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  1. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    WTB Specific Akvasto Riven *BOUGHT*

    WTB a specific Akvasto riven with these stats : (+Damage, +Multishot, +Crit Chance and a Negative: -Zoom/-Flight Speed/+Recoil) PM me in-game or on here, thanks! Bought, thanks tenno!
  2. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    WTB Specific Tigris and Vasto Rivens

    Hey guys, kind of a wild west theme here of weapons, looking for these stats specifically: Tigris: +Status Chance (Atleast 53.4%) +Multishot (Atleast 80%) and a Negative: -Impact/-Mag Capacity/+Recoil Vasto: +Crit Chance, +Multishot, +Damage, and a Negative: -Impact/-Zoom/-Flight Speed You are welcome to message me in-game or on the forums, thanks!
  3. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    Melee 3.0...

    how is it entirely built around the new system, they showed us the foundation, we had seen the weapon in action along with its stance moves its features were very well working. "soon" to be removed apparently wasn't so soon.
  4. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    Melee 3.0...

    I agree with not rushing melee 3.0, my issue with it is tying the odachi to it, imo it would have been better to release the new category and then work on it later instead of just holding it to release with melee 3.0, it's not like that single weapon and it's stance would be as much work as all the other tons of weapons and categories with their respective stances.
  5. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    Melee 3.0...

    Is NOT this year... meaning we won't be seeing that sick 2 handed nikana (odachi) this year further pushing it back 😕 Why not have it release with revenant like it was supposed to be? I believe the excuse was that they did not want to release it because of the melee changes coming in the soonish future but its been pushed back so many times now due to new implementations and such. It has now been a full year, and we're still waiting 😞
  6. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    WTS Skiajati Riven

    1.9k, pm me here or in-game
  7. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    (De's Have Responded) They Have Fixed Prime Access!

    It doesnt matter what you think of the fur or patterns or colors we got or that you think they dont look good, or that we can scrape together a similar color. When did your taste or appeal become everyone elses? What matters is that an EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORY is not in the pack that is SUPPOSED to contain them. WHO CARES if we can make a similar pattern or if something else looks better, it's a matter of doing things right. You can white knight DE all you want but in the end 99% of the people on this topic are upset. Having to pay 100$ to get the full accessories realeased is just crazy. And maybe you have Hundreds of dollars laying around but some of us don't, and counting on DE to have all the accessories in the pack for 50$ is what kept it moderately affordable.
  8. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    (De's Have Responded) They Have Fixed Prime Access!

    Either make the gene masking kit drop. Or include it in the accessory pack with the armor. It is literally un-obtainable without having to spend an extra 50$ on top of the 50$ you spend on the accessory pack. Dissapointing, very dissapointing.
  9. GenjuTheAutistNinja

    Dragon Nikana (End-Game/ Max Build Help )

    Take out molten impact and put in organ shatter. DPS would skyrocket with all the crit damage and attack speed. The more attack speed the more crits, so i think in the end overall damage would be higher than having that extra elemental. Putting in organ shatter will effectively raise the crit multiplier to around x4. and doing x4 damage every 4th or so hit with the speed you would be moving at would be incredible. And to take it further you can theoretically remove true steel and replace it with a dmg mod if you have maxed arcane avenger. And for even more dps also have a maxed arcane strike. If you are using ash or excalibur you can take this damage even further by using arcane trickery. Do a finisher and you go invisible for 20 seconds. And during that time you can do stealth multipliers. I main melee only and go on a LOT of long survivals. I have never run into problems killing enemies in the very late game with this build. I mainly use ash for this build. Edit: after messing around testing a few numbers in game. it's actually better to remove true steel all together. 9% isnt enough value for it to take up mod space. you crit well enough already. Highest damage build I have found is using the following. This build is for infested and void... Blind Justice, Pressure Point, Life Strike (unranked), Berserker, Buzz Kill, Fever Strike, Shocking Touch, Killing Blow, Organ Shatter. All max except Life Strike. This will do highest damage and you will still crit and swing fast enough with berserker especially with arcane attachments on your stuff that i mentioned above.