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  1. I can agree on ship upgrade resource costs, it's definitely a bit much, but actual money? Nah. Repair drones are only 50 plat and you can get that in a couple trades if all you have are older mods. If you just mean avionics, the plat prices are a bit inflated ye but you can still make plat by just trading and getting it like that. Also F to OP, we hardly knew 'em.
  2. A mini void portal inside their suits which ejects excrement and p e e into the void.
  3. Crewships: They shouldn't be taking so little damage per shot, much less boarding shouldn't be almost required. I say almost since you can use abilities and missiles, but they don't work well enough unless you spam them all on a single Crewship. Make attacking from the outside viable, reduce armor or health or increase Railjack damage perhaps? They're good as tanks and I like the idea of that challenge, but they're way too good at their job. Archwings: In short? Make them tankier. Even on the first Earth Proxima mission they can't take more than three shots before dying. Alternatively, make the projectiles slower and not so pinpoint tracking so we can at least dodge them. Resource Gathering: I don't usually have trouble with exploring maps but it can be very difficult to see resources dropped from fighters. With the vast expanse of the maps combined with dogfights you can easily lose things that may be useful to you. At least add a waypoint on dropped avionics, turrets, and components if not all drops. Collection range is good.
  4. Manticore for now. If we ever get infested crew members, then it will be Ishimura.
  5. I'm not returning to my Railjack until we get some solo support. The thing's a flying sheet of glass waiting to be broken by a stray round, and the archwing is even less durable. If you leave it to blow up a crewship, it's dead. If a crewship looks in your general direction, it's dead.
  6. I'll be waiting for that solo support, but for now I shall customize her.
  7. I mercy him every time I see him, I've done so for years now. I say DE lets us save him, and then let him be our butler on our ship as thanks.
  8. Ishimura, but only if we get infested crew members
  9. The Seer looks cool... But does it *perform* cool?
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