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  1. "Operator Hoods will appear open and Masksremoved when they are involved in a cut scene" Why did you give us the ability to have the hood permanently closed if you are just going to remove the functionality in cut scenes? I am not suprised since no damn developer this side of the 2000 seems to understand that there are people that want to play with full helmets,hoods, masks permanently including in cut scenes. I am just annoyed that my explicit choice once again is ignored in a game. To bad i cant mod the game to prevent open face time... The operators has always had the weakest writing in the game with the most inane and banal dialogue. This will only be increased by the open face. Oh well since i have decided to not do the harrow quest until i am done with leveling all weapons and focus in the game. The operators might have improved by the time i do the sacrifice.
  2. Well the ISO standard has monday as first day of the week and friday-sunday is commonly called the weekend so for many european countries its has been like that for a long time now.
  3. Ehh sunday is the end of the week for several countries and here Monday is the start of the week. this map brings some light on how it is divided https://www.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/comments/35hb3a/first_day_of_the_week_in_different_countries/
  4. Windows 7 32Bit and 64Bit end its life in fall 2020 graphic cards makers like Nvidia and AMD are ending all support for 32 bit driver support 2019. You will have to update from your v ery old 32Bit windows 7 soon enough either way.
  5. spore spread on kills by team mates its only if the tick damage of spore kills the enemy that it wont spread. Its clearly stated in the rework of spores.
  6. Fantastic changes 😄 the ability to recast spores and the changes to the spread mechanics will open her up to play with a more diverse set of builds instead of 250-280 range being the thing you mooded for regardless due to how bad spore spread was below those ranges. Setting it to max 10 to ramp up damage but no limit to the amount of infected you can have is fair and make sure we play her as a caster instead of a afk hiding gardener waiting for her spores to reach full bloom. Cant wait to try these changes. It seemsthey would fix the inconsistant spread issues as well as make her work both in the starchart and sorties,SO,ESO and kuva survival.
  7. The most glaring issue right now is that spore can stop working randomly in missions and jsut show a 10 on the meter and now matter what you do you cant get it to work again.
  8. @[DE]Connor Fantastic news. Thank you for disclosuring a bit more of the why in this post instead of just an information dump. The fact that you told us f6 contained meta data for you to use and the fact that we now know the spawn locations are handplaced makes it easier for us to understand the manhours involved in fixing the mode. Is anything done to the game architecture to handle host migrations better? or is it a hard nut to crack? As far as testing goes what can we do to help you narrow down the kinks and errors in onslaught? I for one would have nop problem with sending you scrubbed dxdiag files etc if it would help you fix the mode faster.
  9. Its not that you dont have the time but the AI is bad enough that Venari can get stuck several tilesets away and bleedout before you get there. Bugs like Venari getting killed in the air can also mean the context menu for reviving can be missing entirely. What people ask for is a way to get her back if they miss the bleedout timer becasue S#&$ happens. Be it a huge energy cost, health or something else. I know for a fact that if they implement this and she dies in any of the two above mentioned examples i will not kill myself to get her back i will play the mission to its end and get her back the next mission. I dont kill myself for things like carrier or helios either. Or kavats and kubrows for that matter.
  10. OK a couple of questions: Host migrations have been an issue for years and Onslaught brought it up again in force due to the fact that its a new gamemode that people like to try and they also want the rewards from it. What is being done to the architecture of the game to migrate or solve this problem? While DE rebecca and the rest of the community team does a good work at speaking with the community DE still fails to convey why you as developers do things or change things in a certain way. I believe much of the push back you receive for certain changes could be removed if you just clarified stuff..... What do you see the point to the leaderboards are? Are you restricting the time players can stay in modes like elite onslaught to ensure that the leaderboards do not become static? What is your overall plan for Onslaught? Is it just a quick intensive arcade like mission or did you have another intent for it? We saw the two new PH amp parts, will those be the only new ones for now or do you plan more amp parts for the future?
  11. I hope you get out of it fast i was stuck for 40 minutes in one.
  12. Exactly and those crashes are minor compared to the new ones brought on with onslaught.
  13. So that is 5 minutes + 15 minutes on timer and another 15 minutes on timer i been in the same fantastic host migration. Now i know programming is hard and that bugs happen but please DE next time dont claim something is fixed before rigorous testing have been done to catch all instances of it. I timed this host migration and i just now got the message that the connection to the host was lost and of course i have no reward to show for these past 35 minutes of host migration not to mention the actual playtime i lost from that Onslaught. I for one will avoid this gamemode until the end of May when it might be stable enough to be usable. Until then i will enjoy the rest of the game that actually works.
  14. 18 minutes and my squad appears to load slowely or rather i can see their ships How can you even post a claim that its fixed when you have multitude of users that can prove you wrong DE? Perhaps you need to extend the rigors of your hotfix tests so 15 minutes +5 minutes lost so far lets see if i can get 35 minutes in this nice cozy host migration
  15. I started a 15:00 minutes countdown timer after 5 minutes in this host migration. the timer is now at 10:00. Perhaps a long and deep look at why warframe has such a disastrous relation to host migrations is in order.
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