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  1. I don't care if this is actually hard or not, that ship sailed like hour 3,000 of playing this game and my 5,000th or so overall forma, and in my opinion, that's perfectly fine, I didn't want a mode with an enemy level boost for the challenge, I wanted it so I can cut out a middleman of easy enemies and for a efficiency boost on farming. My main interest is in this: How will the rewards scale in compensation for the extra enemy level? Will relics dropped be radiant like in ESO or x3 like with disruption credit drops? Can we do Steel Arbitrations, fissures, and even sorties? Because if we're doing harder enemies it shouldn't be just for the sake of doing harder enemies, I'm gonna attempt to do this from start to finish just for the mastery but I'd like some life beyond that which doesn't involve .0001% drop chance of a cosmetic nobody will see. If we're jumping straight into the deep end, it should feel like we're getting the amount of rewards we would have gotten if we started in the shallow side of the pool first, because there will be a dilemma here that people will be like "why would I play this if I get less rewards for more effort?" 40 minutes of easy mode is 40 minutes of rewards, this should not be the case for 40 minutes of hard mode, hard mode should be like opening up sony vegas and snipping off the first 40 minutes of footage you recorded with a chance at your footage being erased if you screw up, which means you start at a baseline of theoretical 40 minutes of rewards and go from there, and to do that there would either be a multiplier on rotation rewards or relics dropped would be radiant like in ESO. IIRC I can count on one hand the times I've gotten someone on my orbiter, cosmetics that aren't syandanas/armor/skins/sigils/etc. that can get directly put on the warframe might as well be snake oil to me in terms of their value as rewards.
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