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  1. Hi DE, since the release of the newest K-Drive Parts, we can't color the boosters. They always switch back to standard.
  2. Hi, I want to buy a Vectis Riven with these stats: Multi Crit Chance Neg Zoom ONLY THIS! Pls no other Rivens. Pls write me on PSN.
  3. I don't understand the sense behind it. Making a Wolf Howl Emote bwithout sound. They should make it better. With sound and an Option to Mute other players like with Octavia. And no Sound in Relays.
  4. Make useless weapons viable but don't nerf good weapons. It's so easy.
  5. DE, you guys destroyed my Vectis Prime Build. Now my Riven has only -24% Mag Capacity. Thx! -.- So now I haae less fun to run this game every day. Thank you very much. Plus taking away Sentinel Rivens... Great Idea. Make useless weapons even more useless.
  6. Thx DE and special Thanks to the Console team. Great work! Now the motto is: The Darkness rise, a new Shadow is born.
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