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  1. That's a great relief to hear. Thank you. Hope I share the same luck.
  2. Same here. Even followed the instructions here, to the letter as always, and with my own account, my wife's, and my best friend's, since they are not very tech savvy. Both of them got their rewards. I did not. Sometimes I receive the reward, they do not. Now, I submitted a request to DE's zendesk with screenshots of my drops earned and claimed on twitch. But do I believe it'll be any help? Nope. I'm pretty sure I'll be lambasted with that usual "make sure you relink your account, here's how to do it" text. And I'm aware that DE does not control the drop system. Still, that should not prevent people who did earn their rewards from receiving a manual drop from the dev team via script.
  3. Tenet Tetra is the most powerful... for now. And I don't mean a better weapon will be released. Haven't been in game yet, so can't really share experiences.
  4. Frankly, it should have stayed as it was. Full affinity share. Not only that, but instead of that nice system taking a nerf, it should have applied to more in-game modes.
  5. Yes. And Steel Path alerts could instead grant a slightly bigger reward (like, 5-7 SE) imho. Such changes would still not be enough for me to enjoy SP, since I'd mostly like to do other stuff like opening relics (I'd even accept no fissure boosters, but being able to open like 2 relics per player tbh). Still, the suggested change is welcome nonetheless.
  6. Well, that didn't sting as much as I antecipated. I'm positively surprised with the Berserker change. I luvs my speed, but the decoupling from crit chance means I can better use it with some of my favorite status melees. A welcome change overall. I am sad for the glaives tho. I was just starting to love my Glaive Prime, from not liking them at all before. Back to heavy blades and polearms, I guess. I will give it a chance, though. I seriously hope it's still pretty neat for Steel Path, tho the nerfed numbers don't really make me eager to find out. As for the rest, seems rather ok. Please let the Liches be conquered as fast as some players have reported on PC, and please don't make those requiem wildcards and lich beacons be too much of a legendary item. Pwetty pwease. Kudos to the team!
  7. Honestly I'd just revamp and expand that entire system, since it has a really good premise. I'd create a specific way, an actual toggle, to swap stances, like we nowadays do with abilities made of multiple sub-abilities (I.e. Vauban's grenades). I'd then expand our arsenal by creating more of these hybrid weapons, maybe even expand the system to guns. The possibilities are immense.
  8. Keep doing as you are! I'm far more excited for the update now.
  9. I'd be happier if they just defined what sort of items are seasonal, and what items are not. For example, ephemeras should be available all the time imho. Stuff like head gear and so on, could be special and only available during their respective seasons. It feels iffy that I can sport my bat ephemera all year long but not the easter and dog days ones.
  10. I'd personally go Damage + Electric. Both Detrons have a pretty lame Crit Chance. But it's not like the other riven would be useless, depending on which Detron you put it in. Both are desirable rolls imho, it's just a matter of choosing what's more important: More raw damage, or a bit of crit with added QoL. Cheers.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's related to Plains of Duviri. It was shown in past trailers during Tennocon. As to what it actually is, what it does, and so on, that's a mistery to me.
  12. If you don't mind not having access to him then sure, why not. However if you've already invested forma/reactor/exilus I'd probably wait for another set and subsume that one. You'll eventually have several blueprints of him if you play the stuff he drops in enough times. And even his main blueprint, depending on your MR level, is easy enough to grind in a few days via Simaris. As for Sevagothitself I do consider him good. Good survivability, CC, and and combat fluidity. He isn't "my main" material by any means, but it's a fine addition to my arsenal when I get tired of my usual frames.
  13. I fully applaud this approach. I disliked the previous approach of offering up prime items since Prime Gaming is not equally available on most parts of the world, leaving large chunks of players out of it. Specially because many players like to collect prime stuff, one of the main visual variants of the game, and a visual variant associated to your premium service . Prime Access. Now this, even if I'd like to have the Loki Verv Skin, and I might try and get it sometime, it's not like I'd feel I'm missing out, It is it's own collection, just like the console exclusive line-up, or other similar things.
  14. I am against PC having exclusive skins. As I am against consoles having exclusive skins. What I want is for PC to create PC-themed skins, in the same light as console-exclusive skins, and have all those multi-platform skins be available on all platforms.
  15. Wasn't this supposed to be fixed by now? Haven't really noticed a difference in my count since I don't really pay attention. But I wouldn't call it a lie. DE is aware of this issue, and it's just a bug that needs fixing and a script to refund affected players. Besides, it's not like there's an absolute rush to sort this out. We'll be here with this intermission for a good long while, after all.
  16. His invisibility makes him a good frame for weapon-based playstyle, and he's good for teleporting janky targets out of harms way (plague star drone comes to mind). It depends a lot on the tile. Loki doesn't need an augment to bypass some lasers, and he doesn't get slowed down by his invisibility. And loud weapons don't break his invisibility. Generally, Ivara for Grineer tiles, Loki for Corpus, Limbo for Lua. I do like his kit. I'd say with a few touch ups in his kit without changing the core of his abilities and he'd become a much better frame. Not at all, not even with Arcane Arachne or the riven challenge. I have max range Equinox for that. Very, very rarely. To the point it barely is a thing. That's one of the things needing improvements the most, along with Teleport. I love his invisibility, quite simple and straightforward, doesn't prevent Arcane Energize from triggering. But the tint could go away. Not the invisibility visual itself, tho. I'd tolerate it becoming like Ivara Prime's, but not Wisp's. Outside of janky mechanics which can be fixed by teleport, or trolling other players, nah, not much. I like teleport, but it could very well be merged with decoy. No, I like it. And the potential it has to synergize with decoy. If decoy became better. About same, same. The fact that I don't need strenght means I can go all in on the other stats. Namely duration, or duration+range. Efficiency is pretty much unneeded when Loki is able to rely on Flow+Energize due to the lack of ability toggles. Nowadays, yeah, more solo. But in some niche settings it can still be useful to lure targets out of their hiding spots after taking their guns away. Speed Nova + Radial Loki on some defenses comes to mind. Even though most nukes would make such a strategy meaningless in most scenarios. I feel like his decoy + teleport is a hidden gem for some spies, and what allows him to bypass some lasers easily. It's not a secret, but it's bot obvious either. So some of the less experienced players can take a while to figure it out. And his 4th's augment can be quite powerful in some cases. --- All that said, and for clarity, I don't currently use Loki as much as I once did. He was my starter, and the frame I discovered the starchart with. I was around Neptune or Uranus before I got my first built frame, Rhino, because Loki was everything I needed and mastered. In fact, funny enough, Loki Prime is still my most used frame, and Loki is my 3rd. Even after several years. Heh-heh. So I'd love for some touch-ups and making him better, but still revolving around his current kit.
  17. Well, if you are looking for one, and I'm not saying you are, you are part of the problem. In case you are looking for one, though, wouldn't it be an ironic complaint? Or rather, a meta complaint? As for why this happens, I concur with the user above. Even though I'm still surprised that demand still goes quite high even though all weapons start at 0.5 now. Even more surprised that there's not a megaton of people complaining about being duped for weak rivens, not knowing about the 0.5 thing.
  18. A rather complex, yet engaging take on regular mission types. I wouldn't oppose to this.
  19. This seems like such a basic feature that I wasn't sure if it was a thing until you confirmed it for me. Until now I have been doing pub squads, and in Corpus RJ Tiles, so I hadn't confirmed if crew would assist with those target objectives, but I had assumed they'd be able to do it since I once let my crew pilot fly me to the Murex, even though he'd just go around in circles once he got to it.
  20. Khora with mas loot radar, plus Primed Instinct on both Venari and another companion. Preparation mod equipped if possible, if not use energy pizzas. Itzal Archwing with max range and energy pool, and efficiency. Know your route, practice it. Follow that route and check loot icons near water, as they might be Wisps. Position yourself above them and use Itzal's 3rd ability to vacuum them in. Rinse and repeat. There's other ways ofc, but this is my favorite and most comfortable one. Also, Arcane Energize, if at all viable, provides good opportunities for refueling the Itzal along the way if needed.
  21. I wish we just started with 4 or 5, like before. And yes, to the one person who was gonna type it, I'm aware that if we don't leave the dojo the forged quantity is kept. And that's great. It's really the starter quanity that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  22. Hey, I did say many times in many threads that Loki was my dear starter (even though I don't use him as much nowadays), and that I love polearms (orthos prime and orthos as 2nd and 3rd, I believe). And I haven't used Synoid Simulor in years, and my Lex was deleted once Aklex got released. So yeah... Pretty much outdated stats for the way I play today.
  23. That grind is long past me, and now I can just buy what I need. That said, I fully agree with the sentiment. No one should go through that grind. Or any similar ones in the game.
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