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  1. I used to use the Javlok to set Ember on fire on get the Buff from her passive, but then self damage get removed from javlok and my ember got nerfed even more, so what is the new or reliable alternative methed to set my Ember a blaze again?
  2. I checked my inventory I looked all over my ship but its no where to be seen.. some with my 100plat I thought I would need to rebuy it for the fix but my 100 plat isn't there either... never mind I found him just need to go in decorate find where you placed it originally and move it for it to respawn
  3. The hotfix deleted my roomba... its not on my ship or in my inventory
  4. I really hate that all my weapons that wasn't consideted Meta got primed into Meta and now all my rivens is paying for it
  5. Still waiting for the Fix to Garudas Talons not maintaining mods when there was a host migration
  6. Garudas Talons loses all mods when there is a host migration
  7. If only trinity didn't have Oscar pretorius legs I would have considered buying her delux skin
  8. I recently left my clan to go help another clan and then these changes came about.. what happens when I rejoin my original clan that I founded? will I now have to go annoy support to be the clan founder again?
  9. Granted but its grind for only and you will never get all the parts. I wish the person below got 2000 plat randomly added to their account
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