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  1. Ah, the nuances of English caught another one. It's a formal suggestion of "please lay me down under the Granum Crowns when I die". Hm, for all we know the time span between Deadlock Protocol and Call of Temperstarii could only be days. Would that be enough to kill Parvos?
  2. is that a bad thing? Agreed, they should buff other enemies as well. I can get behind that.
  3. You may not know it, but it's one of many nuances in daily communication :) Not everything they said has to be released. For all we know, custom mission builder for clan is kind of a moot point in the grand scheme, like, what would a tight-knitted Ghost clan do? Why do we need Devil Trigger? nah, the only thing they can and will do is to seethe inside their echo chamber along with their fans
  4. I'm genuinely curious, why did you name the thread like you did instead of something more succinct, straight to the point? For example: "Can't reliably host my own Railjack session" "I want to host my own Railjack missions" "Game always load me as Railjack client, I don't want that" "Let me choose if I want to play as host or client in Railjack mode"
  5. You played the update, got most of the new gears. Congrats. Now take a break. Balance? Was never an option in Warframe. Players have to be able to clear *everything* using their favourite equipment without compromises, which will eventually cycle back to weekly "game is too easy" threads. It's all so tiresome, but that's how it is.
  6. Comfy time is coming. But only if you like Rebb's post. Question: What are your plans to spice up the coordination between Away and RJ crew in the new Proximo? Is it possible to bring back some old AW elements/setpieces from the retired Jordas Verdict into RJ? Give the music/sound and art teams my sincere compliments.
  7. Saying as if people weren't asking for it. By the way, not sure if it's just this dogS#&$ of a place called "Community Forums" but what is supposed to be a suggestion (like this one - remove mandatory full squad for RJ Exterminate/Defense) always come behind a thick cover of complains about "not fun" or "forced" or whatever
  8. works on my (7 years old potato) machine :^) First: try to be quick about. I had absolutely no problem soloing (with 3 npc crew) Veil. Second: try the forge, also not sure about what your "limited revo" is. Third: try the forge, again. You can have more than 2 Dome Charges. Seriously, do it. It's definitely a visual bug, go to bug reporting.
  9. Just played Pulse Turbine on both Earth and Saturn (not sure about Saturn, but one of them definitely had a radial pulse outwards) Doors worked fine, mission worked fine. Rewards acquired. Played in Solo mode with 3 NPC Crews as well. To any of you that is experiencing the bug, try uploading a full gameplay video of the bugged mission as host? Devs need step-by-step reproduction.
  10. My dude We have to remember what game we are playing and what kind of community we are dealing with here. Do you think "grabber" style enemies can be introduced without the entire forums melting down like Reactor No. 4? Look at how people reacted when they SHOWED glass enemies during one of the streams. Anything with a modicum of challenge i.e. co-op and some situation awareness will be shot down like Condrocs meeting Rebb ffs.
  11. Does Warframe have some sort of AI Director like most other co-op games? I feel like it doesn't and only spawns things as slots become free and purely based on % of marks. Having an AI Director and have it adapt to whatever the team uses (read: abuses) might be fun?
  12. <o> Host Migration in Progress I wouldn't trust DE to handle 8-players mode until their 4-players mode is as smooth as butter and movement isn't normalized to the point you just see players walk in the air or Mesa stand-sliding around doing her 4 w/o augment. Feel free to keep asking for old Raids back as you like. However, when you do so you fail to look forward to the potential of Railjack being the prime candidate for new Raid designs. Point me to the exact post/clip where they said they would deliver redesigned Raids within 3 years.
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