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  1. I was wanting to put a roller floof on one of the shelves in the living section of the orbiter and it just dropped through all the shelves and through the floor with no way of getting it back. This is particularly annoying since the event is grindy and I don't want to farm even more to get it back (plus the 5 capacity that is used which isn't much but still).
  2. A good addition but now all we need is to have ressource boosters to work on nakak pearls.
  3. Thanks, it's a bit dissapointing but yeah, the armor it came with is the perfect combination.
  4. DE is definitly going to try and redeem her. But the sentient witch must die. If not out of justice, then out of pity.
  5. Hello there, Since I got Wukong's prime access, I was wondering what the combination of a kubrow with the Tang prime fur pattern would look like wearing the Kavasa prime kubrow armor (not the collar). Could anyone that happens to have both the trinity prime and wukong prime accessories show me a screeshot of this combo?
  6. Greetings tenno, I was wondering if anyone that hasboth the Tang prime kubrow fur pattern and the Kavasa prime armor could show what the combination is like. Trinity prime vault should be the next to come back and I'd like to know what this combo is like.
  7. Wait. There was a compensation for the wait? How come I didn't get the email.
  8. I'd love to see an ephemera that would leave an infestion trail behind you à la Nidus.
  9. I haven't heard anything about Zephyr deluxe. Is there any progress? Has it been scrapped?
  10. Any plans on making kubrodon skins for kubrows and virmink skins for kavats?
  11. I've had these questions in mind for quite some time : -Will we ever get a warframe themed after Steel Meridian and Arbiters of Hexis like Titania, Octavia, Nidus and Harrow were tied to Loka, Suda, Perrin and Red veil? -What's the status on the flying Eidolons? -What happened to the sentient arm cannon? -Is Zephyr deluxe still in the works or has it been scrapped?
  12. Since Vauban prime parts weren't from alerts and Oberon prime parts weren't from eximus, no they won't.
  13. I think that's the best idea I've heard for chroma's rework.
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