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  1. Great response for DE and i know quite a few clanmates who will be glad to buy the accessory pack. Regarding the release of primes i still think that that prime kubrow collar pales in comparison to a sentinel or even another prime weapon, even with the 100 armor buff it still won't make a difference. I don' think that a prime kubrow would be a solution but come on, those stats are awful. I'm also worried about a discussion we had with clanmates this afternoon: we found out that none of us had put a potato on our vasto primes because we were all waiting for the akvasto prime, then one of us asked: "What if they delay it because nobodys using the vasto prime like us ? A heavy silence ensued...
  2. LouarnRuz


    It is indeed a tad too small for an archwing weapon.
  3. I've worked toward putting an Exilus on all my primes but i face a problem with polarities: there are many interesting mods for the exilus slot but they have wildly different polarities, so i don't feel like putting a forma on the exilus slot for fear of closing options, so i add formas on normal slots as i don't change my favorite builds much. It works well of some frames, like Rhino or Excalibur, but less on some, like Nova, as some end game builds rely a lot on prime and corrupted mods which take a lot of points already. On my Nova i have polarities on all but three slots but the max i've been able to free that way is 9 points for the exilus, which is enough for a maxed out Patagium, but nothing more expensive. I'm curious as to where the arms race will lead us, as i'm basically specializing lots of normal slots and so losing in flexibility in order to not specialize that exilus slot so as to keep some flexibility. Something feels wrong in this.
  4. LouarnRuz

    An Update On The Armistice

    That would be so important for dark sectors, considering how defenders used to cause lag and make the mission objective glitch by causing host migrations
  5. LouarnRuz

    Changyou Warframe Images Faq

    I don't feel that concerned about that alternative Umbra Excalibur Prime for the chinese market and wether we'll get it or not. What annoys me is that two years later and after all the amazing work that has been done on primes Excalibur Prime and Frost Prime are still left behind with subpar body skins. The helmets are very nice and iconic, but the body skins are just bland and need a rework. EDIT: Lato Prime has a buggy texture since it got hit by the PBR stick and the main body of the gun look awful in anything else but white because of the greyish color filter that has been put on the canon, it would need fixing.
  6. LouarnRuz

    February 6: Void Trader: Bugged Ui Psa

    All this stuff costs way too many ducats anyway. I'm having trouble doing anything else than repeating void captures for quick ducats lately, just in order to cope with the ever-increasing ducat prices.
  7. LouarnRuz

    Hotfix 15.13.3

    Well, at least we'll have enough time to farm ducats to bear with the over-increasing ducat prices
  8. LouarnRuz

    New Tactical Alert: Fight Or Flight

    Yup, no points from it
  9. LouarnRuz

    Tenno Reinforcements Vault: Machete

    Neat, any news from the ether daggers ? They should be fun to use, now with all these stances and new animations
  10. LouarnRuz

    Livestream #10: July 17Th @ 2 Pm Edt

    we stumbled upon some health drains of 18 hitpoints/second since the last hotfix, and even wih health auras and a trinity in the group we're struggling to finish missions, without a trinity taking an elevator kills you, waiting the 13 seconds between waves kills you, and even the animations at the beginning of the mission may kill you XD