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  1. When is Eris and Derelict tileset getting redesigned? Jupiter redesign has been brighten up and looks amazing. No boring darkness and annoying pits. Th only thing left in clan research is Hema. Every time I go into Eris the tileset is full of pit traps and the entire set is boring as heck due to proper lighting. Even derelict tilesets are boring full of dumb pit traps with items dropping down, bugging out and unable to be picked up. Every infested tileset has dumb pit traps design where you fall in and have to jump back out. The infested tileset in derelict you don't see enough outer space and it is too dark and boring, not enough brightness like the original Orokin/Lua. Mutagen mass doesn't seem to drop enough like Fieldron or Detonite. It should have increase drop rate. Every infested tileset also has blocked corridors makes me want to quit and not bother with farming mutagen mass. The Gambit Glast defense missions is an example of proper brightness/lighting in infested tileset. Yet, none of the tileset is as bright as Glast gambits mission when defending civilian. No one even plays derelict anymore and barely anyone plays Eris is practically proof the tileset are the worst in the game so far. I rather play Mars with new enemies. Suggestion: Add destructible barrier of infested vines to have new routes replacing the old blocked indestructible infested vines (like cutting tall grass with a machete to make a new route). Infested are all melee. Would make more sense to be able to cut vines for shortcut routes. Especially for missions like Defection. We should be able to make shortcuts in defection/hostage rescue mission. Time is an essence in an infested area.
  2. OMG finally thank you. When are you guys going to fix codex scan list. I still have a hard time finding the specific enemies that drop certain mods. You can't even use the search by typing mod names as it gives you no info. Let alone trying to figuring out which enemy is in which planet to even finish codex scanning first place.
  3. If you listen to the whole song, it sounds like repeat except the guitar solo part. Hope DE adds more option so eventually it will work. Try 2:45 too. See if it is any different. I mean if the mandachord song is just off by a bit. DE should use this as an example to fix their mandachord as most of the beat are constant repeat. Beat It! Wolf of Saturn Six! I say Beat It! Ability to make it longer would be nice.
  4. Here is the suggestion for Alert missions changes. It also include a new invasion mode to make the boring infested one way better.
  5. You can't make it longer? It feels cut off. Try from 1:20 - 1:50? Also there is another one from the beginning 0:35 -1:00. 2:45 - 3:10 also sound nice. A guitar solo at 3:10 -3:40 if possible.
  6. Omg how can you not have Beat it! Michael Jackson. Starts at 1:00. I think it is possible for that beat. Listen carefully the Beat repeats non-stop.
  7. 1. Suggested Challenges should not do are the followings: -Sorties more than 3. -Rare fish and rare mining only(including uncommon is okay). -60 min survivals -Any missions requiring stealth frames like the lvl 30 exterminate without being detected(it needs to be missions that all frames can do). -Defense missions more than 30 waves(it takes 45 min just to do 30 waves on some maps due to bad spawn design). -Interception missions more than 4 waves(soloing interception is painful especially when you don't have the proper frame). 2. Challenge ideas: -Finish spy missions with Stealth hack(some spy missions have shortcuts so you don't really have to hack the doors with stealth frames). -Fish 15-30 uncommon or rare fishes -Mine 10-20 uncommon/rare ores. -Finish 1-3 bounties solo -Finish an incursion/multiple incursion solo -Finish interception missions to wave 4(nothing higher than wave 4) -Buy a market item. -Sell # items in inventory(lots of harrow chassis to sell). -Convert # of mods to Endo -Collect # of Kuva / Cryotic -Complete # Extractors in one mission # times. -Solo Archwing missions -Solo assassination mission(must be bosses that are not too hard for regular players) -Defense missions no more than 30 waves. 3. Rewards that need to be added for trade in using wolf credits are the followings: Why? Once everything is unlock wolf credits will kind of become useless. This will also depends on how much wolf credits you have you can trade in. -Kuva -Endo -Credits(suggest 80-200k max)
  8. What if you are on vacation or have no time to log on for 3 days. It is guarantee miss because you are force to play everyday. Sortie can't be done multiple times a day.
  9. 1. Complete Sortie 5 times per week is way too much. It should be turned into a two week mission or have it reduced to 3 times max. You only get like 2 days off from sortie because you have other things to do. Also this doesn't include half a week missed to be able to catch up due to not being on. 2. 60 min Kuva survival needs to be reduced to 40 min. Any Survival missions should be reduced to 40 min max because it takes you to lvl 100+ which most players can't do without potatoed weapons or frames. 1 hour is too long. 3. Rare mine and Rare fishing challenge needs to include uncommon. There needs to be a specification of rare resources on codex. New players cannot mine rare ores in Cetus due to being locked behind standing requirements. Same with fishes in Cetus.
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