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  1. I've just checked the View Profile menu and found that in the Equipment section that the progress on my Kitguns has either reset or the progress signifier for them being max ranked isn't working - showing them as greyed out. I believe its more like to be the second case as I still have the total MR affinity count from before the update and having completed them long ago, even having 2 of them in my inventory. Obviously something in this update has caused this that can be fixed quickly.
  2. Currently doing Granum runs and finding that the glove consoles are only working 50% of the tiles I go on. Hopefully a hotfix will correct this soon.
  3. So far this update is looking stable and great with the only issues I've encountered so far being tied to the intor quest, such as Loid not properly showing us to the Vault behind the wall and the Omni-tool in the quest not being accessible despite it being a requirement for the current mission, halting progression. *Leaving and restarting the quest steps mentioned seems to fix it for now, hopefully a hotfix will soon correct things.
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