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  1. We need a fix to the Railjack softlocking related to boarding enemy crew ships. If a enemy crew ship gets destroyed with you on it, there's about an 80% chance the mission will bug out and either black screen you permanently till everyone warps out of a successful mission or lock your camera to stare at the bottom of the middle archwing deployment platform on the railjack meaning you can run around but you can't see what you're doing. Usually only happens if you're a client not a host, but has sometimes happened to me as a host. This is honestly killing my interest in the gamemode, since I'm scared to even board enemy crew ships in fear of being bugged out and possibly losing my loot.
  2. DE, Stuff like this is why I play and enjoy Warframe over any other looter shooter even after like 5 years even though some speed bumps like this occur once in a while. I don't think I'd expect anyone else in the entire industry to revert a nerf that hurt players, let alone be this transparent about the thought process that went into making a controversial change. While this lootframe """"fix"""" should not have happened to begin with because it gave players a lot of war(frame) flashbacks to Viver, the fact that you all saw sense and undid it is worthy of some huge praise as far as I'm concerned just by virtue of the fact that I don't think any other company would have done this, they would have just said "It's to give you a sense of pride and accomplishment for getting Condition Overload" and left it at that. I'm also happy you went into detail about the thought process and precedent behind the controversial changes too and apologized. If more developers just did this and stuck to the notion of "Actions speak louder than words" instead of hiding behind empty PR sentiment, the industry would be in a much better place.
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