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  1. I mean... Just stack crits + radiation damage. I tried it a couple of times and it does hit those limbs pretty hard.
  2. The good: - solid raw stopping power with combination of both high crit and status chance so you can build the thing any way you'd like - forced impact proc on direct hit - small AoE explosion - cool reloading animation The bad: - slow fire rate - slow reload speed - shoots an actual projectile which means extra skill requirements - but it is just fast enough to not be of a real issue - interestingly enough has a sniper-like behaviour where hip shots have exceptionally low accuracy, while ADS has almost perfect accuracy All and all a very decent gun that can deal solid damage to high value targets, but can't compete at crowd clearing with the likes of Bramma, Ogris, yadi yada. If killing an entire room in a second isn't a priority to you - then yeah, Chak is a very decent gun that basically operates like a sniper rifle without actually being one, with a bonus of having slight AoE. Not proper explosives level, but good enough for when enemies stand right next to each other.
  3. I don't mind the weapon being molasses slow if it hits like a truck. Unfortunately it doesn't, so there's no excuse. The running attack is okay, but the standing combos have a painfully slow start up. Even greathammers swing faster than this thing.
  4. Not sure which brackets we're talking about. There's MINING brackets, and then there's mining icons which you see on the map. Both of them are still in the game. Holding any drill in hands causes nearby ores to appear on the mini map. Ores have small spot on them that you have to aim at and start drilling them. This causes a minigame to appear where you have to stop drilling when the mining meter is in the middle of the brackets in order to get extra ore. Sometimes a separate extra tight brackets can appear that requires extreme precision. Nailing them not only provides full ore bonus, but also provides an extra ore of a different type. If you don't have those brackets anymore - it could be a bug and should be reported to support.
  5. Pretty interesting changes. Although i don't really the point in going that far. Frost's kit is pretty much done deal, except he has 2 completely worthless abilities that simply need to be buffed and that's that. Snowball is worthless because its a single target ability that needs to be aimed at targets to get the complete freeze and the AoE slow effect is worthless in both range and the slow effects itself. Although a simple increase of AoE and faster flight speed could fix it easily. And the Ice Wave is pretty much his most pathetic ability - to the point that i laughed when i found out its the ability chosen for Helminth transmission. It does NOTHING. The damage is absolutely pathetic and there's no secondary special effects or debuffs. No armor strip, no 90% slow, no bleed procs. A piss-easy fix would be to give it a combo-cast mechanic like Rhino's Charge or Valkyr's zipline allowing to spam the thing for increased effect and MAYBE give it some bonus of dealing extra damage the more targets it hits, encouraging crowd-control.
  6. I partially agree. While the world does make sense - the "alien" nature of deimos is overwhelming. The eyes can't focus on anything in particular, the infested particles overwhelm the screen. At the same time there's too many environmental points of interest that just never get resolved, explained, etc. Like those 2 giant worms are amazing creatures. Surely we could get a quest or a mission involving interacting with them or something. No, fat chance, they are just local sun/moon metaphor and that's it. What about the weird blue room in the middle? Is that something special? Will it get explained? Probably not. Its a fascinating concept for sure, but it quickly just becomes "an open map with lots of infested".
  7. Have multiple instances and then start with the highest %. If you have 25, 25, 25 and 40 - you should start with 40 (no matter wether its the donnor or the receiver). Then it would look like this: 40 x 1,1 = 44% 44 x 1,1 = 48,4% 48,4 x 1,1 = 53,24%
  8. Probably would make differentiating them harder, but yeah - i would mind have more diverse infested units even if its just a colour swap.
  9. Unfortunately nerfing is the only way DE can keep things at balance. People often say "don't nerf the strong stuff, just buff the weak stuff" but that's an insurmountable task because of the sheer amount of underpowered or underwhelming gear in the game. They'll have a giant backlog of things to fix, while monitoring that they don't accidentally buff it to godlike status again. Nerfing is way easier. And also why DE effectively outsourced buffings of old, weak stuff to rivens, letting RNG to sort it out. While i understand the argument of sunken costs - i believe there are a couple of things that need addressing here. First: that waste of forma happens either way as the game progresses and keeps adding new content that replaces old ones, power creep included. Eventually DE will add a sniper that's stronger than rubico prime and i don't think many will complain that they'll have to delete their rubico. Second: players need to take some responsibility here too. While some people build meta stuff by accident and just go "oh wow, this is neat" there is also the case for people building meta stuff just because its meta and then using nothing else. The power hungry mindset of players is a double edged sword - they quickly figure out the best way to do X, but they also work as hounds for DE to find where the balance of game crumbles apart. At some point i developed a sort of sense for "oh, this is way too good, DE will nerf this eventually" and i turn out to be right more often than not. Some things are just too good to be true and every forma used on such things is used with knowledge that DE will come for it eventually. Third: all DE needs to do is to better calculate stuff on release. Things wouldn't need nerfing if they weren't released as broken as they are. We had SO many cases of AoE weapons being way too good for their own good - i'm more dumbfounded that DE keeps stepping on the same rake over and over again. There is a possibility that they do it intentionally, turning weapons into a short-term forma-bait, but i'm gonna give them some credit and assume that is not the case and they are just being idiots (no offense, but seriously - Simulor, Tonkor, Bramma, that one Kitgun. We have more than enough data to not let this happen again, because we know PRECISELY why these things happen). So yeah. Nerf good, buff hard, need smart to avoid nerf.
  10. Just give me a USP-45 skin and i'll die happy. Or i don't know, grineer rendition of of what USP-45 would look like.
  11. I think its a fair guess considering the sheer horror with which our VIPs scream. Pain like that cannot not have some kind of long-term damage. Another hint is that its literally the only case where such technology is used. No other units in the entire game get to experience the joys of that long-range teleportation travel. Key word "long range". So Loki and Grineer Commander playing "teleport yourself" is not the same type of technology. But... Gear does. K-drives and Necramechs seem to be both deployed via some kind of instant transportation technology. Which makes perfect sense, considering that if it screws with organics - why not teleport not-organics. Although then we have stuff like railjack instant teleportation... But that one seems different too, with the white particles instead of yellow. Perhaps some kind of mid-range tech instead, or slightly improved mechanism behind Loki's shenanigans.
  12. Well, it could be speculated that this technology probably causes severe long term damage as well, and that's not a thing to do to an ally. I wonder if they can sue Lotus...
  13. Simple actually. Have you turned your sound off? Capture targets scream in agony when you "capture" them. Whatever the teleportation technology we are using - it appears to be extremely painful, something that's not an issue with hostile VIP's, but definitely not something you would do to an ally. Unless they somehow consent to it. IMHO, i would take my chances being escorted by 4 war machines of god-like power than get teleported to safety straight from my cell at the cost of experiencing torture levels of pain.
  14. Rhino is a jack of all trades: he's durable, can buff damage output and even has crowd control when he's in a pinch. The only thing he's not good at is protecting defense objectives, but that's what Frost is for. So yeah, pick Rhino to have an easier time with the rest of the game until you find a more suitable warframe for you. Signed: Rhino main.
  15. Idea with blast turning enemies into explosives like nova's ult is actually a very interesting one. Reminds me of Steam damage type from Magicka or whatever that game was called. Because that's what blast seems seems to be in this game, technically. Heat overheats the water and causes a violent steam explosion (not a real "rapid energy impulse" explosion, which makes any armor obsolete and shellshocks the S#&$ out of any survivors). So it could be like we are causing enemies to turn into these walking steam-bombs that violently explode upon death.
  16. I honestly believe this is some kind of bug. It wasn't this bad before and Kuva Karak experiences the same issue it seems - the effect is waaaay to agressive.
  17. No no, wiki says its 1.00 (3/5) as well. I guess they knew that the gun is THAT bad or its popularity already dropped through the floor.
  18. Btw, what's the riven disposition on the thing right now?
  19. Oh yeah, i like that one. Its kinda like a punishment for sucking at stealth without actually failing the mission. Wonder if its possible to come up with something similiar for other modes.
  20. Don't know, its kinda nice for diverse gameplay. Although it does reduces efficiency of kuva capture rolls... If anything we need more of this. Extermination turns into Capture, Defense turns into Survival, Survival turns into Defense... Random boss fights...
  21. I have 2 liches that i particularly like. One of them is a toxin 45% kuva hind, who can deal AoE damage, penetrate shields and occasionally smite enemies. And recently i acquired a very cool 50% magnetic kuva zarr tsundere. Liches are surprisingly competent at killing boarders. Optimally the radiation one would be prefferable, because radiation is indeed a very strong form of crowd control.
  22. Nice. We're seeing some progress.
  23. Probably. My friend reported similar issues with a number of LoS dependant AoE abilities.
  24. For reference my optimal build for the moment looks like this: Damage | Multishot | Crit Damage | Crit Chance Primed Cryo Rounds | 60/60 cold | 60/60 toxin | 60/60 Electricity This build sort of works fine, as i have no particular issues with average grineer up to Level 80. They usually die to average 5 shos to the head, probably because one of those shots crits and with that crit multiplier it destroys. However, the gun struggles badly with heavy units like gunners and bombards, usually requiring a good 15-20 shots to the head for a kill. I'm not sure about going for corrosive build. Ever since DE buffed viral and nerfed corrosive procs - corrosion became obsolete on guns with status potential. Viral outperforms corrosion basically always (as long as target can be status'd) due to how insane the 10 stacks of viral are with that +300% damage. I tried doing corrosion, but it doesn't seem to work as well. Might test more later.
  25. Or - more appropriately - make Ambassador actually worth its MR10 requirement and bazillion years of Railjack grind that it requires. I just bought it from market the second i saw what i need to do to grind it. No, i'm not doing that. And again - my criticism wasn't even the gun as a whole. Its specifically secondary charge mode which is worse than auto-mode by a big margin because its not worth 2 seconds of reload-switching and 48 ammo it uses to take a shot. Those 48 ammo are better spent shooting primary mode which will end up simply dealing more damage thanks to all the viral procs its going to apply. In other words: half the gun is balanced worse than the rest of the gun. In which case why have alt firing mode in the first place. That's just bad game design.
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