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  1. 3 hours ago, fredaven said:

    thats quite a leap of logic there from cleavers to nyx ;)

    The annoying part with nyx is that her body is basically excals with boobs. I'm still a bit fresh off excal to want to venture into that dark and dreadfull world again

    ^^^ Pretty much, they even use the UV map so you could literally just recycle the excal skin and use it on nyx, but nooooo we can't do that >_> *looks at bugged excal in relay using nyx's immortal skin the excal model*

  2. 8 minutes ago, fredaven said:

    we really can't do much with the primes currently, we dont have access to the prime "parts" unfortunatley. Sorry man:(

    Well excalibur prime and frost prime don't really have extra meshes for their prime bits, it's just a spec map on those, so pretty much you could make a skin for either that can fit with both primes just by playing with the color pattern and the spec maps.

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