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  1. The left arm attachment "Prisma Latron Shoulder Plate" appears to be using the wrong attachment point on Inaros Prime, looking more like it's aligning to the base model rather than Inaros Prime's armor. For comparison, "Elixis Latron Shoulder Plate" looks fine and attaches to the right spot. Example: Correct Elixis version alignment: Also, the gazal shoulder armor seems to be attaching lower than is perhaps intended? Hard to tell if it's an aesthetic choice or not, but it looks off to me:
  2. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Gara glass wall blocks line of sight for Protea turrets] VISUAL: [N/A] REPRODUCTION: [Have Gara activate glass wall. Have Protea place turrets inside wall while enemies are on the outside] EXPECTED RESULT: [Turrets should be able to acquire and fire at targets outside the wall in the same manner as players can] OBSERVED RESULT: [Turrets ignore enemies entirely while outside the wall, presumably due to not seeing them as their view is blocked by Gara's wall being treated as a solid object when casting LoS rays] REPRODUCTION RATE:
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