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  1. RNG layers of the latest update are almost top 3 for Warframe history ever since the beginning. IMH, If DE wants to keep this system but at least even on normal Kuva missions guarantees drop a relic and make 2 relics for the flood mission, it will be a lot better.
  2. Glad to hear you love such conditions. However, it doesn't make other people loves such condition too. Even DE remove such "raw" special conditions for the Grendel mission, you still able to play in such condition by yourself. Strip all mods and such.
  3. I tried. But he keeps disengaged invisibility and he keeps me teleported back to him.
  4. Please make Stalkers, G3 or such as exceptions for "Undetected " challenges: "Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without being detected along" such things. Although it was a kind of bad luck. but it just happened to me. I was doing an extermination mission "undetected" and 3/4 was done. Then suddenly Stalker jumped into the game and my whole efforts were ruined by him. Also please add how many stalker marks currently I have.
  5. If 10K kuva will available for the entire intermission, I'd happy at least.
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