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  1. We don't need more grineer kuva weapons. There's a lot of things you guys ask for but they won't change much. We need more bug fixes.
  2. We need Split Flights as a transmutable. Seriously DE, a handful of people have this mod since you changed it to a Baro Drop. The moment I saw that mod on the list I transmuted every single day, and got nothing. Truly unfair, make it transmutable again please. It's been in the game since October. It's December. Thank you. Please upvote this to get DE's attention and get Split Flights back in as a Transmutable like it should of been.
  3. Split Flights advertised in codex since October It's december. Time to wait another 2 weeks... If baro could keep bringing in those fancy decorations, that's all I really buy now, and I really enjoy them.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/fAHxK4K This image sums up what i'm trying to show you. Please make it Clean. Thank you.
  5. You should learn how to use combo efficiency before you say anything about combo count..
  6. They better fix this because I just wasted plat on rushing a connector. Give me my 75 platinum back please, this is a sham. And now I have to delete an obstacle course for some dumb update. Thanks DE for wasting my time and platinum!
  7. Thanks for the opinions on both sides. I still think it looks cool to rip off the head of a giant robotic spider, even after the 20-30th time i've fought it. Seriously, how many times have you fought it before you got bored? Like once? Geez.
  8. I don't get paid to play video games either. Anyway, good luck with getting DE to do that!
  9. Just want to say, I do not appreciate any kind of accusations for being AFK, at all. If you report me for being AFK, well I probably had to do something more important than playing a video game. It's one thing to report an AFKer but lately i've seen 2 people say in the chat "I reported you and recorded it" and then leave the match immediately, then ignore me. All the while I had to just go to the bathroom at the beginning of the match, or something very minor like that. Like really? So don't report anyone for being AFK, don't say you are reporting anyone, just take a deep breath, and leave.
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