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  1. The problem with the whole conversation analogy is that its very flawed. If a new weapon comes out i need to know 3 things. 1) Stats 2) Crafting cost/where to farm it 3) how it looks But conversations does not follow a straight 1 to 3 format other then in bad writing and video games. A real conversation would be like a friend meeting me on the street showing me a picture(3) of his new car while explaining its performance(1) and that he got it at the dealer next to his job(2) last wednesday. What Warframe does is like if the same friend told me got a new car. And then shut his mouth. Only by a prompt from me to continue would he tell me more. So he would then tell me its performance. And promptly shut his mouth again. At this point i have to promt him again to tell me more. So he tell me got it at the dealer next to his job. (the fact he got it last wednesday is missing here) Only by yet another prompt would he show me how it looked by showing me an entire car park filled with 20 cars all the while pointing at one of the tiny cars in the huge picture is his. The entire conversation would be an absolute waste of time and i would both consider if it was something wrong with that car and if it would be worth my time to listen to any more stories from said friend.
  2. 1) When will Warframe get a functional UI back? 2) Will we ever get decimal functionality to mouse sensitivity? the game is not granual enough to set cm/360 correctly. 3) Will future updates to warframe give anything to those that enjoy the core gameplay loop or will all development be used on space combat sim aka railjack?
  3. We used to have way better UI then now... (not my pic all my old pictures are gone). You can still see how utterly washed out the current ui is when it comes to the mod cards just look at stretch from Nospaxs posts vs the old ui and its not hard to see what i mean. 90% of the time i can see no details what so ever in the current UI when it comes to the mods. It the item labels where not there i would not even be able to know what half of them where. Even mods i have seen and used for several years. Its sad when an UI that has been gone longer then many players have played the game, used to give you both higher fidelity and clarity to what the mods where then the current iteration of the UI.
  4. I just logged in so i could applaud your post. DE needs to understand that less is more does not translate directly over to videogames.
  5. This is your best one yet. Much easier to see at a glance what you got and if you want to skip squad you can and those that want to skip stats can do that.
  6. An auction house nearly killed diablo 3 and has left a smear of plenty of developers reputations for years to come after the whole debatacle was resolved by removing it entirely from the game. I played plenty of mmos where auction houses all lead to a rise to the bottom and currency both ingame and real life money became utterly useless over the years. a quick fictional example. with a trade chat a few people from their respective regions can and will put out trades for things like an braton prime set. they can charge a small to medium plat prize for that that buyers can accept. With an auction house there are zero barriers to entry. instead of a few people there is nothing stopping say 60% of the european player base that has a braton prime set to just throw it onto the auction house and see if anyone pickit up. with a couple of millions of braton prime sets the only way to sell is either get lucky with a clueless buyer or undersell. if people undersell enough the prizes are going to be dumped and once they are they will remain dumped. what once sold for 50 plat is now perhaps worth 1 plat due to the sheer volume of the items being sold. That is a quick example of how you can ruin a game economy in a few steps.
  7. If i could upvote this post 100 times i would. Because it shows nearly every single thing that is wrong with the current fluff over practicality DE has chosen to adopt.
  8. Nor does whatever joe random pug 1232334123 has for a warframe matter. They sure put down a lot of work into something we will just esc and then leave squad as soon as possible from. Since they are again going style over function i guess i read any relevant information in the liset instead.
  9. The second Warframe is getting Anthem menus is the same second i drop the game to never come back. Its a travesty and one of the hardest ui to navigate in a modern game by far. What happened after the 90s that makes you designers want the user to constantly battle with your ui to get even a remotely useful ux?
  10. FFS sake we have ever single damn weapon page showing your warframe holding the weapon instead of the information about the damn weapon you as a player just clicked on. I very much hope DE as a company does not consist of people daft enough to not realize that if i as a player click on a damn weapon within the game i want the information about the weapon and not some useless damn art piece that add absolutely zero damn value. More over there exists nearly countless best practices about UX and UI design which DE all but ignore. We are way past the point of asking nicely when it comes to UI design around here since plenty of the screens talked about waste more then 50% of the space for zero gain. DE actually come near anthems Slanted diagonal menus when uit comes to worst UI in the entire genre at this point.
  11. You dont even have a consistency as how you have decided to show of our gear in inventory and you think this will help? Your UI "work" has done two things: Increased time spend navigating the UI and Removed information that was previously there. It takes at a bare minimum 1-2 more clicks or you have to navigate to a pane and then hover over something before you can see any relevant information at all. This game has more unused real estate on the screens then freaking web developers who think white space is the way forward. Remember when you could see your entire squads layout as you loaded into a game Pablo? Because we have not forgotten that it used to dropdown and show that instantly before instead of the time wasting system where you have to move your mouse and then hover over the squad to see anything of value. Warframe and its UI changes remind me of the boneheaded idea that Diablo 3 had to hide any relevant information from players. My only need for a UI is this: 1 Show me the status of an item be it a weapon a warframe or a follower like a kavat with as few clicks and movements as possible. 2 Show me how mods affect the currently viewed item again with as little wasted time as possible 3 Show me what my squad has in their layouts, instantly as the real estate is quite clearly there for it in the game as it has been there previously. When it comes down to the nitty gritty that is all i need from a UI. The current UI fails at all 3. EDIT: One of your largest failures when it comes to UI is that you managed to hide the extractors so well i had to even tell a few people who does not use the companion app where to find them in the game after you changed where they are found.
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