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  1. Palmelund

    Hotfix 17.0.1

    need a fix for syp misson Jupiter Ganymede you can't not hack the A in the misson Edit one or more of the places where you have to hack you can't hack them
  2. Wait so no hotfixes until U16 from now on would that mean that we maybe get U16 this week the 4 March or 5 March :/
  3. Palmelund

    Update 15.16 + Tactical Alert!

    Thanks DE want to try this :D
  4. Palmelund

    Coming Soon: Devstream #47!

    ash prime?
  5. Palmelund

    Hotfix 15.13.8

    thanks for the fixes^^
  6. Palmelund

    2015 Event/show Poll: What Are You Attending?

    >-< can't leave my country
  7. Palmelund

    Hotfix 15.0.8

    Thanks DE