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  1. Oh, sorry, I don't mean like, rage quit done, I mean like DONE done. Anyone else? Now I have nothing to do in next 1 or 2 weeks...
  2. "Enemies may now “react” (without changing their Alert state) to you by stopping and looking around if you shoot a Silent weapon within 2-3m of them several times quickly. " Thank you, this made my Loki happy again. Idk why this is a change and not a fix, though. There was also a problem with melee weapons with a long finisher animation(stealth) alerting near enemies(not with corpses or looking at it), but I tested and I guess it also got fixed.
  3. Ok, I know I may be the only person that cares about this, but please, do something about this dead event. So, by now I assume that most players have Opticor Vandal, based on the fact that the fracture control bar NEVER gets green(under control). To get green and activate the exp,cred,drop w/e bonus on Orb Vallis, I assume that the community needs to keep playing a lot, enough for it to get and stay green. But there is no reason to do it, because there is nothing else to get besides the thermia thing for exploiter-orb boss. The point: we will never, NEVER be able to get this bonus on Orbis if everyone already have a Opticor Vandal. I don't know about consoles, but I find it frustrating that this "Invasion" like mechanic don't get any motivation to do it. I believe that best solution would be to give it a new tier reward after the Opticor V., one that is repeatable, something like, each 20~40 points(in coolant canisters defenses with the whole 4 canisters in 1 bonus stuff) would give the player, by mailbox, 1 or a bunch of resources(nitan for example). I don't care what you put in there as long it makes ppl play it just like any other (replayable?) event. Anyway, the things as they are now just make this event a dead weight and there is nothing I can do, I can spend the whole day doing fractures and I have no idea of how much of a difference I make in that red bar. Disappointing.
  4. Plz fix stealth, enemy can still be alerted with silent weapons(passive, silent mods and hushed invisibility) with a few shots near them(no hit).
  5. They need to fix stealth, noise lvl to be precise, Loki with hushed invisibility is unstable as silent weapons are no longer silent, if that's a nerf, it sucks. I always liked Loki for being simple, but I also think he could use some buffs for offensive abilities, not that I think he is at Vauban lvl, but still.
  6. Managed to get both BPs, so now I'm happy, but I still feel disappointed on Olympus and now Ur rewards table, hope they add more stuff... At least Kuva farm on Tamu is more easy than survival to me.
  7. Hum... that sucks, I was gonna ask about the sentinel rivens for deconstructor and sweeper. So like, will they put more rivens on simaris for those 2 or fix the sentinel riven to be all weapons available, it would not make sense to have a shotgun and a melee sentinel riven if there is only sweeper or deconstructor as a possible weapons... And there is also Burst Laser listed as pistol.
  8. Sorry, I just needed to say it. My points: 1- Akarius and Acceltra are signature weapons, most signature weapons are from Market or dojo with few exceptions(like this one), the point is, I see no reason to make them hard to get unless it's because Gauss is too new to even be in the game by DE's planning. 2- Now with 7 Disruption nodes, while they kinda have different rewards each, they are still just relics everything, that's not the problem, but from what I see, only Olympus-Mars and Ur-Uranus are worthless in rewards... All the other nodes have something to farm for, but there's no reason to do Mars while Uranus is for enemy drop farm with 1.25% drop rate and I can't even use farming warframes for it. Anyway, just put Akarius and Acceltra Blueprints, one in Olympus-Mars and other in Ur-Uranus, make them Tier C, don't mind a low drop rate. I see no logical reason to not do this or anything else rly. I prefer to suffer this way. Just a rant, I will still gonna farm. Thanks, bye.
  9. Does any kind of more drop chance warframe ability works on them? I'm trying Hydroid with full power but I only see the bane infested mods dropping.
  10. Sorry DE, but stealth still BROKEN. The scans and the melee atks(not sure) near enemies don't alert them anymore, but silent weapons(passive, with mods or with Loki Hushed Invisibility) still alert like any noisy weapon. Thanks for the fix, but I believe something happened with either the enemy detection or the noise levels of all weapons(and other stuff too).
  11. DE, stealth is BROKEN It's not just the Simaris scan, it's everything, everything is making the enemies alerted(I guess by sound?). Melee weapons, scans, even silent weapons(with or without Hush/Suppress mods or with Loki/Ivara), silent weapons need a few shots for the enemy to alert but still can. I put a hush in my Daikyu and shoot a bunch near them while Loki invisi with Hushed Invisibility, ALERT! Melee atk with my zaw dagger near(no hit), ALERT! For the Simaris scan, It alerts within 25m or more, still can snipe scan for stealth scan. Doing Simaris is going to be annoying... Silent banshee still works...
  12. Not exactly related, but I also wonder what happened to this... Elite Weekly Complete a Spy mission using your Operator. Warframe cannot leave spawn room. Isn't getting too late for all those additions to NW? Or maybe they are not putting this anymore since everyone wants easy challenges.
  13. Cool, now we can see if we will have kill steal or afk leechers in this water fest.
  14. Is it safe to put Roller floofs on the orbiter or they still get lost inside walls or outside the map?
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