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  1. (PSN)Hikuro-93's post in Not really needed but anyone know what the hell the big Orokin worm thing is in the void when missions are loading was marked as the answer   
    I'm pretty sure it's related to Plains of Duviri. It was shown in past trailers during Tennocon.
    As to what it actually is, what it does, and so on, that's a mistery to me.
  2. (PSN)Hikuro-93's post in What does the 4 separate values on wiki mean? was marked as the answer   
    Those refer to the level of the item. For example, let's say this is about Rhino's Stomp - his 4th ability:
    It means his Stomp will scale up in duration as you level the frame itself. At level 10 you unlock Stomp, which is Rank 0 and has 3 seconds. At level 20 you unlock Stomp Rank 1 with 4 seconds. At level 25 there's Stomp Rank 2, with 5 seconds. And lastly, at level 30 you unlock Stomp Rank 3, at 8 seconds of duration.
    It follows the same logic for health/energy/armor/shields, etc. Even though some stats can be fixed or not depending on the frame and specific ability. Stats like range, duration, etc. The more levelled your frame is, the stronger its stats will be.
  3. (PSN)Hikuro-93's post in Panzer Vulpaphyla or Smeeta Kavat was marked as the answer   
    Smeeta, hands down, for utility. It can trigger crits, double affinity and resources, among many other useful buffs. Panzer is meant for durability and damage-dealing. 
  4. (PSN)Hikuro-93's post in Does Prime Accessory Pack add one more extractor deployment number? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you get a 4th one to deploy. But to be clear, it is a one-time deal. If you buy another Prime Access deal it wont add any other deployable extractor.
    Despite the quote not being crystal clear allow me to share my own experience: I'm not a founder, nor did I ever purchase a Prime Access with the frames (except Frost/Ember unvaults), only Prime Accessory pack. And I do have the 4th extractor. Just to avoid any confusion.
  5. (PSN)Hikuro-93's post in Quick Dojo Planning Question (Reactors) was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure yes, you can. Since they are small rooms, unlike the likes of the Drydock and the observatory.
    I'm pretty sure I had that situation myself since I relocated all my reactors to an inferior level as I prepared my Dojo for RJ.
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