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  1. Enveloping Cloud desperately needs a buff, not only is the range super small for activation but it makes no sense to be able to cloak allies but the moment they attack they get decloaked.
  2. I'll have to try these changes before I make a judgement call. I'm fine with the first ability as long as it buffs clone damage in the exact same way or better than Equinox's Defy augment does. The only problem I have with this page is the idea that Enveloping cloud is not getting a buff. Literally all you have to change to make that augment good is to increase the range of effectiveness in a minor increment and make it not decloak allies when they attack and it'll be a solid alternative playstyle augment if not a game changer. Right now it's painful, probably the worst augment in the entire game.
  3. "Gale Kick - Warframe: 100% of Melee Damage converted to Impact Damage on Jump Kick, knocking down nearby enemies on kill." PLEASE MAKE THIS EXILUS. I want my kamen rider kick but not bad enough that I'm gonna sacrifice one of the important mod slots for it if it only does 100% of melee damage and not like, 300%. It's not easy to set up a kick.
  4. I for one am pretty excited about this new system. I love when lore gets added to the game in general. My only hangup across the entire thing for the most part is that wolf credits expire. You say you want to eliminate pay to sleep, but what if people have obligations on like the last day, and because of that the game just goes "Whoops didn't spend your currency in time and it's gone, well gosh, shouldn't have had obligations." Granted, this is probably something people are only weary about because we don't know how these really operate, the time investment required, or how long it'll hold players interests. We're only getting a general idea of the general framework of what it's gonna be from the OP post, lots of implications, and a reward list. Guess we'll see when it comes out, I suppose.
  5. This looks cool as long as it's not going to be an overall nerf. I hope we get eventually DMC style non-ragdoll gun juggling of live enemies in the final version of 3.0, it just makes a lot of sense and would heavily increase the fun factor and skill ceiling of this new system.
  6. These changes look pretty solid and good for the most part but I would change a few things. Nyx: Mind Control: The multiplier thing is good, but should be increased to 2.0x not 1.5x, and the output damage of an enemy needs to ignore armor. I don't care if the second ability strips it, armor is the bane of any miniscule enemy damage. Even with only 20% armor left on an enemy it will be a big nothingburger I think even if you unload 4 tigris prime shots point blank into an enemy during the absorb period, because in a game where you're bullet jumping everywhere I don't expect enemy AI to be able to keep up with a warframe since pet AI can't. It should also increase the range of enemy auras like ancient healer eximuses, since that's the main way mind control gets used pre-rework on my end, to steal a healer aura. I also want to see how much health is lost by the enemy when I mind control an enemy and unload damage into them, so that I know just how much to shoot an enemy before I turn my back on them. My main problem with mind control in it's current form is you don't know how much damage you need to drop into a mind controlled enemy so that when they stop being mind controlled they're not gonna just shoot you in the back of the head when you're not looking at them. Psychic Bolts: Got no complaints about this one as long as I can use power STR to increase the strip to 100% armor/shield strip not 80%. Absorb: Two things. 1: You say that Nyx's new passive is an enemy accuracy debuff. Will that accuracy debuff still be active while absorb is active? Cause if not, we got a MASSIVE oversight here with this ability. How are you going to be able to absorb, especially with the augment, if enemies are not hitting you with their guns? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the passive outside of this ability's use, but this needs more thought put into it beyond surface level interaction. and 2: Will the range of the explosion be buffed? Because if not, I still don't see myself using this much. Nothing short of a 20m blast will be sufficient for it's use. I appreciate the status proc absorb aspect though. ____________________________________________________________ Titania: Let's just get this out of the way first: Her ability casting time needs to be roughly half as long across the board. It's way too long right now and natural talent is all but mandatory currently. Tribute: This is a fine, if not particularly extraordinary change. I like what you did to Full Moon though. However, thorns needs a change: Make that a 50% damage resistance, not a reflection. Reflection does not do enough damage to enemies, your EHP will tank to 0 before your enemy's will, at least with 50% resist you get more survivability from stray enemy attacks which is actually useful, especially with an accuracy debuff. Lantern: It's fine. I wanna see how it functions in gameplay before I make a judgement call, I'm interested to know what you mean by "Tethered victims", do you mean that the cast target will still float away but you can just cast on 4 more enemies which means more distracted targets or will they attach to the ground like they're on a balloon string? Razorwing: Absolutely no complaints here, good job. ____________________________________________________________ All in all, I'm excited for these changes, they just need a few tweaks.
  7. Hohohol-eee S#&$ reading this thread is like watching a nuke go off before my eyes even if some of these changes are miniscule. Not nerfing the Kohm is probably a good idea because that would be like dropping a second one. I see some buffs here, some of which that are really, genuinely appreciated, like the zenith, hema, and knell buffs cause I like those weapons a lot and feel like they're super underrated, and it cannot be understated how thankful I am for said buffs amidst this sea of negativity, but I've got to say a lot of the negativity appears to be warranted because the buffs don't seem to outweigh the (sometimes puzzling) nerfs. Some examples: Outside of using it with a mag bubble, I can't think of a scenario where the miter isn't outclassed by most weapons when it comes to armored enemies yet it's been nerfed. The Arca Plasmor only shines with a saryn spore build since it also doesn't hold up very well against armor, yet that got a substantial nerf. The Azima really is not that great of a weapon even with a riven mod unless I'm missing some super secret niche combination of mods that suddenly makes it good even with it's cool secondary fire, yet that got nerfed too. I get that the lato vandal returning changed the context of how powerful that gun is in the context of a meta but I still wouldn't really say it called for a nerf considering how powerful even the vandal still isn't compared to some other pistols; This one especially seems to be an indicator that things are going off popularity alone (remember, budding newbies are using the braton skana lato trifecta which would explain the popularity of the lato assuming that things haven't changed much from when I started playing like 4 years ago.) And then there is some stuff that needed a bit more of a buff than it got, for example: The Quartakk, which has a lot of trouble keeping up with any of it's more valuable shotgun bretheren (Yes, I know it's technically a rifle, but let's not kid ourselves here, it's as much a "rifle" as the lenz is a bow and arrow) only got a .5 buff to it's disposition. With rifle rivens as rare (and by extension expensive) as they are today, this just perplexes me a bit. This update makes me glad I am a build nomad who barely gets into the riven game because if I had invested enough plat into rivens to make The Corpus blush like some of the people here I'd be pretty upsetti spaghetti too, but as it stands, I'm just in a disposition (no pun intended) of wondering what led to some of these decisions. Like, some of the changes here are genuinely confusing; this feels like it was done looking at only usage stats and never considering the actual context in which some of these weapons are used, or how powerful they actually are. I hope melee riven repositions don't end up being as allegedly slapdash as these changes appear to be. There needs to be less nerfs, more buffs. If a weapon is not competitive, make it competitive, don't lower the overall standards of what the competition is.
  8. Will there eventually be a system that lets us do something with our excess focus after we complete focus? I'm very happy that it's not as grindy as it used to be and is actually completable now, but I'd love to be able to do something with excess focus after we complete our focus trees. 😁
  9. Since this update dropped I can't play warframe because the warframe launcher is giving me the "Update of DirectX Failed" bug. I was just playing it before this update but now I can't even start the game. Yes, I tried running warframe as admin. Still not letting me play. Edit: Restarting my PC and quitting mumble fixed it. Isn't that a really old bug where warframe won't start if mumble is active?
  10. I absolutely love this suggestion and want to draw attention to it, even if I think a few things listed here need to be reworked, like the no mods equipped solo thing which is just downright unreasonable considering how life support is acquired. Any content in warframe (Like the upcoming elite alerts) that challenges players in a way that tests their skills and builds to their absolute peak limit to provide a genuine challenge that likely only a small percentage of players will be able to complete (Like that one tactical alert, I think it was phoenix interception, where you had to use heavy blades only against a cluster #*!% of level 150 enemies and it was the first ever thing to reward the rift sigil) is something I have missed from warframe ever since void keys got replaced with relics and raids were removed from the game (even though I wasn't personally a fan of raids). Would it foster cheese? Maybe. But I kinda miss being required to cheese to do certain things in warframe, because it was a sign that content was actually challenging players, requiring communication, and facilitating outside the box approaches to content. Sorties are cool and all but we need nightmare sorties or something like it like these challenges the_awsome123 suggested.
  11. This looks good, but please consider removing weapon slots and exilus from the drop table. If you've played 1,050+ days, I'm willing to bet beyond a shadow of a doubt that outside of a very small bracket of players playing that long, you definitely know how to acquire plat very quickly to get those whether you're invested enough in the game to pay for it with real money or simply acquire it from the trading tab by selling off items, and therefore they are inconsequential to "Grofit" and may as well be nothing. Like, if we're being honest here, endo drops are more useful to you at day 1,050+ than this. The reason for this is that you will always need endo to rank mods you want to sell off, but yet there are only so many warframes and weapons to put an exilus on or store. Literally every single other reward is good enough as long as my daily tribute number doesn't reset to 0 with this new system, especially the A forma and B resource boosters, just yeah, please reconsider the A rewards.
  12. I'd like to reserve judgement until I try this. How much I like this is highly dependent on how long the base duration on the first ability is, whether I can modify chakram's damage buff with power strength or if it's like nova where it's basically x2 damage to a target no matter what, and how many mod slots I have to dedicate to re-synergizing warding halo with the new kit. I mean, it sounds good for health conversion and hunter adrenaline (Even though I REALLY think he should get an armor buff on top of a health buff with this change), but the duration thing to his first ability is ultimately a nerf to pyroclastic flow and the 90% damage thing is ultimately a nerf to Safeguard. Will the augments get a buff to accommodate the changes or are they just straight up being nerfed by this rework? I always thought the way safeguard works was backwards, I felt like it should give 100% to allies and 50% to you if you really need a downside that bad, not the other way around.
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