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    Network issues?

    Russia, connecting to European Region server. Had network not responding yesterday, today it got worse ending with a nasty bugged-out log-out and no i can no longer login. I can see that the forums are not being spamed about it, so i guess it is an issue on my end... Will try rebooting internet later.
  2. Artekkor

    Network issues?

    A lot of "network not responding" messages today, ending with a drop-out and i can no longer login. Anybody else experiencing this?
  3. I forgot to speak out on the matter of better AI. Steve adressed that one before. TL:DR - there is no point. Longer version: this game is a power fantasy where a bunch of overpowered machines of war take out entire rooms of hostile military forces in a blink of an eye. The average lifespan of your average enemy unit is about 2-3 seconds, and that's all the way to levels 80-100. The enemies in this game have no use for the big AI brains, because they simply dont live long enough to use them. So unless every grineer unit will become a mini-boss Dark Souls style there is no reason to waste development time to make them smarter.
  4. That function is taken care off by rivens. And occasional buffs when DE agress the gun is just too S#&$ generally, which usually means low quality-of-life mechanics, like bad hitboxes.
  5. I disagree that Saryn takes away fun, and i'm a Rhino main. I haven't met an unironic pub Saryn in ages. Then again, i don't play endless... So far she exists only in sanctuary onslaught to grind affinity and that's about it. She's pretty much extinct everywhere else. And don't you worry, if she's broken and DE agrees - they'll nerf her soon enough. Just like they did before, when from press-4-to-win she became press 1-2-3-4 to win. Which is how it should be with every frame, IMHO. Hell, they actually tried to create a competition with Ember Rework, but it didn't quiet worked out, because Saryn just has a superior energy management. Either, catchmoon deserved a nerf for the most part. It was too good for a secondary insane ammo economy. Not so much with tombfinger... Then again, i dont remember what was nerfed about the latter.
  6. There was no need to letting me know that though, since that's not the core of my issue. When i go full melee mode (with manual blocking and so on) the block retains the aim's behavior - which is wether or not it is toggled. I like to aim through toggle, but prefer blocking to be hold-to-block since it makes it easier to control what my character is doing. This creates a conflict where if i go into toggled mode - i have an easier time aiming, but a harder time trying to manage my melee behavior (combos and the short roll). If i go hold-to-work mode, i have a full control over my melee behavior limited only by my skill, but gun-play becomes an issue as i constantly fight with my old habits: i fail aim-glides, randomly zoom in an enemy for half-a-second, and overall have to fight with myself. I'm sure that with time i'll just get used to no-toggle manual aim, but i would prefer to avoid that as that will conflict with my experience in other shooter games and vice versa.
  7. I heavily preffer toggled aim, because holding the button throws off my focus to actually aim, and its a habit developed through years of playing all kinds of shooters, but the melee combos are best managed with press-to-block format, because with toggle i constantly forget if i'm blocking right now or not, and it just randomly turns off anyway when i dont want it to, so it just becomes frusturating fighting with it. Is there a possible way to separate these two? I know it was like that before the melee rework, but after the update the separation was gone. I'm guessing its because of how the guns and melee are intertwined now, but the separation would be greatly appreciated.
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