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  1. Now we must come together and get DE to add the Soaktron as a weapon to use in everything else!
  2. Banned for banning nobody and without reason.
  3. Ancients. Out of literally every other enemy that stuns you or knocks you down, this one continues to get me time and time again. I hate them enough to go out of my way to obliterate one if I see it, doesn't matter what I'm doing or how important it is.
  4. Tenno are known for depopulating entire galleons before anyone has enough time to figure out what's going on. But assuming they're in open, active combat? Nidus. The infested alone are bad enough seeing as how they can directly infect flesh and metal, and tear apart ships given enough time. An infestation controlled by a Tenno is definitely worse, being able to direct it wherever he may want it, and spawning his own little infested flora and weird bunny things that bore into you then explode. Then suddenly he throws a ball of tendrils which grabs your friends without any hope to escape, easy pickings. At the same time, you and any few other survivors of the initial attack are probably now infected. With this being said I have to wonder... Ignoring any gameplay limitations, wouldn't Nidus' infestation just spread and mutate upon any ability usage? His first and fourth especially spawn masses of infested flesh and flora. Wouldn't any attacks orchestrated by him just cause a spike in infested outbreaks, albeit under the control of a Tenno?
  5. DE's tried pvp before, multiple times, and it failed each time. The community really doesn't like pvp.
  6. Distract yourself with other games while waiting for updates.
  7. RIP, whatever gets it launched with as few problems as possible.
  8. I was waaaayyy too late for the stream, like 5 minutes left too late. Nonetheless, thanks for the stream!
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