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  1. I appreciate the rework and I don't want to sound ungrateful, but if Wukong gets to bypass barriers and doors undetected, why does Ivara as a stealth focused frame require the use of a mod slot for the Infiltrate augment to do the same thing and she's still way slower than Wukong? Any chance the detection avoidance could be rolled in to prowl?
  2. Repeating earlier request for allowing Hildryn to dash while using her 4. Her overall speed is even lower than that of stealth ivara, promoting old ember WoF afk-style play on defense objectives. Please enable dash movement to give her a more active playstyle.
  3. Thanks for the fixes. Any chance Hildryn will get her dash while using helicopter mode? The fixed, slow movement makes repositioning awkward, especially if it involves vertical movement. Being able to do short dashes would make the flight system feel much better. As a matter of personal taste I would also request an ever so slight increase to her inertia to provide a better feeling of weight to the character when flying.
  4. Oh my sweet, merciful f***. Been waiting for sped up texture stream transitions for years. I never understood why it was a fixed speed when the system could have loaded them significantly faster. Any chance we can get an option to disable it entirely or at least adjust the timers on the transitions between different LODs for those of us with systems that have excessive amounts of both system ram and vram?
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