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  1. If we could get another mara weapon, I would like it to be a primary weapon or melee to use with detron. My suggestion is Flux Rifle, I try to image the big square at the tip of the gun with the mara detron effect, I think it fits for a squarish weapon. Besides there are many weapons without lore that could just be added as a "smuggler" gun, just dig a plot hole in it. What should matter is to get a better version of guns that don't have one yet, but making it a mara for the sake of adding more of this unique prefix and also for the this type of cosmetic effect that is quite different from the others. Also, adding one or two more maras would not make it a chain, It's always prisma or vandal, so tedious... As for the Dragon one... because it's a weapon that is crafted from a normal nikana, it feels like a weapon upgrade rather than a prefix thing. So I'm not sure about this one. I know that stat wise, dragon and prime nikanas are just better with small differences, but I just don't think that dragon fits as a prefix because of the way you obtain it and the way it looks. If you compare the Latrons prime and wraith, they have their pieces to craft, making them feel like they are each own their unique version, but in the case of dragon and prime nikana, the prime is the old orokin era version of the weapon while dragon is an complete different weapon(also because of the rivens) that have no reason to exist other than being a "skin". The point is... there is no reason to make a "Dragon" prefix thing, if the weapon feels more like a TennoGen skin, rather than being a version that have a unique trait, lore or cosmetic visual that show us that this IS a Dragon weapon. Idk, maybe I'm just being picky.
  2. Well, the thermia bar finally got green(under control) and it's giving double rep for the fugitives groups on orb vallis, thought I not sure if it counts as double affinity. So many days from the event wasted, but at least I have 3 days to farm nightwave. If at least they gave some other reward for keeping doing the fractures, I... ppl could be farming fugitives way sooner...
  3. Half of everything, but only for me and a few, because people don't understand the pleasure of manual blocking mechanics.
  4. I just use nekros solo with the Creeping Terrify + Temporal Blast(zenurik) + sarpa with shattering impact and my op kitgun with rad/cold(tigris prime works just fine). Easy and fast kill even on high lvl bounties, the double slow rly helps and also desecrates for more loot.
  5. Yea I know how it is, but if that's the case, that the bonus is in fact behind this annoying thermia farm, then it's kinda silly from DE. They not only don't let us get another opticor vandal, but the only hint about this hidden booster is "BONUS:NONE". At this point, I feel that nobody wants to do it again, so no one will see it, I wish I could get a answer from DE about it.
  6. No, it's not the anniversary event, it's the bonus you get from keeping doing the fractures and the bar green(under control), which gives you double everything in orb vallis, I already did the fractures and got the opticor vandal, but ppl seems to forget that the double bonus comes from the fractures, they even have to stop the bonus when the resource weekend was active.
  7. Just to make sure, I don't think a lot of ppl are doing this event again, so if this is the same as before, I should try to get the Fractures under control for the bonus. Can the community help with this?
  8. DE please fix the sawgaws hitbox and AI, re-scan them is a living hell.
  9. Only 45 mins? That must have been easy. I spend more than 1hour killing him with my amp in hydron, because you know, why would anyone from the squad be prepared to kill him when they all come to lvl up stuff. Anyway, 1 guy quit it, other died all lives and I had boring fun for 1h for him to just drop Eleven Storm, gg no re. (should've quitted too, but why not?) Spare me of the "you should have been prepared with good gear", I get it, but I still think the way he scales up should be different and most importantly, get rid of the sh**ty mod drops. "Oh hey, three 15MR and bellow players and one 27MR, let's send a lvl 70 wolf boy, that's a fair bullet sponge with a Molten Impact waiting for you."
  10. The enemies in the plains got way more aggro since the update, I need to stay invisible 100% of the time, if I want to hunt or fish in peace.
  11. Just want to add here, I tried to re-scan all vallis animals that got reset but Sawgawas are completely broken, they not only have their codex image as condrocs(POE) but it's impossible to scan them after you put them to sleep, it's like their hitbox changed or got small(also hard to hit the sleep dart), the bird got more active(they land and go less than 5 secs). I don't what happened to the codec with both sawgaws and codrocs, but the update on plains defetly mess up something.
  12. Spending some time farming those new enemies, but I have the impression the enemies in the plains are now extremely annoying, they detect me from rly far away(like 100m) and it's litteraly impossible to have a break from fighting while scanning and hunting animals. Those are just the normal grinner, add the ghouls and you really can't stay in one spot to relax. I don't remember them being this sensible before the update. Also, for some reason, 3 of my encounters with the new Thumpers enemies(1 was a doma in high lvl), they just disappeared from the map, not like, jumping far away or dying, at some point in the middle of the fight, they just puff out of existence. Do they have a timer to kill?
  13. When they showed her, giving a tip with her passive, my first impression was that she would be a more stealth/agility base frame. I like her 2, wish it was a little faster, but her 1 and 3 kinda contradict her playstyle, they are cool but I guess it only shines on defense/interception. If she only stay invisible in the air, how can you use effectively as a stealth frame? Seems quite pointless. Idk, she looks like a hybrid between Loki, Octavia and Nyx with a random sun in her butt. She is all over the place. The 4 is cool looking but, what it have to do with wisps?
  14. You gave us K-drives and you don't make us race(new game mode) with it, you implement a score system and limit it to the ground becoming nothing more than a chore for mr folder, you clearly see that players don't use k-drive to travel because there are better alternatives, and now you want to nerf the best arch-wing for travel instead of buffing or giving a good reason to use k-drives. Just what do you want the k-drives for, DE? Just to look cool?
  15. Tried to farm Liths in the void, but just now I see that this new Lith P2 relic is not present in capture or exterminate missions like void-hepit, only in survival, defense, spy, dark sectors, void-sabotage, the only unique mission being a rush(archwing) in Phobos-Kepler(and also bounties). The other lith M4 can be farmed easily on hepit, so is this THE saying no to the fast and easy Lith farm?
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