" 3 hours into a survival? Please? Pretty please?
  11. I mean we could actually redesign infestation to be something interesting other than "60% of their enemy pool has an aimbot grapple that they can shoot through walls, cover, and even through themselves and other enemies just to instant kill you"? I don't really think their first move should be an instant grapple the MOMENT they see you, which leads to S#&$ like being pulled into different runs, in complete stunlock, getting chain knocked down or dragged into tar pools that instant kill you or toxic breath that instantly kills you. BUt that's just me I guess lmao It
  12. Okay so I just pulled out of an extremely successful near 40 minute steel path solo on Orokin Derelict Survival, why did I pull out? Because Ancients Kept aim bot tracking me through the air while im flying at full speed. How do they bypass my s- toxin. The #*!%ing toxin ancients. Why is like, half this faction Ancients that can just instant aimbot grapple from 20 meters away? God, I hate it. I forgot how much I *hated* infestation This is just like, a random rant. I'm annoyed I couldn't go for longer with better eximus spawns because those bloody ancients I swear- Honestly I wo
  13. Eagerly awaiting fixes for: "Slingshot bugs out and is rendered unsuable for rest of the mission. (if host) or bugs out and gets you stuck in it until you go back to dry dock" "Protea not being able to pick up her own shield drones if using slingshot, leaving the railjack, or recalling"
  14. We gonna get any fixes on how insanely tanky Treasurers are? Even with a +3 weakness to magnetic and 10 mag procs, they take like 1 damage *per pellet* from something like Kuva Brakk. They are insanely hardy and damn near impossible to kill above level 30. The one that spawned during that alert for the Protea Glyph was taking absolutely no damage from my guns (which were doing enough damage to dispatch the level 60 enemies in a few shots.)
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