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  1. Firstly, the name. Whoever told you that Rope-A-Loli is a good name, they lied. Fire them. Secondly, the Flydolon itself is almost no threat at all. Yes, you can get insta-killed, but honestly, if you jump around you can avoid it easily. Bigger threat are the Amalgams and smaller Sentients. That's not how a BOSS fight should be. Thirdly, enviromental kills. So we have all this amazing gear and Frames, to kill a boss by using a console. When you smash all the bugs, this will be the second easiest boss fight in Warframe. Second, because you can't beat Sergeants level.
  2. My 3 cents: 1. Give us a timer showing how long this series will last. This way we can calculate what we have to do in order to get the rewards we want. I was grinding my ass off for the first few weeks, to later discover I have plenty of time and didn't need to stress over it. 2. This is a suggestion for the task system. Instead of giving us 7 weekly tasks (like you stated you're going to do) and a daily, just give us 10 random tasks, which we can delete and get new ones in 30 minutes. This way we could actually have some control over the tasks we want to do and play specific mission types we want rewards from. I know some people might get lucky and get 10 Elite ones, so to not make things too fast, just put a daily Nightwave Standing cap, same as with other Syndicates. This will also push people to rank up their Mastery, so they craft more weapons/frames. More Mastery = more daily standing possible. Right now we can get ~50K standing weekly. With my system MR15 player could get that in 3 days, but MR24 player would need just 2 days. Less grind to get best rewards + some control over tasks + interest to rank up Mastery. "Isn't that wonderful?" - Nef Anyo. If that's still too fast ranking up for you, let's just make each rank require 500 Standing more than previous one. First few ranks will go blazing fast, but further down the road ranking up will increase in difficulty. 3. Also give us more than 30 Nightwave Ranks, but put the best rewards in those 30. Meaning, give us some Endo, Kuva, Forma, Void Traces, Relics, whatever, alongside Creds after Rank 30. People playing long enough don't need creds, since they have all the helmets and auras from the old alert system. New players need Creds alongside those resources. This way it will push veteran players to do Nightwave tasks past Rank 30. I get it that not everyone will like those suggestions, but I think this way many people will feel less "forced" to do some task, especially when they will have control over what tasks to do. Numbers are a subject to change, no stress there.
  3. Played some of the new alert thingy and I have to say: it's good, but needs balancing. From my quik maths I got 50k standing weekly, meaning 5 ranks. So it means 6 weeks to get the last reward, considering you'll do all the challenges. My question is, for how long do you plan on this series to roll? Half a year? Too damn long. My 2 cents: Firstly we need more challenges. More challenges means more standing and rewards sooner. Then, as you said, we Prestige the Nightwave and get more Creds, but with a Prestige level you should either get Creds every rank, or at least each tier should get multiplied. Another thing are the rewards. The tiered ones for ranking up are pretty nice. Good job on that. But the rewards for Creds are basically... well, crap. So I hope you'll get us something better next rotation. Remember when Baro brought us shi**ty stuff and only a few of them? Yeah, we don't want that to repeat. To all people complaining: RELAX. They just implemented it and you all know DE is listening. Every change needs testing and they can't do all of that, so we are the testers. Yeah, the beginning is always shi**y, remember the change of Void Keys to Relics? Overall the newer system turned out to be much better, but more grindy at first. Here will be the same, it just needs some adjustments. Some tuning and balancing. And DE will do just that, but we have to give them some time. Remember, this is Warframe. Every number is a subject to change. They will get it right, in time.
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