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  1. I get it, people were using certain methods that you (DE) didn't like because they were kinda super cheesy. Clans who are trying to compete for high scores are always going to think of, look for, and use the best strategies. The thing is, it's difficult to determine which things are okay and which things aren't ahead of time. Because those clans don't know, they get punished. Their scores get reset back to whatever their last "legit" run was. The funny thing about this, there are people on Warframe whose last legit runs also used "illicit" strategies. Those peoples' scores are still there. You want to protect the sanctity of the competition. That's understandable. I get it. However, this level of "protection" is almost man-handling. I know it can suck to see players using methods you didn't intend for, but it's also difficult for the players to ascertain what's considered "illicit". I doubt players want to be using these "illicit" strategies too, especially if they're gonna be punished for using them. Don't punish the players, instead, work with the players and learn from them. Then, set up stuff ahead of time to prevent these illicit strategies the next time. It might also be helpful to have some sort of discussion on what might be considered as illicit, looking at past history and events. Just my two cents, for what it's worth. Pre-edit (Also, I think it's been said before, but some players may not even know that what they're doing is against the dev's wishes. What if a new player rolls some riven with negative damage and accidentally uses it in the event and keeps using it because it seems like a good strategy. They wouldn't even know what's going on and wouldn't realize they are, essentially, abusing this illicit strategy. They'd get an account suspension, maybe even a "permanent game ban")
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