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  1. Looks like Larva is fixed on PC with the latest Hotfix. Hope this will fix the prob with his 4th too. After todays Hotfix Larva is fixed to 50%. If you spawn it with enemys in range, the color is correct. If you spawn it without enemies, you can see it in default colors. Nidus' 1st and 4th Ability still needs a full fix. 1st is completly bugged and for his 4th only the big tentacles and the maggots are using actual color.
  2. Hi DE, Nidus Prime has a color bug on his abilitys. I colored mine complete black and his abilitys are always white with gold. Can you guys pls fix it?
  3. DE, I really love the Celestia Syandana. It was already a long way to grind for it years ago but you guys know, nearly no one plays PVP anymore. So please let us have the flame effect on it forever. It is just a beauty but as long as I have to play conclave for the flame effect, I will get more and more dust on it in my inventory.
  4. Pls fix the scroll Bars in Chat. I can only scroll with the right Stick but I can't click on the Bär and scroll fast.
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