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  1. Looking forward to seeing Danielle return to the PS4@4 stream. 66 days since last stream, but who's counting?
  2. humbly request: the bars immediately after 1:24 in https://youtu.be/YwlZK46SexI the bars starting at 2:08 in https://youtu.be/Tj2CpcfydtU the bars starting at 2:36 in https://youtu.be/V6F1AkGHMZI TYSM!
  3. Please remove the Profit Taker challenge from Nightwave until after the constant and persistent crashing has been resolved.
  4. New Nightwave starts today; weapon slots might be in the rewards.
  5. I've given up on making songs until DE initiates Moog capability
  6. you can main Suda/Perrin or Steel/Suda per this chart.
  7. There is no crossplay between consoles and PC. you will have to play both accounts separately.
  8. I would expect the devstream on Friday to address the next prime.
  9. Seriously, where tf is this place? context: Exited the arsenal while on the Orbiter, and ended up here. Tried jumping out and got stuck in this position
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