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  1. Release was October 1st. It's normal for Tennogen to take time.
  2. DE allready told us, that they will work on a console release, as soon as all important fixes are done to the PC version. Danielle said, we will get news this week plus we will get ALL Tennogen Round 19 Part 1 parts and this alone sounds amazing for me.
  3. Will the PS4/5 Arcana Update drop this year or is it more a cert over the holidays thing? And could you pls tell me, if we get the Tennogen Wings from Round 19 Part 1? ö.ö EDIt: Sry, didn't see your comment above. Thx for the Info about Tennogen Round 1. Does this mean all parts of Part 1 and what's about Part 2?
  4. Cert sounds nice but atm there is not even the status, that DE work's on our build. Plus I really want to know if we get the Wings (Syandanas) from Round 1 from the latest Tennogen Release (Part 1).
  5. Can we pls a little info about our next update and for me very important, will we get the wings from the last Tennogen Part 1? I NEED THEM!
  6. The Syandana look's bugged. Strange animations plus the 3 flames after Bullet Jump makes no sense. They are floating in the air.
  7. This is more a Hotfix. In another Thread DE alrdy stated, that they work on, to give us the full round of newest Tennogen. Maybe with the next great update.
  8. Thx for the update but without Tennogen and not even sure if we get them with the next update is kinda meh. So often we wait MONTHS for a release and even than we don't get the full bundle... I was hoping for the wing syandanas and now... I love fashion frame so maybe you can understand why I'm disapointed.
  9. Hey, I want to buy a Soma God Riven. +Multishot +Crit Chance +Crit Damage - Zoom ^ ONLY THIS! I offer lot's of plat.
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