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  1. Can we please get in our next build the Loki Tennogen Skin with his Syandana? Pls!
  2. So no word about a console release for this pack?
  3. That is not true. DE Danielle already told us, that we will get the changes in the next update, yes, but we got also told, that the next build is planned for this year. See thze post on page 1.
  4. Thx but why we can't get the Crit Buffs? It would only be a stat change of the mods. Nothing more. I understand we have to wait for other things like the trading system that but for changing stats?
  5. Thx DE but pls Hotfix the Crit Buffs from 26.0.7.
  6. Awesome but we need infos about the 26.0.7 buffs. I know you read the post from us. 🙂
  7. Thats why I said 26.0.7 changes. For me the Crit Buffs are important and they are part of 26.0.7 but because they are only stat changes it should be possible for DE to release them as a Hotfix directly after the Update drops.
  8. That's not the point. Sure, the release of the update is now in Sonys hands but we need infos about the 26.0.7 changes. Like the crit buffs and more. @[DE]Danielle pls respond.
  9. We all wait for a response from DE here about that. The Crit Buffs would make a huge difference and should be possible in a Hotfix after Update dropped. I mean, it's just a stat change.
  10. I also second this request. We need information about it. The Crit buff is essential and should be possible to do for DE without the need of a new main update. I mean, it's just a stat change.
  11. Can someone from DE pls tell us if we get the Crit Changes from 26.0.7 after the Update drops or will we have to wait again for a Main Update? Thx.
  12. We don't get the Loki Teenogen Skin and his Tennogen Syandana? Meh!
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