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  1. Make bounty rewards drop like prime parts. If you d/c for some reason or fail mission you get the prime parts by mail. For some reason this doesn't happen in bounty. How many times I had host migration bug from Cetus or Fortuna that d/c you completely from the game and you don't get your relic reward. What is even worst is that your internet cuts off your already at bounty 5 kicking you out of the mission by default. All those bounty rewards instantly gone. Bounty rewards should be rewarded in mail just like prime parts if anything happens during missions. So far you get to keep your syndicate standings, but not the actual reward from bounty list.
  2. Profit Taker Phase 1 needs reward drop like 1st Bounty. Seriously, it almost the exact same thing with 3 missions, even the indicator shows 3 mission. It should have been 3 missions and 3 chances of drop like the first Fortuna bounty not one 1 drop for such a long mission. It basically a higher level of Eudico 1st bounty which consist of 3 missions.
  3. How do I participate in the expploiter orb event? All datahash is 100%. I can now enter code on the door, bnut I don't know what the code is and how to move the codes.
  4. We have Moas now, make Sentinels as a separate pet. Current system is that Sentinels aren't compatible with Kavat, Moas and Kubrow. You can only equipped one. Link mods are not compatible with Sentinels which can make sense. So either DE allows us equip 1 sentinel and 1 pet. Or allow link mods to be compatible. Current Sentinels cannot survive high lvl AOE mobs. Flame thrower grineers with instant kill them before knocking you down. Also Sentinels cannot be revived. Would be nice to have hack Moa and Shade at the same time for spy missions. How about Carrier with Smeet Kavat so you never run out of ammo finding loots? Even Taxon with Sahasa combo keep replenishing shields would be nice. Enemies also have sentinels. Even the enemy can have its own combo . Especially boss ones. Which we have to kill sentinel or pet first to make the boss fight a lot easier. Eximus Drahk Masters could be carrying a sentinel. Makes it easier to spot the difference too.
  5. Cats are fine. Hint: Tek set mod. Sentinels need some sort of major buff. There weapons are down right useless too. It doesn't scale in lvl. My Kavat can fight lvl 130s. Also you can't revive Sentinels like Cats which is also dumb. What the hell is the point of sentinels anyways. It would make sense if DE allows 1 Sentinel and 1 cat. Cause we have Moas now. Too bad DE forbid it.
  6. Teleporting players is actually stupid. It makes absolutely no sense. Instead the min boss should teleport to the player. That make more sense. Run, Run, but you can never hide.
  7. Be more specific. He is most likely talking about the Sentinel pets. Right now, the cats are amazing for survival. The Robotics are not. High lvl AOE mobs kills it too fast especially the flame thrower dudes killing them before killing you. The link mods don't support Sentinels.
  8. Oxylus "scan matter" mod is useless and needs to be changed. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Oxylus Scan matter doesn't sound right for what it does. What it should do instead of resource container, is auto scan collectible plants. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Plants Later DE can add some plants in Cetus or Fortuna to craft items. This would be a much better idea for the mod change. Then people will use Oxylus more. Right now it is only used for fishing.
  9. 1. Suggested Challenges should not do are the followings: -Sorties more than 3. -Rare fish and rare mining only(including uncommon is okay). -60 min survivals -Any missions requiring stealth frames like the lvl 30 exterminate without being detected(it needs to be missions that all frames can do). -Defense missions more than 30 waves(it takes 45 min just to do 30 waves on some maps due to bad spawn design). -Interception missions more than 4 waves(soloing interception is painful especially when you don't have the proper frame). 2. Challenge ideas: -Finish spy missions with Stealth hack(some spy missions have shortcuts so you don't really have to hack the doors with stealth frames). -Fish 15-30 uncommon or rare fishes -Mine 10-20 uncommon/rare ores. -Finish 1-3 bounties solo -Finish an incursion/multiple incursion solo -Finish interception missions to wave 4(nothing higher than wave 4) -Buy a market item. -Sell # items in inventory(lots of harrow chassis to sell). -Convert # of mods to Endo -Collect # of Kuva / Cryotic -Complete # Extractors in one mission # times. -Solo Archwing missions -Solo assassination mission(must be bosses that are not too hard for regular players) -Defense missions no more than 30 waves. 3. Rewards that need to be added for trade in using wolf credits are the followings: Why? Once everything is unlock wolf credits will kind of become useless. This will also depends on how much wolf credits you have you can trade in. -Kuva -Endo -Credits(suggest 80-200k max)
  10. What if you are on vacation or have no time to log on for 3 days. It is guarantee miss because you are force to play everyday. Sortie can't be done multiple times a day.
  11. 1. Complete Sortie 5 times per week is way too much. It should be turned into a two week mission or have it reduced to 3 times max. You only get like 2 days off from sortie because you have other things to do. Also this doesn't include half a week missed to be able to catch up due to not being on. 2. 60 min Kuva survival needs to be reduced to 40 min. Any Survival missions should be reduced to 40 min max because it takes you to lvl 100+ which most players can't do without potatoed weapons or frames. 1 hour is too long. 3. Rare mine and Rare fishing challenge needs to include uncommon. There needs to be a specification of rare resources on codex. New players cannot mine rare ores in Cetus due to being locked behind standing requirements. Same with fishes in Cetus.
  12. Lanzo spear looks like Peram Spear . Cannot catch Murkrays anymore. There seems to be a bug with all three Cetus fishing spear. No matter which spear I use. I can't instant catch Murkrays anymore. They all act like Peram spear when trying to catch murkray. I can only damage them.
  13. No 5 is too much. You only get the missions 7 days a week. If you miss certain days you can't do it. It should be 2-3 max. Unless DE decides to make the mission for 2-3 weeks. There is an annoying one which is fishing. DE needs to specify which is rare and which is not rare. Especially when it comes to mining. New players don't have the mining tools to mine rare ores. "Catch 6 rare fish in Fortuna." I have not even started fishing yet in Fortuna. If it was just non-rare fishes included it would have made a huge difference.
  14. Assaination target in Fortune incursion is confirmed bugged. The target doesn't spawn in the yellow circle if the entire squad isn't in the circle. The target is invincible. I even had Hunter Ammunition on. No effect. It is still using the same spawn pre-patched.
  15. I'm not saying they should remove argon crystals from the Void. But give other players a chance of getting argon crystal other than void. Especially new players as they don't have void unlocked. So many things need Argon crystals.
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