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  1. New Contest: A Voice In The Void

    Question for Megan: is my entry valid? If you strictly require my frame to be running I can amend it. Thanks!
  2. New Contest: A Voice In The Void

    Seems we got a surprise upgrade! Thanks DE!
  3. Gift From The Lotus!

  4. The Color (Set) Sharing Program!

    Whitest white from Ice, reddest red from Fire. http://imgur.com/a/q8Zhw#0 p.s. the only black (on Excalibur) is from Fire but anything would work.
  5. Warframe Builder

    This is a great job and I salute your programming skills, but I think you should only replicate the grid. The powers on the left can be in a normal vertical list with the same selector for sorting plus a field to filter by name. Don't replicate the game interface too much - it sucks.
  6. Update 11.3.0

    Kudos on taking a step toward making the solar map a more significant part of the game, but those infestation missions are BORING. Five times with almost zero variation?? Personally I'm still very willing to give you all the time you need to improve things, so keep up the good work.
  7. Update 11.2.0

    Yeah players got up while still dead and couldn't be revived or something like that. Thanks.
  8. Server Issues April 6Th, 12Am Est

    Ouch I bought founder status right before realizing I can't connect :D Thanks to DE for the hard work