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Welcome to my profile page



I am a MR 27 Tenno, player since the beginning of open beta in March/April 2013, big fan of Warframe. I enjoy all of the game's content just because it's fun!




I am the leader of The Winged shadow clan (previously Wings of Dystopia ghost clan).





blue.jpg red.jpg green.jpg








Here's my "Topics with good and easy-to-make suggestions that got no attention from DE, sadly." list:



About the Tenno


My beloved kubrow: Seerix :heart:



My favorite frames:

1. Volt (Prime)

2. Nezha

3. Gara

4. Baruuk

5. Mag (Prime)


My favorite primary weapons:

1. Glaxion! :heart:

2. Ferrox

3. Synapse

4. Dera Vandal

5. Strun Wraith


My favorite secondary weapons:

1. Pyrana

2. Spira Prime

3. Hikou Prime

4. Nukor

5. Akmagnus


My favorite melee weapons:

1. Ohma

2. Mios

3. Tatsu

4. Kronen Prime

5. Venka Prime


My favorite archwing gear:

Imperator Vandal


My favorite room:


(Colliseum built before the glorious added capacity + decorating mode update!)

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