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  1. This issue just started happening to me the other day. When using Pretea's Dispensary, her orbs at times require player input to be picked up. Like this.
  2. Since the Deimos update for PS4, I've noticed that during Mobile Defense missions, I will drop the datamass when I aim glide. This only applies to Mobile Defense. When I carry a battery during Excavation or the concoction during Isolation Vault missions, I can aim glide and not drop anything. Pretty picture from Dawit below.
  3. Hildryn wrecks the toroid farming. 1. Pillage 2. Wreck 3. Pick up toroids 4. Repeat steps 1-3 until satisfied.
  4. https://rivenmarket.com/riven-mod/sellers/redeemer Make sure you're on PS4 setting.
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