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  1. they don't need to put a server here, the server can still run in the EU or where ever considering warframe is p2p but the option to match up with people locally instead of the broad spectrum that net DE is throwing here
  2. this event I need to run solo or hope there is an open group when I run a ground mission due to South Africa not having its own region people in the EU will connect to our bad internet see they have 200+ latency and leave or swear at you 1st and then leave luckily space you can decide if you want to join or host, hosting isn't going to happen in south africa if you don't have fibre since we only have fibre or fixed LTE and fixed LTE is very unstable to host especially if you're hosting internationally.. so we have to join a squad and if there is nothing to join well then solo you have to go. so can we please get more regions.. africa really needs a region to streamline this event for us.
  3. its not just Tennogen, my Salary $339.97 is and Prime access is $139.99 but if I buy it through steam instead of the website it costs me $113.76.. I'll be honest here Warframes prices are stupid high if you're not in a country that they measure prices against.. and since you're on the EU region you will get EU prices, Russia is Lucky to have their own region setting.. We here in South Africa is begging for our own region setting just so we can have fair prices and be able to match with local people so we also have a low Latency and not get sworn at when someone joins on us with them having a 200 latency.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Garuda's Seeking Talons doesn't work on abilities anymore and after testing non slash weapons I found out seeking talons doesn't work at all VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Debuff enemies with seeking talons and watch nothing happens EXPECTED RESULT: Universal hunters munitions that would apply bleeds from any source of damage OBSERVED RESULT: no damaging slash status was applied from weapons or abilities REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time
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