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  1. I don't know if any of this has been fixed yet. 

    What I do know is that I have done 41 runs of the basic key and have not gotten the protea part associated with it.


    I've been talking to a few people in region chat and it seems to be something serious. There was one guy who claimed to have done 100+ runs and hadn't gotten any protea parts.


    I will tell other people I find also not getting drops and tell them to reply here.

  2. Passive: Broken Defense

    Shielding is broken on certain parts of the warframe providing less protection in certain areas and more protection in others. This can be referenced through the different colors of the warframe artwork.

    Every few seconds power flicks back into life on the parts that are broken causing mini electrical tendrals to shoot out of the effected parts doing massive damage. Lightning chains to enemies in melee range which can be increased by power range.

    After the discharge of lightning, the warframe goes into a diminished energy phase where shielding is broken on certain parts of the warframe and doubled on other parts, movement speed is lowered and unshielded pieces receive an armor bonus that scales with ability strength.

    The duration between the "discharge of lightning" and "diminished energy" phases can be increased or decreased through ability duration. Giving players a choice between massive melee aoe damage or strong survivability at the cost of reduced movement speed. 


    Broken Defense has two meanings. Broken Defense as in there is no defense and it's actually just an offensive ability. Or Broken Defense as in the defense is so strong that it's broken and overpowered.


    4th Ability. Broken Limbs

    The blue arm and leg have no armor pieces in the artwork, they have no health pieces which is the red parts. So I see them as only having shield. Once that shielding is broken on both the leg and the arm, the fourth warframe ability becomes usable. Both limbs are blown off and sword like lightning blades sprout from the leg and arm socket activating a unique exalted weapon and stance which looks like a ballerina. Ability is can be canceled by picking up the broken parts of the warframe.

    The stance would have predominately spinning attacks. A few jumping spins. Think figure skating.

  3. Honestly this is getting to be ridiculous. I go into a murex raid and the second I park the railjack into the parking spot, some random level 8 decides to jump into the pilot seat to take it for a joyride. Naturally the person doesn't speak English so the mission is an entire bust because he won't get out. As someone who spent hours and hours of time and an untold amount of resources to craft my own railjack, I should have the ability to choose who I allow to pilot the ship and who I don't. It would be exceedingly simple even! Just slip it under one of the already present Intrinsics, my personal favorite would be under "tactical". There's already an ability to allow others to use my own warframe abilities. Why not a simple menu to lock and unlock the pilot seat? Better take it a step further and allow locking of the navigation menu because people like to screw with anything that has the "push x to interact" popup.

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  4. Wiki, is unreliable. Anyone can go on it and change it to suite their needs. It has absolutely no degree of accuracy or standards to be held to. I'd personally take a DEV's word over the wiki. Perhaps we can get an official response on this matter with the next stream or DEV videos?

  5. Me aswell. actually i dont think what someone above me said is correct. I was doing a mission solo, trying to grind my bow up. That should mean that I was hosting my own server, right? (correct me if im wrong) Anyway. "failed to update account. information was not saved." Thats not even the reason i'm making a post either. This is beta. its spose to be buggy. What im /raging over. is the fact that i FINALLY got a redirection for warframe. after three characters. three level 30's i FINALLY got one. Nope. This game just trolled the shazbot out of me. Im &!$$ed.

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