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  1. Thx for the fixes :) but can you please do something about some weapons not hanging correctly on some warframes back :/ like for instance the Paris prime on hydroid it looks sooo weird :/

  2. I would love something like a series.

    Maybe give a story of some kind, that doesn't really exist.

    Problem is, you'd have to give the frames voices, and we don't really know what is inside the frame.

    They could be people. They could be an amorphous gas. We don't know.

    not really snake doesn't speak in GI joe, and the tenno not speaking and not knowing what or who they are would make it mysterious :) thats my thought of it :p

  3. my ING is justanormalguy and i like to be in your clan and a little about my warframe i had a excalibur lvl 30 but i sold it because i dind't want to play with excalibur i now have a rhino lvl 20 weapon i use strun lvl 30, gorgon lv18, paris lvl 17, akbolto lvl 18, gram lvl 16 and my rank is 3 im now trying to get saryn and when update 8 is out im going for frost prime

  4. i find it still hard to believe that mag was created as a male character in game it looks like a female but in one of the livestreams they say mag is male weird right and really nice manga fanart love manga :)

  5. when i use my akbolto sometimes instead of flying against the wall and hanging there the enemy's keep hanging in mid air don't know if its a bug but just letting you know and srry if this is posted already thx for your time tenno from belgium out :)

  6. can you get arrows out of the lockers like with the rifle, pistol and other ammo? because everytime i got out of arrows i never got back any arrows out of a locker :(

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