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  1. Checked the wiki. Yeah, i see what you're saying. I'd still suggest changing the grinding place. The same relic seems to be falling from Mars Rotation C, which means you can fight continuously and dont have to restart every time. Tier 1 interception also seems to be a lovely place to grind said relic, as it seems to drop from every rotation, just with different chances.
  2. What reward are we talking about, specifically? Usually rotation A has very common rewards that can often be found somewhere else.
  3. Yeah, its the 3rd murmur that's the core point of content. 1st and 2nd are alright - they're done before you feel burned out, but the 3rd one just crushes your soul.
  4. I mean... Are they wrong? Warframe was always a game about grind. "Checklist - The Game" if you will. I think its fair to assume that the general, primary objective here to collect things. For MR points, if nothing else. And i always considered Warframe a game that manages this well, having grind in that perfect golden spot of not to quick, but not too long. And to be fair, i still stand by that statement. The core issue of kuva lich system, however, is its' monorail track nature in the current state. Despite the fact that liches can spread across planets and control sectors and be anywhere anytime... You have to go to their "content island" as DE called it in order to interact with the system. A lot of the burn-out would be avoided if we could do liches in the background while doing something else. The fissures, the sorties, the syndicate missions, you name it. Hell, just the fissures alone would be enough...
  5. I think what's especially painful is that there is no other gain from current Kuva Lich system but guns. So if the gun is wrong - you just waste your time since there is nothing else that's worth gaining from current system. Convertion is useless and there is nothing else worth gaining from lich grind. They dont drop any unique mods, resources... There is nothing. Only the gun. And further you progress with getting the guns that you need (right elementals, right bonus) the lesser and lesser the chance of getting the next one is. First 5 guns were super fun to get. 6 through 11 was a mediocre experience. And now that there's only 2 left out of possible 13... Its just suffering.
  6. As someone who was on a quest for last couple of months to get specific guns of specific elementals i started to notice that i'm seriously getting burned out on Kuva Lich grinding. It just takes way too long to take out a single Lich, especially if you are unlucky with random guessing of requiems (1/8 is a decent chance, but not quiet good enough). And when after that you create a new one and its a gun you just don't need it and your memory is still fresh on the grinding process and you realise that you have to do it again for no gain at all... The pain is real. Basically, what i'm asking for, is a booster that doubles murmurs gained from thralls. A pure and simple murmur booster. Yes, i will pay plat for that. Please.
  7. The problem is that games like Warframe live through constant addition of new content. The moment the stop making new hot stuff - the game will die, because veterans will just grind out everything there is to grind and leave. That doesn't mean, however, that DE do not fix the old stuff. They do it in parallel to new content. They fix what they can fix, and fix what they want to fix. Which they often do. Hotfixes exist for a reason. Im going to assume their current objective is to polish the railjack experience, as right now there is quiet a lot of bugs and certain key functions missing, like the fact you cant truly finish a railjack mission if the host wont drydock his railjack. Personally, i'm waiting for proper solo experience with converted liches as the crew.
  8. Personally, i believe Excalibur is MOSTLY fine as he is right now, but Radial Javelin is hot garbage and does nothing. It deals no damage (by that i mean it doesnt scale into mid-late game well) and doesn't even provide any tactical value, like debuffs or anything. I believe it stuns enemies it hits, but why do that when radial blind essentially does the same thing, for less energy and allows you to guarantee oneshot them with finishers? IMHO, 1 should scale with melee mods, 3 should do too and also deal bonus damage to blinded enemies, while at it. And maybe shred their armor or something, just to be sure.
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