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  1. While Renown packs do tend to come back from time to time, the Excalibur Obsidian however skin hasn't returned for over 2 years now, and with the availability of the current Obsidian Azura, I'm starting to worry that might've been the last we ever saw the original skin. I kinda like this one better than the current Obsidian Azura skin tbh. This does not apply to just Excalibur Obsidian, but also the Onyx skin on Steam and Jade from Xbox (although the Jade skin was retired just recently). Though I want the Obsidian skin to come back the most! Will we ever see it return or is that the end
  2. I'll agree that Banshee's accessories are very likely to come alongside her when she comes back, though I do hope something else will come along with the other Prime Frame that will be unvalted alongside her. Since there's also the possibility of there being entirely different accessories as well. Nova Prime for example, originally came with Pyra Syandana in her Prime access, however, when she got unvaulted, she came with Edo Prime armor instead, which came from Volt. Or Mag Prime came with Targis Prime etc. Though one can argue Volt has a unique way of being unvaulted through Baro, theref
  3. Personally, I want the Imugi Prime Armor set and Impetus Prime Syandana to return. These came with Chroma Prime access, which I unfortunately missed. It's one prettiest Prime accessories I've seen. Even prefer that over the highly popular Targis Prime, honestly. What about you guys? What accessories do you want to come back that you might've missed?
  4. I know the Tenno and Operator are the same. I never said they were different either. It's you who are confused with what I tried to explain. I'm merely using the term Tenno to refer to the Tenno overall, as for operator, I'm using that term to refer to the "child" basically. Anyway, I give up. No point in going further with this as we're getting nowhere. I'll leave you to your opinions as neither of us are right or wrong
  5. That is were you're missing the fact that The Tenno were not aware of operator or transference until they reached Second Dream. First of all, Margulis sent the operator to Lua, and in the process, the Tenno lost their memories and by the time they woke up in the tutorial scene, they don't know anything about transference at all and their consciousness are basically with the Warframes for now as if they're dreaming. Which means the operators were "stuck" on Lua at that time and couldn't be anywhere else. During the Second Dream and The War Within quests, that's when Tenno slowly regained th
  6. Wrong. You may forget that this tutorial is a new player experience and it serves as the very first quest for new players and thus take place before any other quests, including the Second Dream and War Within. Lore-wise, during the tutorial, the operator currently resides on Lua, not in the orbiter. Once the player completes the Second Dream, that's when the Operator will permanently stay in the Orbiter.
  7. We don't know if that's really transference. We don't know anything about her and there are no true indication that she's the player Tenno at all. Plus it doesn't add up to the lore at all. If she was the one controlling the Warframe, then how do you explain the Second Dream, Zariman Ten Zero incident or any of the other Operator related stuff? If she really was the Tenno, then what was she doing there in the first place, why did she suddenly end up on Lua after that? Not to mention during the tutorial gameplay, you can't switch to your operator or use Transferense at all.
  8. If you're referring to the girl who put down the Lotus flowers in front of the Warframes, I don't think she's a Tenno since all Tenno are sleeping on Lua (except Rell of course). She seemed more likely to be a villager who escaped the Grineer attacks and went to send prayers for the Tenno to return to their Frames and fight. As seen in the cinematic, all three Warframes fought alongside each other, meaning there are three Tenno controlling their respective Frame. thus it would've made more sense if all three came back instead of there being just one.
  9. What do you mean it doesn't make sense? And yes I've played The War Within, but that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. What I mean is when you pick your starter Warframe and wake up in the tutorial, it would've been cool if the other two Warframes could wake up as well as NPCs and fight alongside you only during the course of the tutorial. Basically all three Tenno are waking up and fight the Grineer and you are one of them.
  10. I meant they'd move on their own and follow you around and such, similar behaviour to specters, rescue targets, syndicate operatives etc. They're controlled by AI, but lore wise, they're just another Tenno who woke up
  11. I'm a bit disappointed that only one Tenno woke up and not all three of them. I was hoping that after picking your starter, the other two Frames would wake up and fight alongside you like specters. Would've been a nice tutorial to experience the feel of fighting in a "squad" when playing for the first time
  12. During the awakening, I was hoping all three of the Warframes would wake up were one is yours while the other two are AI controlled and fight alongside you similar to specters. Would've been a nice tutorial to experience the feel of fighting in a "squad" when playing for the first time
  13. I'm not sure if anything has changed with Vor's Prize. Don't think it was mentioned in the patch notes either. But I might try starting a new account and try it out.
  14. Besides Heart of Deimos and the new Helminth, another new feature I was hyped for was the new players experience finally coming. While it wouldn't really benefit much for me since I'm already a veteran, I was still hyped to see how the new introduction quest would blend with the cinematic trailer. Just went to play the new Awakening quest and to be honest, I'm a little disappointed how it turned out, sadly. While this is much better than our previous tutorial, there wasn't really much difference other than new location but that's pretty much it. Everything else is basically the same as the
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