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  1. Why does almost everyone forget that the reason we have the sword whips is also community suggestions, The mios being the main reason
  2. Are you kidding me, when you see locked topic with lots of comments then you know it's time to heat up some popcorn.
  3. As long as it's viewable by DE staff for them to take action on it them I'm fine with it in a sense, the posts I'm talking about is non mega thread posts and would point out certain community problems or website bugs
  4. Warframe devs adapted a transparent way of working years ago, in their own words "to keep them honest"
  5. Instead of getting locked to sink down to the bottom I have never liked this practice of the team considering DE is all about transparency.
  6. Yay no edgy Operator tennogen, my Wallet is safe till next tennogen
  7. Oh these people of if it doesn't heal or kill then what's the point.. Oh Nyx interferes with your camping? If I remember correctly DE frowns a pon camping, this is why spawn rates keep changing and life support drop rates are decreasing.. Your defense is taking to long and stuff not dying fast enough? Are you camping again?. Nyx is and always was late game tier, more so than ever before... It's not about killing, it's about controlling, the enemies are attacking each other instead of you, meaning your damage dealer gets to deal damage instead of lying on the floor, ancient healers buffing all of their allies? With a quick chaos they can't buff their friends if they don't have any, corpus ship giving all his friends null bubbles? Can't if their not friends, arbitration drones protecting a small group of enemies? Doesn't stop the non protected enemies from shooting at them, causing them to return fire.. You see CC frames is to give your damage dealer's breathing room if you play the game the way it's meant to be played.
  8. I side with the Lotus, so yeah I'll fashion and use my umbra to dex configuration and Lotus colours
  9. Don't you just love it when someone new joins and speed runs all the content and then complains there is nothing to do, It's like cutting of your own legs and then complaining you can't walk.. Don't you just love these people
  10. I have come to understanding more topics instead of a single post with topics gets better traction from the devs so here is another post of Garuda's Talons losing all its mods when there was a host migration, I shall now make a separate post regarding this issue every week until its fixed.
  11. my wallet has dreaded the day I discovered Warframe in 2013 Trust me they won't notice your support either
  12. and people wonder why I play solo most of the time, its because of pubs and recruiting just being glorified pubs.. I find it extremely funny that these pubs and glorified pub runners will have builds to destroy level 200 enemies but bail at wave 10 because its becoming difficult. ☹️
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