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  1. After playing for two weeks with the new melee system, I came to the conclusion that it is disgusting and almost unplayable. Here are my suggestions on how save the situation: Return: - Return the quick melee attacks. (Without weapon change) - Return the ability to manually block. - Return the possibility of controlled gliding with melee weapons. - Return the possibility of manually melee weapons equipping. Add: - Add option to disable auto block. - Add the ability to quickly change ranged weapons to melee weapons. (In fact, make the current function of the "E" key on a separate button) - Add a quick shot of secondary weapons when equipped with the melee weapon. (Without weapon change) - Add the ability to quickly change melee weapons to ranged weapons. Proposal for changing the Concentration system: - Add a new Concentration gauge to the Operator. When the Concentration gauge is filled, the Warframe can be put into Concentration mode. This mode will greatly enhance the Warframe weapons and abilities, and will give the Warframe health regeneration and accelerated shield recovery. (Similar to Devil Trigger from Devil May Cry)
  2. I'm surprised at the complete disregard for the serious problem associated with the new melee system on this devstream. Many people (including me) simply have no desire to continue playing Warframe because of this.
  3. Good day, DE team. I really liked the 2.0 system, after its introduction, melee weapons felt like a full-fledged weapon, not as a decorative element hanging behind the warframe. From 3.0 system I was expecting the development of this concept. But what happened in the end? It was not the development of a new system, but rather a return to the system 1.0. And that's really too bad. Melee weapons are no longer perceived as normal weapons, they have become decorative element again. Extremely frustrating, then removed the ability to equip melee weapons as in 2.0 system. The combo system is badly damaged, auto-block does not work in the best way (this is not always convenient), the lack of controlled flight with melee weapons is also extremely inconvenient. Constantly dropping items that warframe holds in hands. The system is extremely inconvenient.
  4. Congratulations, DE. Thank you very much for what you're doing.
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