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  1. I usually do it this way (though this is mostly for advanced players): Ivara with an unlimited invisibility build + good crowd-clearing weapons; Load into Kuva Fortress Exterminate, on Steel Path Go around scanning all enemies, throw a noise arrow to a spot and let them join Kill'em all and go to the next group of enemies. I'm usually filled for the day at about half mission, being a Legendary 1 player. To be honest, your method seems like a good alternative for newer players.
  2. The stagger might be annoying on some weapons, but it will never be as annoying as getting killed by my own weapons. I could live with that suggestion, to be fair, but I'd still prefer self-stagger. I love me my power fantasy.
  3. That's a great relief to hear. Thank you. Hope I share the same luck.
  4. Same here. Even followed the instructions here, to the letter as always, and with my own account, my wife's, and my best friend's, since they are not very tech savvy. Both of them got their rewards. I did not. Sometimes I receive the reward, they do not. Now, I submitted a request to DE's zendesk with screenshots of my drops earned and claimed on twitch. But do I believe it'll be any help? Nope. I'm pretty sure I'll be lambasted with that usual "make sure you relink your account, here's how to do it" text. And I'm aware that DE does not control the drop system. Still, that should not prevent people who did earn their rewards from receiving a manual drop from the dev team via script.
  5. Tenet Tetra is the most powerful... for now. And I don't mean a better weapon will be released. Haven't been in game yet, so can't really share experiences.
  6. Hello, Tennizens of the Origin System! Today I was surprised when this random loading screen kicked in. New loading screen? Bug of a kind? Extremely rare instance everyone and their third degree cousin knew about except me? I sure didn't see any mention and last update for consoles was a while ago. Either way I was amazed at the sight of it. Please more, by me. Cheers! ----- Bonus Random Funsies, the Chosen Weed and the Terry that dared to face the sun. Below, for your delightful entertainment. 😛
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