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  1. I love the Design of Atlas Prime and Deth Cube Prime. But the Accessoires are not so good this time. The only thing I like, is the Sentinel Mask. The wings with the cloth physics looking wrong on many sentinels and the tail looks like a broken key. The Syandana looks like Yamako Prime 2.0. Would be much better if the tails and the middle part would be separated from each other and the middle would be more stiff.
  2. Hi DE, the for the last fix on the Citadella Prime Syandana. One bug is still active. The smoke effect while chanelling is on the wrong position. It's not at the same position as the pipes. Could you guys pls fix it? Thx!
  3. Hi, I WTB a Daikyu GROLL. Stats: CC, MS, NEG ZOOM Message me on PSN.
  4. I want a Obsidian Fulmin or Itzal for the next round. Something special that I can use even in Endgame.
  5. Yup. It's not long ago when they fixed the physics on the right part of it and now we have this bug. But I think it should be a fast fix for them. Just a position error.
  6. Hi guys, there's a new Bug on the Citadella Prime Syandana. The spinnig part in the middle is a bit to low. At release it was exactly in the middle of the hole. Hope you guys fix it soon. Thx and have a nice day.
  7. DE, ca we pls get the Spore Ephemera fix from the actual 25.6.3 Hotfix?
  8. The large Tentacle is really a bit strange in terms of physics but it looks like it is different from Frame to Frame. I testet the Preview on Loki Prime, Ash Prime and Excalibur Umbra. All fine. On Wisp for example it looks like in your preview on Nidus.
  9. Awesome. Finally all the little things will be fixed like the not colorable K-Drive Boosters, the Spore Ephemera and the Emblems on Kubrows and Helminths. Nice!
  10. Look at "Notable Fixes" on Page 1. ATM they work, but with todays update they "fix" it.
  11. So what is that new Noggle? I found new plants fpr my ship but no new Noggle.
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